Traditions old and new

Do you remember that last week Wistful Black Dog and Imaginational Dabrowski were visiting the Tweet family?
Wistful Black Dog was looking back at the past and either missing the happy times or wishing that things could have been better in the bad times.
And Imaginational Dabrowski was looking forward to the future and imagining how perfect things could be especially if it could be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Well since then Retweet has been thinking about traditions. Some of the activities the Tweet family usually participate in have not be possible this year.
For example Twitter Birds used to go A- May-Ing Camelot style every May.
They would dress up in medieval English costumes and go on picnics, gather flowers and dance around the Maypole. And flower sellers and McSeeds fast food vendors would peddle their wares from their barrows.
This year the May-Ing celebrations could not be held.

But the Tweet family have been doing new things some of which they have enjoyed so much that they would like to keep doing them after the restrictions are eased.

For instance they will probably still have Wrensday. It will be a happy memory of this time and become a new family tradition.

Retweet was very happy to see The Memory Elephant under their tree with a collection of pictures of the May-Ing festivities which they could enjoy.

Here are some of the pictures The Memory Elephant brought.

Welcome back!


Image Jo Freitag

Welcome back to Sprite’s Site blog and wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2016!

Sprite was relieved and happy to welcome the Memory Elephant’s return after an absence for the Memory Elephant Day holiday on 30 December and taking Angus McTvitter to the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Memory Elephant was somewhat bemused. “I am happy to see her too and I have a Memory Elephant Day sample bag full of rosemary and red ribbons and calendars and file folders to show her. But she usually just takes me for granted. What has changed?”

“Well” said Sprite. “Paula told me that Memory Elephants don’t always come home again. She went to visit her grandma, who she used to stay with every holiday, who is in an old folks’ home now and her grandma did not know who she was and was calling her that young lady.”

“I am so glad my Memory Elephant came back in time for 2016!”

The year in review 2015

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

“I still say Memory Elephants are overworked!” grumbled the Memory Elephant. “First you wanted me to help you write the Gifted Resources’ Activity Report for the year and now you want me to review the posts on Sprite’s Site blog for 2015. Well, here is the review.”


In 2015 Sprite’s Site participated in six of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum blog hops  
January: Gifted in reel life
We discussed some movies which depict gifted characters and the Gifted Resources Film Discussion series.

March: A Day in the Life of a Gifted Homeschooler
Twitter Bird Retweet shared a presentation about a typical NEST ed day.

April: Gifted at Different Ages and Stages

May: Perfectionism and other Gifted/2E quirks
We saw the value of Sprite’s mentor, Paula the Physicist and gained a new character on the blog – the White Poodle.

September: Parenting Gifted/2E kids on a shoestring

October: Discovering the depth and breadth of giftedness

In 2015 Sprite’s Site also participated in eight of the Hoagiesgifted’ blog hops


April: Anxiety
May: 2E kids
June: The gift of free time
July:Gifted relationships
August: Gifted 101
We collected the stories of the lives of the members of the Tweet family.
September: Over sensitivities (OEs)
We collected some of the stories about the over excitable Dabrowski Dogs.
Stories of the OEs
October: How and When to Ask for Help
We assembled a panel of experts from Sprite’s Site to answer questions on the topic.
December: Surviving the holidays

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

In January several of the characters from Sprite’s Site became 3D when they were made into Persona Dolls and a whole new blog, Personas, profiles and portraits, was created for them at

The Sprite’s Site posts about them in January were
Memory elephant in the room

The Sprite’s Site characters and the Persona Dolls appeared in webinars and these were discussed on Personas, profiles and portraits blog  and Gifted Resources blog

In February, having devoted much time to the new blog and activities associated with it Jo returned to Sprite’s Site
Back to base 

In March and April De Bono’s Six Action Shoes were mentioned
New blue boots
Pleading the pink slipper 

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

April Fools’ Day saw Sprite trying to trick the Persona Dolls by suggesting that she could cross into their dimension.
The digital divide
The digital divide 2
The digital divide 3
Easter was celebrated in April this year

Also in April we also encountered homework problems when the over excitable Dabrowski Dogs “helped” Sprite.

In June we celebrated the blog birthday and New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week blog hop
Happy Birthday Sprite’s Site
Changing the way you see us

In July we met another new character. Sprite has been partnered with Prudence in the school’s buddy system.
Making connections
Making connections 2
Making connections 3

In August the topic of boredom was discussed
Boredom Bingo
Boredom Bingo 2
Boredom Bingo 3

And in September Jo decided to accept Lisa Rivero’s Back to Blogging #30postshathsept challenge to write 30 blog posts for the month. She chose to write 10 posts for each of her three blogs. The posts written for Sprite’s Site were posts about Posts.
and following posts.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

In October Jo participated in INKtober and a new portrait of the Sprite’s Site folk was created. The Lobsters held their annual Lobby Lobster Fest and the Dabrowski Dogs dressed up for Halloween.
Hat tips

In November we tackled the topic of homework again with the Dabrowski Dogs helping Sprite to overthink the exercise of creating a timeline of events in Australian history.

And in December we thought about Christmas. The Persona Dolls held a Christmas party and sent their own greetings from their blog and the Twitter birds joined in a Bonus Advent series challenge with the Facebook 52 Illustrations Group.

Memories of Christmases past
Christmases present
Christmases future
Seasons’ greetings from all at Sprite’s Site


“There is the 2015 blog review” said the Memory Elephant. “I hope you are happy with it. I am really looking forward to my holiday on 30 December!”



Christmases future

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Having discussed how Sprite had celebrated Christmas in past years with the help of the Memory Elephant and the activities which are being held this year Intellectual Dabrowski insisted that in order to maintain the Dickensian symmetry of A Christmas Carol we should now discuss possible future Christmases.

Of course Imaginational Dabrowski was happy to imagine future Christmases and, being an idealist and utopian thinker, his hopes centred around the world becoming a more peaceful place, people sharing resources, and being kinder to the environment.

Lone piper Angus McTvitter piped in with “Och, I love a guid Noo Year’s ferst foooting!”

And the Memory Elephant reminded everyone that before we could have a New Year’s Eve he would be celebrating Memory Elephants Day on 30 December

The Memory Elephant in the Room


Photograph Jo Freitag 2015


Since the arrival of Edward the Autonomous  I have decided that I will definitely create a set of six persona dolls to represent the six students in Betts and Neihart’s Profiles of the Gifted and Talented and I will create a separate blog for the persona dolls. (More about all that soon in another post)

Then I decided to add the 5 Dabrowski dogs and the Perfectionist Poodle to the set.
My search for soft toy dogs or patterns to make them showed me several expensive options and then led to a large white dog with a Christmas hat and scarf for $3 sitting in a basket of toys at the back of an Op Shop. I did not buy him when I first saw him; but the more I thought about him, the more I thought he would be suitable.
So the following day I phoned the shop and yes, he was still there. So I took a bus ride to collect him.

On the way I passed another Op Shop and I spotted an elephant rocker sitting outside the shop. It did not have a price tag on it and I know that rocking horses can be very expensive. I went in and asked the price of the elephant.
“Elephant?” said the lady “I didn’t know we had an elephant!” (Just like when I found Felicity) She suggested a very reasonable price and I carried home my Memory Elephant as well as the white dog!


Memory Elephant Day 2014


Before going off for the annual Memory Elephant Day which is celebrated on 30 December the Memory Elephant helped me sum up the past year 2014 as recorded on Sprite’s Site blog

There were 62 posts on Sprite’s Site during 2014. Some of the subjects covered were:

January 10 posts

Columbus Cheetah Myth Buster series
February 3 posts
GHF Blog hop Staying motivated throughout the homeschooling year
De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes 9: One size shoe cover system

March 3 posts
GHF blog hop Homeschooling (and parenting) Gifted/2E kids into their TEENS and beyond
Best Australian Blogs series
April 9 posts
April Fools prank
Best Australian Blogs series
Autism Awareness month
Earth Day
GHF Blog Hop Promoting health and wellness in the gifted/2E child
May 4 posts
GHF Blog Hop Tips, Toys, Tricks and Tools for Gifted/2E Kids blog hop
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop The G word
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted@Play
June 1 post
Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand 2014
July 4 posts
Donkeys live a long time series
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Summer reading
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Friendships

August 2 posts
Donkeys live a long time series
September 5 posts
GHF Blog Hop Giftedness – Why does it matter?
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted – How?
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted advocacy
The doll house
October 8 posts
Persona dolls
Lobster fest
GHF Blog Hop Gifted grown ups
Doggy classroom dynamics
November 8 post
52 Illustrations challenge
De Bono’s 6 Action shoes
GHF Blog Hop Finding your community
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Holiday gifts
December 5 posts
Persona dolls
GHF Blog Hop Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Holiday gifts
Christmas preparations

Sprite and co. have enjoyed sharing with you this year and would like to wish all our readers a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2015

I love Christmas BUT…


When I suggested going on the GHF December Blog Hop Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between Sprite said she could not come with me because she was too tired and she had too much to do.
She seemed a bit grumpy and out of sorts.
“What is the matter?” I asked

“I love Christmas BUT….” she said “there is so much stuff to do first!”

“You gave me the Christmas Planner and The Origami Secretary Bird handed me a great long list of things I have to do in the next  week and P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle said they all had to be done perfectly.”

“Intellectual Dabrowski said I had to write all the Christmas cards in my best handwriting and make sure the spelling was all correct. He reminded me about the time I called Rob Head Rod Heab and made me feel bad about it”

“The Memory Elephant said if he had to remember all that he was going on strike unless he got paid overtime rates.


“So I forgot to get some of the materials I need for making presents and had to go all the way back again.”

“The weather was really bad and the shops were really crowded” she said “and Sensual Dabrowski kept on getting in my way and complained the whole time about the noise and the artificial lighting and the smells. He felt uncomfortable and itchy and that made me feel uncomfortable and itchy too.”


“Going all that way four times made me tired and sore and Wistful Black Dog said I would not have had any problems if I had remembered everything the first time.
And I couldn’t remember where I put the Christmas stockings I always wear as slippers at Christmas time and I could only find this one.”

“Emotional Dabrowski said that I was making a big fuss about what was really not a big problem. She said I should be grateful that I had saved enough pocket money to buy the materials I needed to make presents. She said some children don’t  have any slippers or presents or even enough to eat and we both cried about that.”

“Then I started to write the cards and Psycho Motor Dabrowski was distracting me by calling me to come outside and bounce with him and write the cards later. But I did not have enough energy left and I did not even want to do that.”


I suppose I should have predicted this happening in the build up to the holiday season; as it is a situation we have met before during last year’s November GHF Blog Hop


“When I saw the shadow of Black Dog jumping out of the Origami Secretary Bird’s To Do List” Sprite continued “I realised I needed to take your advice about controlling the Black Dogs.”
“I did the H.A.L.T. check and found that I was Hungry – so I had afternoon tea.
And I was Angry with myself for not getting everything the first time; but most of all I was just very, very tired.”

“So Imaginational Dabrowski said to have a nap and imagine that I was floating on a cloud or wrapped in cotton wool and that everything should seem brighter after that. So that is what I am going to do now.”

“You and Retweet go on the Blog Hop and bring back me a sample bag or a balloon!”


This is a post for the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum December Blog Hop: Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between.
To read all the posts please visit


Thursday December 12: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

It was to be expected that when the food was brought out the 50 or so Taste Tester Dogs would arrive to check on the quality of the Christmas fare.
As they would not be able to stay for Christmas day the Memory Elephant took a photo of them which could be displayed on the pin board.
The Twitter Birds took photos of their figgy pudding while One Twitter Bird directed traffic with a lollipop.
The background music invited them all to ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’

If you would like to read more about the Taste Tester Dogs follow the link  or scan the QR code

Monday December 2: Deck the halls with boughs of holly

The Memory Elephant and the Giraffe are helping Sprite to hang festive garlands to decorate for December.
The Twitter Birds are decorating with holly and mistletoe.
The Mice also love to hang up miceltoe for Christmouse!
You can listen to their ‘music to decorate by’ at
If you would like to read more about the Memory Elephant you can follow this link to the Youblisher booklet or scan the QR code below