House warming gifts

“People keep asking me what you would like to receive as housewarming gifts!” Sprite told me.
“I don’t know what you want; so I asked the others.”

“Oliver Moremouse said you want cheese platters, One Twitter Bird said you want Dr Jeff’s 21C water cooler set up again and Tweet and Retweet said you wanted a nest with a pink egg and a blue egg!”

“Psycho Motor Dabrowski said you want a trampoline, Intellectual Dabrowski said you want stacks of puzzles and educational games, Sensual Dabrowski said you want vouchers for Lavender Lathers at Poise for Poise Parlour and Emotional Dabrowski said you want lots of masks for theatrical performances.”

“Imaginational Dabrowski rattled on about how you would want world peace and for things to be ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’. Intellectual asked if that meant you would want gold pavements and Imaginational said only literalist materialists and concrete thinkers would want gold pavements; so he didn’t think you would want that!”

“So I don’t know what to tell people about gifts but I have set up the chocolate fountain and the coffee machine for you.
Oh and I gave you a pot of lavender because I know you always like to have lavender bushes and herbs growing in your garden.”

Sprite unpacks

Sprite managed to avoid most of the unpacking by delaying her return until it was nearly finished. She inspected our new home and the garden and voiced her approval of the bungalow and, of all things, the Dux Prodigy gas hot water heater.

She was bubbling over with information she had gained from her visits.
“Did you know Cybraryman even has a page about moving house?” she asked.
“And Merebith files information for Meredith and a little guy in khaki pants files stuff for Meredith’s Dad.
I will have to talk severely to the Memory Elephant because he hasn’t been keeping files and folders for me!
I bet he didn’t pack any folders for me in his trunk for the move!”

“And where are my pink slippers?”

“If you had helped with the packing you would know which box or bag they are in!” I said.

“Are they in the box labelled Criteria and Eligibility?” she asked.

“No, that is just the paperwork for getting the provisions you need” I said.
“The De Bono Action Shoes are in the blue bag in front of that box.”

So Sprite put on her pink slippers and she and Columbus Cheetah sat and watched while I unpacked some more boxes.

Report from Rosebud

We have arrived safely at our new home and are going well with the unpacking and setting up. There is a small bungalow in the back garden where I will do my work for Gifted Resources.


My various stone creatures have already found homes in the garden and I am thrilled to find that we have several hydrangea bushes and a hibiscus.


Packing for the New 2


The packing is proceding well; except that there are so many strangely shaped treasures to be fitted into the cartons and everyone keeps bringing more.
Intellectual Dabrowski is claiming that it is simply a matter of treating the packing like playing tetris or tangrams so that everything fits in but P’est pour Parfait, the perfectionist Poodle insists that everything must be perfectly aligned and the labels for the boxes should be colour coded and adhered in exactly the correct position.
Psycho Motor Dabrowski disagrees. He says that the Lolly Lobbing Lobster has the right idea: throw items into the boxes from a distance like shooting for goal and then give the box a shake to get everything to settle so you can put more in!

Sprite is escaping from the packing at every opportunity.
She brings things to be packed and then vanishes to talk to Ginger Pony or to visit Cybraryman at  or Mrs P. at
“I thought you might like to get a Second Life!” she told me “So I have put reminders about The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children’s Gifted Education conferences in Second Life  on the pinboard”

“And now, while you pack my fish, I am going to visit my new friends Meredith and Merebith at


Packing for the New

Sprite has provided the #gtstoogies with convenient take-away food for this week’s catch up after #gtchat because Jo and therefore also Sprite and Co are busy packing for a move to the seaside town of Rosebud next week. Jo will update the contact details on Gifted Resources website and Sprite’s Site soon.

One Twitter Bird is making a list of To Do’s.
Everyone is bringing their treasures to be packed. There is much speculation about how it should be packed and whether everything will fit in. The Memory Elephant has offered to put as many of the precious mementos as possible in the trunk.