Gifted Awareness Week Australia 2016



This week 13 – 19 March 2016 it is Gifted Awareness Week in Australia
For details of the events for the week see the AAEGT website page at

The folk at Sprite’s Site are celebrating by holding a rally together with the Persona Dolls from the Personas, Profiles and Portraits blog.
The Persona Dolls will be holding their own tea party after the rally.
Recently the Persona Dolls participated in a presentation given by Jo Freitag for the OZ eLive webinar conference.
Gifted Awareness Week was mentioned during the webinar and also resources for Cultural Diversity Week 12-20 March 2016  and Harmony Day

A recording of the session can be viewed at

Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 12: Stories



“I knew where to take people to show them Sprite’s Site social media activity” said Sprite “But how do I show them where to find the storytelling to illustrate the writing on the blog?”

“If you had been more attentive to your Latin studies” said Intellectual Dabrowski “you would be able to read the sign and see that the stories are all around you in all the blog posts!”

There are several series of posts which tell stories about Sprite and the other characters. Some have already been gathered into Youblisher booklets or told on Storyjumper, Little Bird Tales or other online story writing programs. Others can be read by reading all the posts in a particular tag.


Perchance to dream

If only If only

You can read about the character of Sprite at About Sprite
I took the opportunity to find out whether my readers understood Sprite in the way I hoped I was depicting her at

Most of the storylines on the blog are about Sprite and are used to help provide information about 2E Twice Exceptional students who are both gifted and have some learning difficulty or learning style difference and to give links to helpful resources.

Sprite’s giftedness is apparent in her thirst for knowledge and love of research and experiments  and in the deep, sometimes existential type questions she asks.

Storylines on the blog often deal with trying to find ideal provisions for Sprite’s education and advocating for her

A main theme is using De Bono’s Six Action Shoes as a planning tool to find programs that will be suitable for gifted students who also have a learning difficulty or different learning style.
Sprite is always depicted as having an injured left ankle and needing to wear different shoes on each foot to illustrate the concept that she needs different educational provisions for both her giftedness and her disability.

The De Bono’s Six Action Shoes posts can be found here
Orange gumboots
Pink slippers
Grey sneakers
Blue formal shoes
Purple riding boots
Brown brogues
More shoes
Plaster cast


The Survivor –Gifted Island series has not been made into a booklet yet but here are the links to the posts in the correct order.

Sprite has both a heightened sense of justice and a vivid imagination.
She loves to set up her soft toys with placards and hold protest marches
Feetspeak Unfair to Sprite march
Please remember campaign
Cruel is not cool – support for anti-bullying campaign
March for the tree octopus

“And that is only some of the stories about Sprite” said Intellectual Dabrowski.
“There are also plenty of stories about the other characters.”

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Review of the March for the Tree Octopus 2: Evidence from the Memory Elephant

“Intellectual Dabrowski has blown up this whole March for the Tree Octopus review into a huge issue.” Sprite told me. “It is almost as if he is putting me on trial and he is the legal counsel for the prosecution!”

“Don’t worry about it!” I said “He is just being gifted and behaving like a Little Lawyer

Sprite looked as if she would start to cry. “But he is making me feel as if there is a huge weight of official knowledge and academia that is accusing me of being stupid and that’s just not fair!”

“Don’t let him make you feel like that,” I said “you know what you saw!”

“That’s the problem!” said Sprite “Intellectual put on a really pompous voice and said I call on the Memory Elephant to testify. And when the Memory Elephant drew the memories of the march on the whiteboard he left out lots of important things. I went back to the picture of the march on the blog and compared it to the whiteboard picture.

He had only remembered a small part of the march and there were details missing even from the bit he remembered. He didn’t remember that Jen E Wren and Fr.O.G. were there and Puppy and Pony and a meerkat. He remembered Beloved Snail because he was going the opposite way and he was afraid he would squash him. And he remembered the Twitter bird on his sign and monkey on his back but did not know what the monkey was carrying

The Memory Elephant remembered the sign he was carrying and the sign Columbus Cheetah carried and (very conveniently for Intellectual) the sign that Intellectual was carrying but he was really vague about what was on my sign.

And, most importantly he did not remember seeing the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree with the Tree Octopus in it!

Review of the March for the Tree Octopus:Transcript 1

I found Sprite feeling tired and stressed. She had not slept well ever since the day of the March for the Tree Octopus.
“I just keep on going over and over it in my mind!” she said. “Intellectual and Imaginational Dabrowski are arguing about it and I don’t know whose side I’m on.
All the arguing is making Sensual feel anxious and irritable and Emotional is upset because she doesn’t like arguments and because it is upsetting me.
Psycho Motor tuned out fairly early and said he would find out and settle the matter but I think he got sidetracked.”

“What is the problem?” I asked.

“It’s all really complex and really confusing – so I have tried to record it. Here you listen!” Sprite thrust the voice recorder into my hand.

Here is the transcript

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Sprite): Why did you stage a march to raise awareness and ask for help for a creature that does not exist?

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Who says it doesn’t exist? Define exist!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational) Maybe it exists as a fictional creature but SHE (pointing at Sprite) was acting as if it were a real creature. I told her she should check her sources. I told her she should be careful to cite her references correctly. Now she has made a laughing stock of herself and devalued the good work she has done in the past!

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Says he who dressed up as a Dogopus!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational): But I cited my references and the Dogopus could exist in the future! And I wasn’t staging a march and asking for support for it.

Imaginational Dabrowski (to Intellectual): Anyway, I still say, how do you know the Tree Octopus doesn’t exist? Look at Sprite’s platypus toy – when the Platypus was first encountered by Europeans in 1798, a pelt and sketch were sent back to Great Britain and British scientists thought that it was a hoax. But we know that the Platypus is real and you can see them at Healesville Sanctuary  There are lots of really strange animals out there!

Intellectual Dabrowski (to Imaginational): But then there is the whole field of cryptozoology. A cryptid (from the Greek (krypto) meaning “hide”) is a creature whose existence has been suggested but that is unrecognized by scientific consensus, and whose existence is moreover often regarded as highly unlikely. Noted cryptids include Bigfoot, Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. The Tree Octopus, at best, is a cryptid and Sprite would be considered a crackpot by the scientific community if she claimed to have seen it and started to champion its cause.

March for the Tree Octopus

It was a lovely day for a march. Be sure to click on the picture to see it properly.
The Twitter Birds publicized the event and brought banners directing to the website.
All Sprite’s regular marchers were there.
Beloved Snail offered to take letters to Members of Parliament but seemed to be heading in the wrong direction at the rate of … well at a snail mail pace.
The Origami Secretary Bird offered to provide secretarial services for the Union of Tree Octopuses (or Octopi or Octopodes –it would be necessary to have a quorum of the creatures present to determine their desired plural form).
The monkey brought one of the collection boxes made up from the PDF pattern on the Tree Octopus site.
Columbus Cheetah had been reading Animal Farm and penned the message 4 Legs FAST – 8 Legs FAST X 2
There were several signs displaying the Tentacle Ribbon Badge. Imaginational Dabrowski had mentally tipped his badge on the side and joined the ends to form a lemniscate signifying unending friendship for the Tree Octopus.

But Intellectual Dabrowski, very anxious that this march would not devalue the other marches Sprite had organized for valid and worthwhile causes, could not resist showing a placard which read CHECK THE REFS DATE WAS APRIL 1 which informed that the original publication date indicated that the school children’s march for the tree octopus  had been an April Fools’ Day prank.

And an Octopus in a Topiary Tree

Intellectual Dabrowski was mortified! He had told Sprite repeatedly that you should always, always check the veracity of the information that you found on the Internet and that you should not just believe it automatically; even if all the Twitter Birds in the Twitterverse told you.
But obviously Sprite had not been paying attention to his pedantic, perfectionistic scepticism and insistence on correctly annotated source references.

The Twitter Birds had told Sprite about a website devoted to the conservation of the rare Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and that a group of school children had staged a march to raise awareness of the Tree Octopus’ plight.
On the FAQ page it said that if you wanted to donate to the Tree Octopus cause you could take paper money to the forest and the octopus will come down and take it and then use it to line her den

Of course Sprite was eager to donate and help the Tree Octopus!

And it didn’t help that Imaginational Dabrowski was sure he had seen a Tree Octopus in the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree! But Imaginational was quick to stipulate that it would not be a member of the species Octopus Paxarbolis. It would one of the even rarer species Octopus Topiarii .

So when I came to visit Sprite’s Site I found Sprite standing at the base of the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree hopefully extending a stack of paper money.

Cruel is NOT Cool

Typical of many gifted children Sprite has a strong sense of justice.
She loves to organize protest marches and campaigns like the Feetspeak Unfair to Sprite protest march and the Please Remember campaign.
So when she saw that author Annie Fox, who has been a guest contributor to Sprite’s blog, is organizing an anti-bullying campaign in the U.S., she was eager to help.

This is Annie Fox’s campaign
Cruel’s Not Cool! a new anti-bullying campaign to engage students, teachers, administrators and parents in a community-wide exploration of our culture of cruelty, why cruel’s not cool, and what each of us can do, moment-by-moment to take back our schools by making them safer, more accepting places for all students all the time.

So Sprite repainted her signs and assembled her campaigners. There were more of them this time.
I noticed a monkey and a meerkat among the marchers.
All the over excitable Dabrowski dogs were there. Imaginational was dreaming of an ideal world where no one was cruel and people and dogs spent their days lazing happily in the sun together.
Caramel Cat was really lazing in the sun and Arachnid the Spider was still too busy with web design to attend.
Everyone seemed to be giving the same message this time – even Columbus Cheetah who could not find a way of working in a message of protest about speed restrictions.
As expected the Origami Secretary Bird had a slightly different approach and claimed that the campaign was about stopping work place harassment. But Sprite did not mind because she said Cruel Is NOT Cool in any setting!