Looking forward, looking back

Image Jo Freitag

It has been a few weeks since we last heard from the Tweet family about how they were coping with social distancing.

Did anyone find out how the mobs of emus, herds of cranes, flocks of starlings, pigeons and swifts, packs of grouse, cotes of doves and colonies and rookeries of penguins were managing social distancing?

Pippin Tweet and Great Aunt Hashtag are still staying with the Tweet family.
The Tweet family have settled into a New Normal pattern of life with Tweet making a minimum number of ventures away from the nest to collect food and they have been quite enjoying the experience of being more relaxed and having fewer commitments.

Retweet thought it would be good for Great Aunt Hashtag to help her with their Nest Ed and tell the tweetlets about what life was life when she was young. Hoping she would focus on happy memories Retweet said “Tell us about the ’good ole days’ and what you did.”

“When you used to hang out with Archaeopteryx!” chirped Tweetil.

“I can assure you Archaeopteryx had been extinct for a very long time before I hatched” said Great Aunt Hashtag in a very huffy tone of voice.

In MY day!” she said “There were no shortages of desiccated Christmas beetles and tweetlets only tweeted when they were twoken to.
Tweetlets sat in the nest and ate their food and learned their Nesty Rhymes. None of these fancy contraptions in MY day. I don’t understand this WEB thing. If Arachnid had put up a web in MY nest I would have swept it away immediately.”


Retweet sighed. She looked out from the nest and thought about how for some the past has happy memories and others have sad memories of the past.
She thought about the time of physical distancing they were experiencing at the moment and wondered what life would be like when the restrictions were lifted.
There had been things she had enjoyed and things that she could see they had returned to a simpler, more economical and more environmentally sustainable way of living. She wondered whether some of those things would be retained and whether there would be changes and improvements in education methods.

Somehow Retweet was not surprised to see two of Sprite’s dog friends sitting at the base of their tree,
Wistful Black Dog as ever was looking back at the past and either missing the good times or wishing that things could have been different.
And little Imaginational Dabrowski was hopefully looking forward to the future and imagining what an ideal world could be – on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Braced for Paradox

I found the Dabrowski Dogs preparing excitedly for the dog competitions at the Spring Agricultural Shows.

Psycho Motor Dabrowski was practising for all the agility events – scaling the high wall, taking a long jump into a swimming pool, running figure of eights through bending poles and crawling through tunnels. He was having so much fun that after he completed each exercise he bounced several times, barked loudly and chased his tail. And he knew the audience would love to see him do that.

Sensual Dabrowski was hoping to be able to compete in the trials for retriever dogs. With his highly developed sense of smell he is excellent at finding and retrieving objects.

Intellectual Dabrowski was preparing for the sheep dog trials by herding twitter birds into an empty sprite can. He was carefully triangulating and calculating the fastest route and deciding exactly when he should give a bark or hold them with the working dog stare. It was Intellectual’s opinion that the dog was the one who instigated all the moves and that the handler was just there for the sake of appearance and to collect the trophy for him.

Imaginational Dabrowski had seen people parachuting into the main arena during the agricultural shows and was happily daydreaming about how much fun it would be to swoop in as Delta Dog https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/delta-dog/  on his hang glider.

Emotional Dabrowski, the Drama Queen, was getting ready for the conformation classes. She had been to the Paws for Poise mobile dog grooming salon https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/paws-for-poise-parlour-1/  several times and was now parading in front of the mirror, posing in the show stance and showing off her beautifully groomed coat, well-trimmed claws and sparkling white teeth. She was also experimenting with different facial expressions; trying to gauge which would be most appealing to the judges.

Then I noticed that Sprite had the collars of P’est Pour Parfait, the black Perfectionist Poodle and The White Perfectionist Poodle attached to a single lead and she was trying to control them as they endeavoured to head in opposite directions.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“They want to go in the class for A Pair of Dogs” she said.

“That class is called the Brace Class” I said. “The dogs are supposed to look as identical as possible – the same height and colour etc. – and they are supposed to move smoothly in step with each other on the single lead.”

“Oh!” said Sprite. “Maybe I didn’t understand what they wanted. I thought they said they wanted to go in the class for a Pair of Dogs but maybe they said they wanted to go in a class for a Paradox. That would make more sense because Paula told me Perfectionism is a paradox – it can be both good and bad”

We talked about the paradox of perfectionism in the post Black poodle, white poodle https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/white-poodle-black-poodle/

Bachelor of Bouncing, Doctor of Daydreaming

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Columbus Cheetah and the Dabrowski Dogs were discussing the new school year and how they could help Sprite to succeed.

Columbus Cheetah had the Feetspeak Quest map  and Prof Francoys Gagne’s DMGT model diagram  spread out and was trying to plot a path for Sprite from innate giftedness to fully developed talent.
“We can provide her with support and make opportunities available” Columbus was saying “But there are still speed humps and difficulties to overcome.
Being 2E does complicate matters.
It is quite a challenge to prevent her from being an underachiever.
She finds it hard to demonstrate her giftedness and many of her areas of strength are not ones that are recognized and rewarded in the school system.
She does not receive any credit from the school for the astronomy evenings with her mentor.
And the school is not impressed with her very original way of thinking such as:

It is a myth that all gifted students will be successful in school.” Columbus concluded.

“If Sprite is going to succeed academically I should be the only one to accompany her to school” stated Intellectual Dabrowski.

There were growls and howls of disagreement from all the other Dabrowski Dogs.

“I am the only one who has a remote chance of getting her through the system and ending up with some sort of official academic qualification” Intellectual continued.
“What will you others help her achieve?
Bachelor of Bouncing with Psycho Motor Dabrowski
Honorary degree in Histrionics with Emotional Dabrowski
Certificate of Completion in Corporeal Comforts with Sensual Dabrowski
Or Doctorate in Daydreaming with Imaginational Dabrowski”

“What I am trying to say” said Columbus Cheetah “is that, as well as advocating for provisions for Sprite at school, it will be necessary for her to be given plenty of opportunities and experiences outside the school setting and that time with her mentor, Paula the Physicist will be very valuable.”

This is a post for Hoagies’ Gifted February 2016 blog hop:
Other Achievement: when your child doesn’t achieve where you hope. 
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The year in review 2015

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

“I still say Memory Elephants are overworked!” grumbled the Memory Elephant. “First you wanted me to help you write the Gifted Resources’ Activity Report for the year and now you want me to review the posts on Sprite’s Site blog for 2015. Well, here is the review.”


In 2015 Sprite’s Site participated in six of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum blog hops  
January: Gifted in reel life
We discussed some movies which depict gifted characters and the Gifted Resources Film Discussion series.

March: A Day in the Life of a Gifted Homeschooler
Twitter Bird Retweet shared a presentation about a typical NEST ed day.

April: Gifted at Different Ages and Stages

May: Perfectionism and other Gifted/2E quirks
We saw the value of Sprite’s mentor, Paula the Physicist and gained a new character on the blog – the White Poodle.

September: Parenting Gifted/2E kids on a shoestring

October: Discovering the depth and breadth of giftedness

In 2015 Sprite’s Site also participated in eight of the Hoagiesgifted’ blog hops


April: Anxiety https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/anxiety/
May: 2E kids https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/2e-is/
June: The gift of free time
July:Gifted relationships
August: Gifted 101
We collected the stories of the lives of the members of the Tweet family.
September: Over sensitivities (OEs)
We collected some of the stories about the over excitable Dabrowski Dogs.
Stories of the OEs https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/stories-of-the-oes/
October: How and When to Ask for Help
We assembled a panel of experts from Sprite’s Site to answer questions on the topic.
December: Surviving the holidays

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

In January several of the characters from Sprite’s Site became 3D when they were made into Persona Dolls and a whole new blog, Personas, profiles and portraits, was created for them at https://jofreitag.wordpress.com/

The Sprite’s Site posts about them in January were
Memory elephant in the room

The Sprite’s Site characters and the Persona Dolls appeared in webinars and these were discussed on Personas, profiles and portraits blog https://jofreitag.wordpress.com/  and Gifted Resources blog https://giftedresources.wordpress.com/

In February, having devoted much time to the new blog and activities associated with it Jo returned to Sprite’s Site
Back to base 

In March and April De Bono’s Six Action Shoes were mentioned
New blue boots
Pleading the pink slipper 

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

April Fools’ Day saw Sprite trying to trick the Persona Dolls by suggesting that she could cross into their dimension.
The digital divide
The digital divide 2
The digital divide 3
Easter was celebrated in April this year

Also in April we also encountered homework problems when the over excitable Dabrowski Dogs “helped” Sprite.

In June we celebrated the blog birthday and New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week blog hop
Happy Birthday Sprite’s Site
Changing the way you see us

In July we met another new character. Sprite has been partnered with Prudence in the school’s buddy system.
Making connections
Making connections 2
Making connections 3

In August the topic of boredom was discussed
Boredom Bingo
Boredom Bingo 2
Boredom Bingo 3

And in September Jo decided to accept Lisa Rivero’s Back to Blogging #30postshathsept challenge to write 30 blog posts for the month. She chose to write 10 posts for each of her three blogs. The posts written for Sprite’s Site were posts about Posts.
and following posts.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

In October Jo participated in INKtober and a new portrait of the Sprite’s Site folk was created. The Lobsters held their annual Lobby Lobster Fest and the Dabrowski Dogs dressed up for Halloween.
Hat tips

In November we tackled the topic of homework again with the Dabrowski Dogs helping Sprite to overthink the exercise of creating a timeline of events in Australian history.

And in December we thought about Christmas. The Persona Dolls held a Christmas party and sent their own greetings from their blog and the Twitter birds joined in a Bonus Advent series challenge with the Facebook 52 Illustrations Group.

Memories of Christmases past
Christmases present
Christmases future
Seasons’ greetings from all at Sprite’s Site


“There is the 2015 blog review” said the Memory Elephant. “I hope you are happy with it. I am really looking forward to my holiday on 30 December!”



Christmases future

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Having discussed how Sprite had celebrated Christmas in past years with the help of the Memory Elephant and the activities which are being held this year Intellectual Dabrowski insisted that in order to maintain the Dickensian symmetry of A Christmas Carol we should now discuss possible future Christmases.

Of course Imaginational Dabrowski was happy to imagine future Christmases and, being an idealist and utopian thinker, his hopes centred around the world becoming a more peaceful place, people sharing resources, and being kinder to the environment.

Lone piper Angus McTvitter piped in with “Och, I love a guid Noo Year’s ferst foooting!”

And the Memory Elephant reminded everyone that before we could have a New Year’s Eve he would be celebrating Memory Elephants Day on 30 December


Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

History homework always causes problems for Sprite.

Last night was no exception. The exercise was to mark certain important dates in Australian history on a timeline and write a paragraph about each one.
The Twitter Birds sporting their Movember moustaches were twittering encouragingly. White Poodle was perched on the desk.
And the Dabrowski Dogs were ready to help.
“Go on – just draw a timeline and write those dates on it and if Intellectual doesn’t find you too much information about each one we can be out of here in five minutes!” urged Psycho Motor. He had already brought out the Frisbee.

“She has to do it properly!” growled Intellectual. “I have provided a six volume account of the nation’s history and background readings to help determine whether the dates as stated in the books are accurate. I have also provided biographical details about the author to help determine his point of view and possible reasons for any inaccuracies.”

“But I don’t know how to draw the timeline” Sprite was saying “And I don’t know what date to put for the start.”

“I don’t see any problem” said Psycho Motor “Just draw a straight line with a ruler, put the dates you were given in order under the line and label each of the dates with the most important event that happened that year. Just do it and then we can go outside.”

“Sprite is obviously taking into account  the disputes surrounding the determination of the years according to various people groups and religions” conceded Intellectual.  “Let us assume for the purposes of this exercise that the dates are Western C.E. Common Era (we used to call it A.D. Anno Domini)”

“But what do I put for the starting date and how do I determine the scale for the timeline?” asked Sprite.”The history of the indigenous peoples goes back thousands and thousands of years before any of these dates.”

“And, anyway,” Sprite continued “I don’t even think time goes in one direction in a straight line. If it did we would measure it with a ruler not a clock.”

“What on Earth have you been suggesting to her now, Imaginational?” demanded Intellectual.

“I just said” replied Imaginational “that I thought time went out from a single point (but I don’t know where that point would be located) and that it goes out in all directions in a spiral pattern wave motion. That explains why we have déjà vu and serendipitous crossing of paths and it also explains why we have different places being at different stages at the same time. It explains why history repeats itself and people keep on making the same mistakes. And it could also explain how some inventions originate  and why some people have precognition”

Intellectual put his head on the floor and covered his nose with his paws.“No wonder she is confused, Imaginational!” he growled. “I wish you would only help Sprite with her homework when she has a creative writing exercise.”

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Hat Tips

I had been very busy all October participating in INKtober and had only visited Sprite’s Site a couple of times during the month. When I returned today I found everyone absorbed in trying on hats.

The Twitter Birds were dressing up for the Spring Racing Carnival with the Melbourne Cup which is held on the first Tuesday of November.

The Dabrowski Dogs realised that we would not be doing anything lavish to celebrate Halloween but insisted that they should dress up as they do each year even if only to put on a hat.

Psycho Motor brought out the pumpkin helmet and cape he wore last year.

Imaginational made a tin foil hat to be a match with his little friend Thinks He’s an Alien Black Dog who he always thinks about at this time of year

Sensual was given a green hat but did not think it would be very comfortable to wear.

Emotional was enthusiastic about the dramatic feathers on her glamorous blue bonnet.

And Intellectual felt he must undertake a Master class in Millinery in order to be fully informed about how to create a suitable hat for the occasion.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag