Book Launcher

“There!!!” said Sprite. “Intellectual Dabrowski helped to design a Book Launcher for you for when you have Sally-Anne McCormack speaking about her new book Stomp out the ANTs I saw it advertised on your Gifted Resources website Events page
Here’s how it works. When you cut the ribbon with the scissors the bottle of champagne tips over and the champagne runs into the conveyor and the boat with the books on it floats down the conveyor to the balloon dock and they get taken away by balloon. And I even put a conveyor down to your office so that you can have some of her books there too!”
“I had lots of other ideas but Intellectual Dabrowski said he could hear someone whistling for him. And he told me to use the spell checker when I wrote my next note to you.”

REMINDER! – Sorry about spelling

Sorry about the spelling on my note. It’s probably all wrong and I really hate it to be be wrong but I had to write it down really fast and hang on to Intellectual Dabrowski at the same time.
If I let go of him he would run away before I could get him to design a Book Launcher for you.
We’re working on it now – should be finished soon
From Sprite xoxoxo

#gtchat Practice run

The alarm clock was jangling and Sprite was pulling my nose and shouting in my ear.
“Wake up, wake up! You’ll really regret it if you miss the #gtchat session”
I squinted at the alarm clock. “But it’s only three twenty-five am!”
“I know. That gives you half an hour to get up and have a cup of coffee and get the computer fired up before it starts.”
“But it’s not even on today” I said “It will be on Saturday for us in Australia”
“I know that!” said Sprite “I looked it up on The World Clock Meeting Planner
Twelve noon Friday for them is 4.00am Saturday for us and 7.00pm Friday for them is 11.00am Saturday for us.”
“So why did you wake me up now?”
“I wanted you to have a practice run!”

I said “I plan to attend the 11.00am session and then I can read the transcript of the earlier session from links on Deborah Mersino’s Ingeniosus Blog”

“Well since you are awake now can you take me to visit Cybraryman’s website at and can you help me write a letter to Annie Fox?”

Note from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Miss Sprite,
I see that you are enjoying the company of a Palaeontologist who gave
you a Pterodactyl poster. My son would love to see the Poster, he’s
right into dinosaurs! I am happy to see that the Memory Elephant has
made a collage of the P Party memories for you. I came across a Photo I
thought I had lost when we were Packing to move house. The Photo is 14
years old, a Pic of me cross-country skiing at Baw Baw in blizzard
conditions, Pregnant with my first child. The things we do when we are
young and Phoolish!
Today, we saw Parachutists land at Lilydale airfield as we were driving
Past. The Physics of Phlying is interesting, Particularly the ways in
which designers try to emulate the movement of a bird’s Pheathers when
the bird is controlling its Phlight Path. Being a Wren, I know something
about ailerons and wing Phlaps.Phlying is aways Phun.
‘Til next time,

Puddleglum bows out

“You’ve been stealing stuff!” accused Sprite.
“I certainly have not!” I replied “What do you think I have stolen?”
“Well, Giovanni Arnolfini’s mirror, for a starter. I’ll bet that wasn’t clip art “
“I copied it” I said
“Yeah, copy/pasted it – you’re not allowed to do that, you know!”
I followed the link on Twitter that Sprite showed me
‘Are you stealing stuff?’ —
It went to the e-Learning Stuff blog at

“OK, OK, I’ll take down Giovanni Arnolfini’s mirror and see if I can get a mirror from Clip Art” I said.
“Where did my Memory Elephant come from?” asked Sprite.
“From your thoughts and memories and emotions” I said.
“NO!” said Sprite “Where did you get the image of the Memory Elephant? I bet I will have to give him back! He wasn’t always that great anyway, but I would miss him if he went! I was just beginning to learn how to work with him.”
“Don’t worry!” I said ‘The Memory Elephant can stay. He is a Clip Art image”

But I was beginning to feel very uneasy and to question the source of all Sprite’s friends and toys. Most came from clip art or from public domain photos and for some I had been given permission to use the image.

Then a murky disembodied voice spoke “I’ll just be going then. You won’t even know that I was here. I knew it was too good to be true to go to the P Party and it was fun while it lasted visiting the blog. But I expected it would have to end.
I’m a respectable Marsh Wiggle, I am and it would not be proper for me to stay if my image is not in the Public Domain. Sprite will probably be better off without me anyway!

“Oh NO!” cried Sprite “Puddleglum has to go! I know I said he annoyed me and he was a real wet blanket sometimes but I DID like him!”