About the characters

Here are some introductions to and explanations  about the characters you will meet on Sprite’s Site

Eidetic the Memory Elephant

Eidetic the Memory Elephant (No 14in the picture) is Sprite’s imaginary friend who is a personification of memory and the Visual Spatial Learner’s style of thinking. The Memory Elephant images were adapted from a piece of clip art.

The Dabrowski Dogs
The Dabrowski dogs are personifications of the characteristics described by Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities. Stephanie Tolan has written an excellent Layman’s Explanation to Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities at http://www.stephanietolan.com/dabrowskis.htm

You can read about them in the Youblisher booklet Sprite and the Dabrowski Dogs at http://www.youblisher.com/p/11810-Sprite-and-the-Dabrowski-dogs/

  1. Intellectual, the Border collie, loves learning and academia. He is quite pedantic and insistent on verifying the accuracy of facts and citing sources correctly. He loves puzzles and word games. He learns rapidly and thinks deeply and critically. He loves to debate issues and his intellect can be intimidating at times.
  2. Sensual (who has the nickname Itchy) is stimulated by sights, sounds, tastes and textures. This can be good or bad – when the effects are negative Sensual can be part of the Black Dogs group.
  3. Imaginational, the Bedlington terrier, participates in a vivid imaginary world where he is a lamb or floats around in a hot air balloon. Imaginational likes to imagine a utopian future and is therefore a useful member of problem solving teams
  4. Emotional, the English Springer spaniel, experiences the extremes of happiness and despair. Her emotions are complex –she can be moved to tears by music. She has a heightened sense of justice and an empathy with others which can cause pain for her.
  5. Psycho Motor is very active both mentally and physically. He is always bouncing and barking and chasing his tail. Some people claim he has ADHD and others say he is just very active! Although he does not appear to be paying attention he can usually give the right answer.

The Back Dogs
The Black dogs are the personifications of possible causes of depression in gifted people.
Read all about the Black dogs in the Youblisher booklet Sprite and Black Dog http://www.youblisher.com/p/10553-Sprite-and-Black-Dog/

6. SAD Seasonally Affected Black dog feels depressed when the weather is wintry and the skies are grey

7. Leaping Attack Black dog – Sprite was never sure what caused Leaping Attack Black dog to make her feel depressed but one helpful strategy was to HALT and check Are you Healthy/Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired as any of these things could contribute to feelings of depression

8. Wistful Black dog is often found near the Memory Elephant wishing that things could have been better in the past. Wistful is the counterpoise of Imaginational who envisages a better future

9. Thinks-he’s –an-alien Black dog feels isolated and as if he is different from everyone else. Imaginational Dabrowski is always keen to use imagination, creativity and humour to help Thinks-he’s-an-alien feel included

10. Guard on Duty Black dog often prevents Sprite from doing things by suggesting that it is too dangerous or that she will not be able to do it.
Guard on Duty Black dog can be both positive and negative. Sometimes he is acting as a protector but at other times he is causing anxiety which results in her not participating because of fear of failure

11. Little Bully Black dog can change from playing nicely to acting like a bully. Psycho Motor Dabrowski often plays with Little Bully Black dog to prevent him from becoming bored and teaches him social skills

There are two more dogs which are neither Black dogs nor Dabrowski dogs

12. P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist poodle  is the personification of the gifted perfectionist tendency.  He goes to the grooming parlour looking immaculate, with not a hair out of place, having already spent the morning in a grooming parlour; so that he would be in a respectable condition to be groomed!

13. Pugnacious Loyola  is a little fawn pug who is a good friend and loyal companion for Sprite
“I can always depend on him to be there when I want company or support and he makes funny faces at me and makes me laugh!” said Sprite. “And he is not as demanding as the Dabrowski dogs and he doesn’t make me feel sad or bad like the Black dogs do.”

The Taste Tester Dogs
The Taste Tester Dogs are dogs of breeds originating in various countries who come to sample the food served at the #GTStoogies Feasts ( See About the Topics page)
The Dabrowski dogs, Black Dogs and Taste Tester Dogs images are adapted from clip art and photos in the public domain.

Les Souris
The mice who live in the Mouse House in the skirting boards of Sprite’s Site blog are inspired by Jo Freitag’s Enor Mouse

Oliver Moremouse  is a spokesman for the mice in the skirtingboard and was first noticed begging cheese in Dobrou chut for #gtstoogies   Oliver is often seen running away with a cheese platter (for example after the festivities for the 2012 Best Australian blogs competition)


Columbus Cheetah

Columbus Cheetah is the soft toy cheetah which sits on my desk but  Sprite has claimed Columbus Cheetah as her own soft toy ever since one of the earliest posts, No Magic Wand?!!! On 13 June 2009 
Sprite has a vivid imagination and has assigned characters and storylines to her soft toys.
Sprite sets Columbus Cheetah up with placards and banners to participate in the protest marches she organizes such as Feetspeak Unfair to Sprite 11 September 2009
Please Remember campaign 28 November 2009
and Cruel is NOT Cool 1 May 2010 
His message is always a plea to allow gifted students to work at their own pace and not impose speed restrictions on them.
Columbus also formed the Cheetah Coalition to lobby for ability grouping opportunities for gifted students at the 1st Annual Lobster Fest 7 October 2010 
Sprite took Columbus Cheetah for her learning centre display for the Night of the Notables Notables 23 May 2010  when she researched Dr Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

Caramel Cat
Caramel Cat, the Chat Cat, is Sprite’s cat who tends to stay aloof  and not participate in the events of the blog apart from seeking to dip Twitter Birds in cream or Les Souris in the chocolate fountain. Caramel Cat quite often ends up as the butt of the joke but this is not because I like cats any less than dogs. It is just way the natural consequences of Caramel Cat’s actions and attitude play out. Images of Caramel Cat are adapted from clip art pics.

Ginger Pony
A recurring theme in the blog was that Sprite wanted her own real pony as distinct from her soft toys and the ponies at Pony Rides and was always hatching schemes to get a real one. Last Christmas the blog readers decreed that she should be granted her own real pony and she now has Ginger Pony (who was at first called Peefa)

2 thoughts on “About the characters

  1. My hats off to you gtstoogiekins.. creativity uzzes from your fingertips, and imagination is alive and well in yourmind.. may it always be so for all our sakes… I feel previlaged to call you my friend

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