Belonging – A place of sanctuary

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Sprite’s Site is a place of sanctuary for many:

  • Lobsters holding their Lobsterfest without fear of the Wicked Lemon Wedges
  • Pumpkins hiding from the Halloween carvers
  • Outfora Duck escaping the humiliation of cricket matches
  • Twitter Birds setting up bowers where they can gather to discuss topics of their own choosing
  • The Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree Octopus (Octopus Topiarii) because at least there are some at Sprite’s Site with sufficient imagination to acknowledge him
  • Thinks He’s Alien Black Dog because he can find others there (like Sprite  and Retweet)  who also feel at times as if they are an alien who has been abandoned on this planet or have sufficient imagination (like Imaginational Dabrowski) to guess how he might be feeling.

Everyone needs a place of sanctuary – a place where they feel as if they belong and are understood. It is a basic need.

Gifted people are no exception. They have the same need to ‘find their tribe’, find their peers, find their place of sanctuary. But it can be harder for them to do it.

Exceptionally and profoundly gifted students are unlikely to find another student like themselves in their own classroom unless it is a selected entry gifted class.

It is one of the most compelling reasons for acceleration

It is a powerful reason for grouping gifted students together.

It is the reason Dr Karen Rogers says “Gifted and talented students should spend the majority of their school day with others of similar abilities and interests”
She has written articles about the grouping of gifted students which can be read at

And Prof Miraca Gross emphasises the social emotional importance of finding a true friend who can be a sure shelter and share at a deep level and that the likeliness of this happening is greater if the student has been accelerated

Belonging is the theme for the 2016 New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour.

Every year folk from Sprite’s Site go down to the beach to wave ‘across the ditch’ to New Zealand and wish them well for Gifted Awareness Week.
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A party for the Tree Octopus


In June Sprite’s Site celebrates its birthday.

The first birthday celebration was held in June 2010.
To see how the blog birthday has been celebrated in other years see

The topic of the Hoagiesgifted’ June 2016 blog hop is Mysteries of the brain.
We took the opportunity to ask the opinions of some of the folk at Sprite’s Site who have gathered to celebrate the blog’s June 2016 birthday.

The Memory Elephant: For many people the biggest mystery about the gifted is how their brains work. People wonder whether the gifted brain is wired differently from the regular brain.

The Psych-Owl-Ogist: One of the enduring mysteries surrounding giftedness is the nature versus nurture argument and whether it is possible to create giftedness by making good choices, developing good habits, positive thinking techniques, training and practice.  Intellectual Dabrowski conducted experiments about this which are discussed here and here

Columbus Cheetah: I believe the biggest mystery to most people is the asynchrony of the gifted. It is especially obvious when gifted people are young. People wonder

  • How could such a young person know so much about such an obscure subject?
  • How could such a young person be thinking at such an advanced level about such abstract topics?
  • How could such a young person think like an adult but behave like a toddler?

Because they have so many questions about giftedness people have developed myths and stereotypes as an attempt to explain it. I try to bust some of these myths at

The Dabrowski Dogs

Intellectual: I consider the biggest mystery to most people is what makes the gifted so insatiably curious and how they manage to locate, evaluate and recall such vast amounts of information.

Psych-Motor Most people wonder whether I ever stop for rest. They wonder how I can appear to be not engaged and yet know the correct answer. They wonder where my energy comes from and how they can keep up with me!

Emotional: People wonder why my emotions are so extreme and whether or not it is related to being gifted. It is a complete mystery to them.

Sensual: I suppose some people would wonder why I notice sights, sounds, scents and textures and whether giftedness enhances the noticing or enhanced noticing contributes to giftedness.


Imaginational Dabrowski went to find the Topiary Tessellation Tree Octopus (Octopus Topiarii)
“You can just leave the money at the bottom of the tree and go” grumbled the Octopus.
It just causes trouble for Sprite if I put in an appearance.

“There is a birthday party! And everyone is being interviewed about what The Mysteries of the gifted brain means to them” said Imaginational.
“You need to come with me!. You are a wonderful demonstration of the mystery of the contribution of imagination to gifted thinking.”

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