Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 7: Interaction with webinars and online courses



I enjoy participating in online courses and webinars and often blog about the experience on Sprite’s Site.


On Friday mornings I try to attend the Edublogs Fine Focus and Serendipity webinars run by Jo Hart in a Blackboard Collaborate room. Often we discuss IT tools which can be used in education and then experiment with using the tools.
I have presented some Fine Focus sessions.
My Sprite’s Site posts about these webinars can be read at  and posts about my participation in Jo Hart’s webinars can be read on her E-verything blog at  


Global Education Conference
The free, online Global Education Conference runs around the clock for five days.
The conference presentations are given in Blackboard Collaborate webinar rooms
I have blogged about my participation in these conferences and a collection of the posts can be seen here


Reform Symposium
This was another free global online education conference which I attended and from which I learned a great deal and gathered a large supply of resources
Blog posts about my participation in these conferences can be found at

Online Courses
There are many opportunities to study online and Sprite’s Site blog posts about some of these can be found at


Digital Badges

And Moodle Sandbox


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Digital Badges 4

These are the badges I received as a result of the recent Digital Badges course with Peter Rawsthorne
overview at and forums at

The Participant Badge
Participant introduced themselves to the group via the discussion forum and actively contributes to 7 of the 12 primary discussion threads, also participates in one of the two lunch-and-learn sessions.

The Contributor Badge
Contributor does everything the participant does with the addition of contributing;
1. by designing badge images
2. creating a badge system design for another curriculum
3. blogs about their participation in this seminar series
4. other creative endeavours regarding digital badges

“Are you going to display them in the sidebar of the blog?” asked Sprite.

“Maybe, if I can work out how to embed them” I said. “But more likely I will leave them here in this post about Digital Badges.”

“We need a display case” said Sprite “We have the badges for Nomination for the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs in the blog sidebar to remind us of the posts about our campaigns in 2011 and 2012.”

Best Australian Blogs 2012

Best Australian Blogs 2011

“And I think we have other badges that are included with posts but are not in the sidebar. The Memory Elephant would know!”

The Memory Elephant searched through the archives of the blog and found several badges with posts which were part of a blog tour or reflections on global conferences. Tweetil brought his newly earned Little Drummer Boy Badge and Tweetelle brought her Peacock Preening Badge to show us.

Here are the badges the Memory Elephant found

Fine Focus webinars

Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at

Global Education Conference

Reform Symposium

The Sketchbook Challenge

Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies Week 3

This week the #gtstoogies Outdoor Cinema will the screening The Return of the King, the third and final film in the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The Memory Elephant, the Dabrowski Dogs and the Twitter Birds will be going to the pictures as well as to the #RSCON3 Reflections Party

Emotional Dabrowski loves all the beautiful New Zealand scenery in the films especially all the scenes in the Hobbit holes at Bagend and she takes a roller coaster ride of emotions every time she watches the films.
Intellectual Dabrowski is being a bit tedious and delivering a lengthy lecture about the geography of New Zealand to a visiting kiwi  who fortunately is quite good natured and humours him.

One Twitter Bird who has been busy for the last couple of weeks drawing smiley emoticons on white boards thought he was supposed to draw a smiley on the screen until people started calling out “Sit down in the front!”

The Pre-Post Party Party


There will be a Reflections Party for #RSCON3 Reform Symposium this weekend. The invitation and all the details can be found at

Sprite, the Memory Elephant, the Dabrowski Dogs and the Twitter Birds are having a Pre-Post Party Party to make sure they have their party hats on and all their reflections collected.  They have brought out the  Take Away from RSCON3 screen capture slide so that they can sign it to express their thanks to the organizers, presenters and moderators.

RSCON3 Looking at the Links 4: Websites mentioned at RSCON3 (Cont.)

The Twitter Birds are certainly very generous and very efficient when it comes to sharing links to interesting websites.
They have been working overtime since RSCON3

Here are some more of the website links that were mentioned during the Reform Symposium.

Learning Management Systems

Instructure Canvas

Learning score


Colin T Graham LiveBinder
Mathematics and Art – best of MATES

Photo and image editing


Word Chef

QR Codes

QR Codes

Splash URL


Dreams of Education How a blog started a school

Screenshots and screencasts


Service Projects and challenges

Design for change challenge

Social Media and Networks

Classroom Chronicles Change is on the way

Google Plus


A world of Tweets

Story writing programs

Teach Meets
Teach Meet Melbourne

Techie Brekkie

Textbooks (Digital)

Ian Chia’s Diigo Textbooks wishlist

 Word clouds


RSCON3 Looking at the Links 3 : Websites mentioned at RSCON3

The Twitter Birds are certainly very generous and very efficient when it comes to sharing links to interesting websites.
They have been working overtime since RSCON3

Here are some of the website links that were mentioned during the Reform Symposium.

Website links from rscon3

LiveBinder of technology smackdown resources

Web Tools
New Tools

Animation and Movie making

Go! animate 4 schools



Blog hosting platforms




Make Beliefs Comix

Bitstrips for schools


Super Hero Squad


Curator and Poster Programs





Kalinago English: The Dogme challenge

Sabrina’s weblog

some ideas on formats for e-portfolios:


E-safety resources


iOS in Education

Ian Chia’s Diigo list

Being Prudence

Language Education Programs

Language Garden



RSCON3 Looking at the Links 2: Blog posts from Attendees


The Twitter Birds are certainly very generous and very efficient when it comes to sharing links to interesting websites.
They have been working overtime since RSCON3

Here are some of the blogs of Attendees of RSCON3


Jessica V Allen Above and beyond
This blog post generated much discussion from presenters, moderators and attendees


Jane Curry


Luiz Reikdal Brazil

Maggie Hos-Mcgrane Summary of Steve Wheeler’s keynote address


ICETeacher Sara’s blogpost Defying gravity


Maizie’s blog first entry


Teaching Journey Aimee Gale


Marijana Smolcec The funny side of the world of rscon3


Neil McMahon A muse amuses blog


Celia Coffa Recipe for successful professional learning experience


Alison Harper


Vanessa Alander We need a trust revolution


Learning and sharing with Mrs Lirenman blog


Penny Bentley Cloud 9 The Reform Symposium 2011




You can find more links in RSCON3 blogs here
Google spreadsheet list of blogs