The Dabrowski Dogs dress up again


This year the Dabrowski Dogs have used glow sticks and glow painted skull caps to dress as skeletons for Halloween.

Intellectual Dabrowski thinks it is an excellent idea but is concerned that their costumes are not completely accurate depictions of the canine skeletal structure.

Sensual is complaining that the glow sticks are not comfortable to wear and is quite sure that his costume smells and sounds green!

Emotional is delighted with her costume. She had wanted to wear a mask like she did in 2011
But she is happy wearing the glow sticks and skull cap because she says it give her a rosy glow!

Imaginational Dabrowski likes his blue glow sticks and is thinking about little Thinks He’s An Alien Black Dog and how they celebrated in 2010 
He is thinking he should share some of his glow sticks with him to cheer him.

And Psycho Motor says it is much easier to bounce in this costume than it was last year when they all dressed as Lobsters

Lobby Lobster Fest 2013


The Germans have October Fest and Sprite’s Site has the Annual Lobby Lobster Fest.

The first Lobster Fest was held in October 2010  It was to be a virtual feast of lobster for the #gtstoogies group who were  meeting for a light hearted chat after  #gtchat.

But when the lobsters heard about the Lobster Fest they started arriving in droves complete with forensic lobsters that came to investigate the premature demise of one of their own. They concluded that, as is often the case, the Wicked Lemon Wedges were responsible or were at least complicit in the crime.
They held their Lobster Lolly Lobbing Competition and a group of Lobster Lewis Carollers brought their own whiting, porpoise, snail and turtle to stage a Lobster Quadrille. This year the Red Herrings in parsley head dresses doing the can-can have also joined the Lobster Fest celebrations

Last year the Lobby was booked for a Halloween party at the same time as the Annual Lobster Fest and the two activities were combined; so this year the Lobsters planned for their event to be held earlier in the month. You can see that Harvest fruit and vegetables are already in the Lobby in preparation for Halloween and may notice some of the Wicked Lemon Wedges hiding among the fruit.

Happy Lobster Fest to all Lobsters!

October Creating Challenge

Each month I enjoy participating in the Creating Challenge set by the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Community

For the October challenge I splurged a whole $2 on a pack of finger paints on a sudden impulse and had a lovely back to childhood time puddling with them. I love the luminous colours and the textures!

But the Twitter birds consider that the Creating Challenge is THEIR activity and wanted to get involved!
As Lisa Lauffer commented:



The Twitter Birds liked the effects generated by my finger painting and had some ideas about how I had created them but were not quite sure how they could do it themselves.


They observed that I made the patterns by moving the paint around with my fingers and thought they could achieve similar effects by painting their feet and walking on the cardboard.


They discover a quicker method of walking through the paint in the roller tray but the Cleaning Crew became anxious that it could prove messy.


There was a suggestion from my friend Jennifer Grant that the birds could tip pots of paint onto a horizontal surface and scoot through it on their bottoms. Of course Tweetil thought that would be great fun. Retweet and the Cleaning Crew would not let him do it but I would not be surprised to find that he does try it sometime!

And there was a suggestion from brilliant quilter, Gail Blumengarten, to transfer it to fabric and have the Twitter Birds bring me yarn, string, ribbon, etc. scraps that they find and then entwine them all together.  This is being discussed by the Twitter Birds and could be tried soon.

I am not sure exactly how they did it in the end! Somehow the Twitter Birds commandeered some of my completed finger paintings and put their own (foot) marks on them. Then they invited the dignitaries to the showing and there were high fives and cheers of approval.


Spring is in the air 1

I am just now catching up with posting a series which should have been posted in September. It is the series of posts I created for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Group Creating Challenge for September.

The Twitter Birds invite you to play Guess the Spring Phrase with them

Round One


The answers for Round One are Spring cleaning and Spring onions

Round Two



The answers for Round Two are Spring weather and A Spring in your step.

Round Three



The answers for Round Three are Diving Springboard and Paris in the Spring

Round Four



The answers for Round Four are Spring flowers and Mineral Spring water.