March for the Tree Octopus

It was a lovely day for a march. Be sure to click on the picture to see it properly.
The Twitter Birds publicized the event and brought banners directing to the website.
All Sprite’s regular marchers were there.
Beloved Snail offered to take letters to Members of Parliament but seemed to be heading in the wrong direction at the rate of … well at a snail mail pace.
The Origami Secretary Bird offered to provide secretarial services for the Union of Tree Octopuses (or Octopi or Octopodes –it would be necessary to have a quorum of the creatures present to determine their desired plural form).
The monkey brought one of the collection boxes made up from the PDF pattern on the Tree Octopus site.
Columbus Cheetah had been reading Animal Farm and penned the message 4 Legs FAST – 8 Legs FAST X 2
There were several signs displaying the Tentacle Ribbon Badge. Imaginational Dabrowski had mentally tipped his badge on the side and joined the ends to form a lemniscate signifying unending friendship for the Tree Octopus.

But Intellectual Dabrowski, very anxious that this march would not devalue the other marches Sprite had organized for valid and worthwhile causes, could not resist showing a placard which read CHECK THE REFS DATE WAS APRIL 1 which informed that the original publication date indicated that the school children’s march for the tree octopus  had been an April Fools’ Day prank.

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