Lobby Lobster Fest 2013


The Germans have October Fest and Sprite’s Site has the Annual Lobby Lobster Fest.

The first Lobster Fest was held in October 2010 https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/gtstoogies-15-the-1st-annual-lobster-fest/  It was to be a virtual feast of lobster for the #gtstoogies group who were  meeting for a light hearted chat after  #gtchat.

But when the lobsters heard about the Lobster Fest they started arriving in droves complete with forensic lobsters that came to investigate the premature demise of one of their own. They concluded that, as is often the case, the Wicked Lemon Wedges were responsible or were at least complicit in the crime.
They held their Lobster Lolly Lobbing Competition and a group of Lobster Lewis Carollers brought their own whiting, porpoise, snail and turtle to stage a Lobster Quadrille. This year the Red Herrings in parsley head dresses doing the can-can have also joined the Lobster Fest celebrations

Last year the Lobby was booked for a Halloween party at the same time as the Annual Lobster Fest and the two activities were combined; so this year the Lobsters planned for their event to be held earlier in the month. You can see that Harvest fruit and vegetables are already in the Lobby in preparation for Halloween and may notice some of the Wicked Lemon Wedges hiding among the fruit.

Happy Lobster Fest to all Lobsters!

Combined celebrations

There is a double booking for the lobby this weekend – Halloween and the annual Lobby Lobster Fest but Intellectual Dabrowski has a solution. He will be going undercover to work on the puzzle of the Wicked Lemon Wedges and has suggested that the other Dabrowski Dogs should also dress up as Lobsters this year.

So the lobsters will conduct their Lobster Lolly Lobbing competition using Halloween candy and dance the Lobster Quadrille beneath the suspended apples.
The garlic cloves are guarding the windows and the pumpkins have declared the lobby a safe haven place from Jack-o-lantern carvers.
Arachnid is engrossed in spinning decorations for the occasion.

The Memory Elephant is eager to remind everyone about The First Annual Lobby Lobster Fest https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/gtstoogies-15-the-1st-annual-lobster-fest/

And about how the Dabrowski dogs had celebrated at previous Halloween parties

How will the Dabrowski dogs celebrate Halloween?

Intellectual Dabrowski dresses up

The Dabrowski dogs dress up

GT Chat is back! 2

GT Chat is back this week and Sprite helped to decorate the #gtstoogies Lobby for the occasion.

Dr Jeff Goldstein’s  Twitter 21C water cooler  has been set up as well as the coffee machine and chocolate fountain.

And there are gifts for GT Chat founder, Deborah Mersino, and the new moderator, Lisa Conrad, and gifts and a rocket  cake for Krissy Venosdale of Venspired Learning who celebrated her birthday during the week.

Packing for the New

Sprite has provided the #gtstoogies with convenient take-away food for this week’s catch up after #gtchat because Jo and therefore also Sprite and Co are busy packing for a move to the seaside town of Rosebud next week. Jo will update the contact details on Gifted Resources website and Sprite’s Site soon.

One Twitter Bird is making a list of To Do’s.
Everyone is bringing their treasures to be packed. There is much speculation about how it should be packed and whether everything will fit in. The Memory Elephant has offered to put as many of the precious mementos as possible in the trunk.

Texas style BBQ

This week the #gtstoogies will be holding a Texas style barbeque to celebrate  the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) signing on as a Lead Global #gtchat Sponsor for 2011-2012 You can read all about it on Deborah Mersino’s Ingeniosus website at http://www.ingeniosus.net/archives/texas-association-for-the-gifted-and-talented-signs-on-as-lead-global-gtchat-sponsor

Imaginational Dabrowski is envisaging how beneficial the partnership between TAGT and #gtchat will be.
Intellectual Dabrowski is sharing wisdom with Native American Indian Dog.
Australian Cattle Dog has arrived because he loves a BBQ.
And Psycho Motor Dabrowski is going ballistic at the Twitter Bird who had retained his moustache from last Movember and is getting into the action with a Texas style  display of lasso prowess.
The barrels for the Barrel Racing events were donated by Sprite. She has not needed them since her rather confused attempt at Porkbarrelling last May.

D.I.Y. Coffee and cake

Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in #gtchat and the merriment in the #gtstoogies lobby this week so Sprite helped me to set up the coffee machine and dessert fridge so that you can help yourself.
Tweet and Retweet are having a great honeymoon at an undisclosed location and have sent us a postcard. Their wedding photo albums are still on the floor by the couch.
You will find a copy of the new book  Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn’t Fit Your Atypical Child by Corin Barsily Goodwin and Mika Gustavson on the couch. For an excellent review of the book by Lisa Conrad see http://giftedparentingsupport.blogspot.com/2011/09/making-choice.html

Caramel Cat has given up the idea of chocolate coating the mice by drenching them from above and has instead rigged up a ramp leading from the Mouse House to a chocolate plunge bath similar to the arrangement used for dipping sheep.