The time of the singing of birds has come. Song of Solomon 2:12

The Twitter birds joined a group of Australian birds for a sing-a-long.
Kookaburra tried hard to refrain from laughing, Wedge-tailed Eagle soared overhead seeking his next meal and the budgerigars were more interested in kissing (just a pair of lovebirds).
On the ground the Lyrebird donated  by 

Pearson Scott Foresman,  to the Wikimedia Foundation

held a full concert of his own complete with song dance and mimicry. If you would like to see Lyrebird’s concert go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjE0Kdfos4Y



Here are the Australian bush animals who were gathering outside the GT Stoogies annex. The possums came out earlier than usual but platypus was too shy to put in an appearance.

In the background Yellow Dog Dingo can be seen still chasing Old Man Kangaroo through the spinifex and mulga as he was in the tale The Sing song of Old Man Kangaroo from Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. You can read this story in ebook form thanks to Project Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/2781


We returned from the Aussie Rules Football match just in time to put up the table of Down Under Delicacies – Lamingtons, Anzac biscuits, pavlova, meat pies and vegemite and some Aussie flags and posters. Outside the Australian animals and birds are gathering and the camp fire is lit for billy tea and damper. I will put up more pictures if time permits.


Intellectual and Psycho Motor Dabrowski are joining the Australian taste tester dogs Australian Cattle Dog, Kelpie, Australian Terrier and Australian Silky Terrier in a pre #gtstoogies Down-under Delicacies Feast game of Australian Rules Football. They are waiting for the first centre bounce of the ball to get the game started.
Like Jack Russell Terrier, Intellectual Dabrowski, the Border Collie, feels very much at home as, although Jack Russell Terriers and Border Collies originated in the UK, the breeds were also developed in Australia.
Psycho Motor is well accepted by the Aussie crowd because he is very active and a bit of a larrikin. He is bouncing already, hoping to take “a screamer of a speccy”, as the Aussies call leaping up to mark the ball by grabbing it in their hands.

International Dot Day 15 September 2010

“That was the best Introducing Yourself exercise ever!” Sprite told me.
“We had to make a picture describing ourselves with dots for International Dot Day http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Dot-Day/141533819216932?v=info#info_edit_sections

It is all based on a book The Dot about a girl called Vashti who didn’t think she was creative until she drew one dot. The message is just make a mark and see where it takes you.
You can read about it here http://www.fablevision.com/education/products/dot_book.html
You can see some of the work done last year at http://fablevisionlearning.com/blog/?cat=57

“So, tell me about your dot picture” I said.

“Well, I asked Imaginational Dabrowski to help me think of all the things I do which are dot shaped. So I put in the Shape Collages of pictures of me and pictures of my holiday. I put in the life balance wheel and that made me think about time and infinity. Infinity reminded of space and Mandelbrot sets and Mobius strips and that reminded me of Mobius bagels.”

“I can see that you have also put in a tessellation dot, a water drop dot and balloons and one of your protest march banners” I said “But why is there a kangaroo in the picture?”

“That is the kangaroo from the Australian children’s book Dot and the Kangaroo. She came looking for Dot”

#gtstoogies 9 – Travelling with the Dabrowski Dogs

The journey through cyberspace to attend the #gtstoogies Global Bake off – Delicious Dessert Delicacies proved typical of life with Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities.

Sensual complained throughout the trip. The seat was too bumpy. The wind was blowing in his face and whistling in his ears. He felt queasy. He was anxious about the food at the Bake off and wondered whether it would contain anything that he would be allergic to which would make him itchy.

Imaginational was also speculating about the Bake off and what each of the #gtstoogies would cook for the event. He imagined what the twinkling lights could be – perhaps they were stars and the cyberbike was flying though space. Perhaps they were lights in homes, or a glow worm grotto or maybe they were patches of phosphorescence and the cyberbike was flying over an ocean. Maybe they were party lights and the cyberbike was heading toward the most wonderful glittering gala occasion!

Intellectual kept up a running commentary about the geography and history of the surroundings and tried to engage everyone with word games, memory games and I spy type games. He did become a bit tedious and pedantic at times.

Emotional reacted with yelps of delight or howls of despair to every sight, sound and scent.

And Psycho Motor sometimes sat on the cyberbike and sometimes ran beside it trying to bite the wheels. He barked constantly; excited about the Bake off, excited about the spinning wheels, excited about the twinkling lights and wanting to run off and inspect each new tree and signpost. He kept up a running commentary of “Are we nearly there? Are we there yet? Oh, look! Look at that! Are we there yet?