Review of the March for the Tree Octopus:Transcript 1

I found Sprite feeling tired and stressed. She had not slept well ever since the day of the March for the Tree Octopus.
“I just keep on going over and over it in my mind!” she said. “Intellectual and Imaginational Dabrowski are arguing about it and I don’t know whose side I’m on.
All the arguing is making Sensual feel anxious and irritable and Emotional is upset because she doesn’t like arguments and because it is upsetting me.
Psycho Motor tuned out fairly early and said he would find out and settle the matter but I think he got sidetracked.”

“What is the problem?” I asked.

“It’s all really complex and really confusing – so I have tried to record it. Here you listen!” Sprite thrust the voice recorder into my hand.

Here is the transcript

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Sprite): Why did you stage a march to raise awareness and ask for help for a creature that does not exist?

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Who says it doesn’t exist? Define exist!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational) Maybe it exists as a fictional creature but SHE (pointing at Sprite) was acting as if it were a real creature. I told her she should check her sources. I told her she should be careful to cite her references correctly. Now she has made a laughing stock of herself and devalued the good work she has done in the past!

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Says he who dressed up as a Dogopus!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational): But I cited my references and the Dogopus could exist in the future! And I wasn’t staging a march and asking for support for it.

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Anyway, I still say, how do you know the Tree Octopus doesn’t exist? Look at Sprite’s platypus toy – when the Platypus was first encountered by Europeans in 1798, a pelt and sketch were sent back to Great Britain and British scientists thought that it was a hoax. But we know that the Platypus is real and you can see them at Healesville Sanctuary  There are lots of really strange animals out there!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational): But then there is the whole field of cryptozoology. A cryptid (from the Greek (krypto) meaning “hide”) is a creature whose existence has been suggested but that is unrecognized by scientific consensus, and whose existence is moreover often regarded as highly unlikely. Noted cryptids include Bigfoot, Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. The Tree Octopus, at best, is a cryptid and Sprite would be considered a crackpot by the scientific community if she claimed to have seen it and started to champion its cause.

One thought on “Review of the March for the Tree Octopus:Transcript 1

  1. No more bickering. Besides, dogopus was so darn funny. It’s time for the Dabrowski doggies to exercise some control over their overexcitabilities and give Sprite a rest.

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