I went back to Sprite’s Site confident that Intellectual Dabrowski would approve of the fact that I had finished reading Derrin Cramer’s excellent book Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side and posted a review on Gifted Resources Blog http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/beginners-guide-to-life-on-the-bright-side/

However Intellectual was not particularly impressed.
His only comment was “About time too!
You need to get up to the school straight away to talk about Sprite’s needs. There have been staffing changes. Some of her favourite teachers have gone. Some of the support programs are not being funded now. The provisions for the gifted students have been cut right back too. I am helping her all I can; but all this compensating is really tiring work!”

And it is not just me saying that. Dr Linda Silverman has written an article titled The Two-Edged Sword of Compensation: How the Gifted Cope with Learning Difficulties” http://www.gifteddevelopment.com/PDF_files/Two-edged%20sword%20of%20compensation.pdf

Intellectual was overseeing Sprite’s homework and sighing with exasperation.
“Look at what you have written.

“It should be Rob Head, the artist, has painted 9 steps in the background of the picture. If I were the artist I would paint animals on the steps.

You need the commas after Head and artist because they are nouns in apposition.
It should be ‘If I were’ because it is in the subjunctive.
The artist’s name is Rob Head and why did you write six when I told you it was nine?

Do I have to go right back to ‘a bat and a ball and a dog with a tail’ and ‘keep the cushions on the bed’?”

Sprite sighed too. “I do appreciate Intellectual’s help” she said “But I do wish he would not be so harsh and dogmatic and patronising when he talks to me!”

“When he gets too picky and pushy you could call him by his Dutch name” I said and whispered it into Sprite’s ear.

Sprite giggled with delight. “Overprikkelbaar! Overprikkelbaar!” she said to Intellectual.

“Yes, yes, very funny!” muttered Intellectual. ” Too easily irritated! I know the Dutch people use that name.

Why do you think Emotional went to the P Party https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/p-party/ dressed as a Prickly Porcupine?

And, for that matter, why do you think Imaginational thinks he is a Baa-Lamb?”

1 thought on “Overprikkelbaar!

  1. Perhaps Intellectual needs a vacation; time to relax? I’m sure some of the other members of Sprite menagerie would be willing to step-in and help out. Of course, you do need to check in with her school … no one can substitute for a parent when matters of accommodation are at stake.

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