Memory Elephants Day 30 December

“The Origami Secretary Bird has declared 30 December to be Memory Elephant Day’ Sprite announced. “It is not going to be on 31 December because everyone wants Memory Elephants to work on New Year’s Eve to make up compilations of all the events of this year”

“That’s nice dear” I mumbled

I was completely engrossed in putting photos of our Christmas into the album with assistance from the Memory Elephant. As I inserted pictures of the cards we had received the Memory Elephant reminded me of the kind people who had sent them and the messages they had written to us.
As I placed the pictures of the decorations the Memory Elephant reminded me who had made them or who had given them to us and where they had been placed for previous Christmas seasons.

And when we came to the 12 Days of Christmas quilt and Rainer’s star the Memory Elephant whispered to me about our homeschooling days when we made the quilt and 3D geometric shape paper craft decorations and the children calculated the cost of the gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas at the current prices.

This year there was a theme of stars, angels, birds and shells and two birds had landed on Rainer’s star.

This year we hung the quilt on the bookshelf but it was not all visible in the photo so the Memory Elephant found an old photo which showed the whole quilt.

“I’m just saying …” said Sprite “…that you better finish doing that by tomorrow because the Memory Elephant has a holiday on 30 December”

“The Origami Secretary Bird says it is in the Memory Elephant Manifesto and should be observed by all owners of Memory Elephants.”

“I found out because I was enjoying being on holiday and going down to the beach at Rosebud” said Sprite. “And I said I love the colour of the sky and the water and I wish I could take home a bottle of sky colour and the smell of the sea.
And the Memory Elephant said in a really huffy tone ‘I suppose you want to remember that! Memory Elephants don’t even get a holiday!’
So I asked the Origami Secretary Bird about it.”

One thought on “Memory Elephants Day 30 December

  1. I happy to hear that Memory Elephant is getting a day off. It is an awesome responsibility to remember so many things for so many people and characters. Sprite’s Site is fortunate to even have a Memory Elephant. We don’t have them here in the U.S. (that I know of or can remember).

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