D.I.Y. Coffee and cake

Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in #gtchat and the merriment in the #gtstoogies lobby this week so Sprite helped me to set up the coffee machine and dessert fridge so that you can help yourself.
Tweet and Retweet are having a great honeymoon at an undisclosed location and have sent us a postcard. Their wedding photo albums are still on the floor by the couch.
You will find a copy of the new book  Making the Choice: When Typical School Doesn’t Fit Your Atypical Child by Corin Barsily Goodwin and Mika Gustavson on the couch. For an excellent review of the book by Lisa Conrad see http://giftedparentingsupport.blogspot.com/2011/09/making-choice.html

Caramel Cat has given up the idea of chocolate coating the mice by drenching them from above and has instead rigged up a ramp leading from the Mouse House to a chocolate plunge bath similar to the arrangement used for dipping sheep.

Dandelion wishes answered!





Wish 1 Sprite: I wish that Dr Laurie Marker won’t be too sad without Chewbaaka and that the Chewbaaka Memorial fund will bring in lots of money for cheetah conservation.

The day after I posted Sprite’s dandelion wish I received this note from the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
And today there was another note bringing news of the cheetah cubs who are being trained to follow in the tracks of Chewbaaka and become the future ambassadors for the species





Wish 2 Sprite: I wish that someone would help me to clean up my room and get organized!

Sprite has been visiting Angela Esnouf’s Creating Order from Chaos website at http://www.creatingorder.com.au/  and Angela has promised she will write a letter to Sprite giving her some basic tips for getting organised.





Wishes 3 Sprite: I wish that Ginger Pony had a friend because it is really lonely if you don’t have a friend
and 4 Sprite: I wish that I could work out why Bea doesn’t like me. I wish someone could help me work it out!

Both these wishes were answered by a invitation in the Comments Section from Sue Weatherill of Horse Instincts http://www.facebook.com/pages/Helpn-Oz-Horse-Programs-for-the-Community/165217303502821


Hi Sprite,
You and Ginger pony and all your friends can
come and join Buddy and his team at Horse Instincts
during the school holidays if you like?

Buddy, Maestro and the herd help train people of all ages
in the subtle cues of body language and communication.
They are great at it. It is fun and easy to learn.
It can really help reduce your stress levels when making
friends and being around lots of people or new ones.
We hope you can come and visit.

Sue Weatherill

Dandelion wishes


Sprite was sitting on the grass with Columbus cheetah and the Dabrowski Dogs, blowing dandelion seeds into the air and making wishes.

This is the conversation I heard.

Sprite: I wish that Dr Laurie Marker won’t be too sad without Chewbaaka and that the Chewbaaka Memorial fund will bring in lots of money for cheetah conservation.
(You may remember that Sprite chose Dr Laurie Marker for her notable person to study for Night of the Notables http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/blog/?p=545   and she and Columbus Cheetah dressed up as Dr Laurie Marker and Chewbaaka)

Intellectual Dabrowski: There’s a link here for the Chewbaaka Memorial Fund http://www.cheetah.org/?nd=donate_chewbaaka

Sprite: I wish that someone would help me to clean up my room and get organized!

Intellectual Dabrowski: I think Jo was talking to Angela Esnouf from Creating Order from Chaos about that a little while ago. Her website is at http://www.creatingorder.com.au/

Sprite: I wish that Ginger Pony had a friend because it is really lonely if you don’t have a friend.
(I was not sure whether she was displaying genuine empathy and concern for a real problem Ginger Pony was suffering, expressing her own loneliness by projecting it on Ginger Pony, or whether this was a ploy to get a second real pony!)

Sprite: And I wish that I could work out why Bea doesn’t like me.

Psycho Motor Dabrowski: Don’t worry about it! There are dandelion will- o- the -wisps to chase!

Emotional Dabrowski:  It makes people feel sad and confused if they think people don’t like them and they don’t know the reason. It makes me sad too!

Intellectual Dabrowski: Let’s look at this logically. Do you have any real evidence that Bea doesn’t like you, Sprite? Has she said or done anything mean?

Sprite: No, not really… but…

Imaginational Dabrowski: Maybe it is the way she looks at Sprite. Sprite isn’t very good at understanding what people mean by their facial expressions. Maybe she thinks Bea is sneering at her but she isn’t really! Maybe Sprite is just imagining that Bea is sneering.

Sensual Dabrowski: I don’t know. I think Sprite picks up a lot of things, sort of by osmosis, from subtle cues like body language; so she can’t quite work out why she thinks Bea doesn’t like her; but she just has an overwhelming feeling that it is true.

Sprite: I wish someone could help me work it out!

Just Desserts for the #gtstoogies

This week the #gtstoogies get their Just Desserts after #gtchat with a collection of delicious small cakes, slices, puddings and frozen treats. The choc fountain is also ready with marshmallows and fruits to dip into it.
Tweet and Retweet have left their wedding photo albums by the couch for you to view. 
And there is a cheese platter for those who do not have a sweet tooth and for Les Souris in the Mouse House in the Skirting Board.
Caramel Cat is once again attempting to fish for mice and considering  how to rig up a bucket of chocolate sauce over the Mouse House entrance so that mice who emerged would be already chocolate coated when caught.


Unmasking the Possibilities 2


This is just a marker holding a place on the blog for my description of the VAGTC Unmasking the Possibilities conference which I have not yet finished.
I am very busy on a several fronts andI have a couple of other posts which I would like to add now without losing this spot.
So check back later to see whether I have edited this post or  given up and deleted the place holder!

Unmasking the Possibilities


The  Dabrowski Dogs are preparing to accompany me to the Victorian Association for Gifted & Talented Children conference “Unmasking the Possibilities”  on Thursday 8 – Friday 9 September  http://www.vagtc.asn.au/
The theme of the conference will be overcoming the barriers such as poverty, isolation, cultural and language issues, 2E gifted with learning difficulties, health and social/emotional issues that can prevent gifted students from shining.

Emotional Dabrowski is often called The Drama Queen. She is enjoying trying on the theatrical masks which display the emotions!

Sensual and Psycho Motor would like to wear the Gifted Resources cheetah masks with the QR code for the web site included in the cheetah head spots but Sensual is not sure it will fit comfortably on him and Psycho Motor is bouncing so much the mask will not sit straight and keeps dislodging.

Intellectual Dabrowski is modelling the combination mask which demonstrates the theme of the conference. The mask has two layers. The gifts and talents displayed on the lower mask can only be glimpsed when the overlay mask which represents the difficulties is in place.

Imaginational Dabrowski found that his thinking was enlarged when he considered how the overlay mask could be removed to let the gifts and talents shine.



Gifted Island Challenge 2: Getting to know myself with a little help from my friends – The results are in!

Sprite’s second challenge on Survivor: Gifted Island
https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/gifted-island-challenge-2-getting-to-know-myself-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends/was based on Johari’s Window and was designed to help understand what we know about ourselves and how we relate to others.

For this exercise Sprite had to write 5 questions about herself and ask other people to answer them. For some of the questions she would know the answer already but the answers would show whether others perceived her the way she sees herself. For other questions she would not know the answer and the replies could help her see possibilities and fill in the unknown to self areas. As Sprite’s creator I had already chosen for her to know some of the answers and not others and I was also hoping that the readers of Sprite’s Site blog would understand Sprite in the way I intended.

These were the questions

  1. What is my favourite colour?
  2. What subjects interest me most?
  3. Do you think I am an introvert or an extravert?
  4. What do you consider are my main personality traits?
  5. What career can you imagine me following?

I was really delighted with the replies as the majority matched very closely to the character I hoped I was portraying.

There were 8 respondents to the questionnaire.

Question 1 What is my favourite colour?
This was a question for which I intended Sprite’s answer to be Blue
5 responded Blue shades 2 responded purple shades with excellent reasons, 1 did not know and 1 did not know but guessed red
Shades of blue would be in the A section and shades of purple would be something she had discovered from the feedback and could add to the B section

Question 2 What subjects interest me most?
I intended Sprite’s answer to be animals, science, researching and music.
These interests were all recognized by some of the respondents and could be included in the A section.
The feedback from others would add issues related to giftedness and 2E issues, homeschooling, art, history and mysteries to the B section.

She has mentioned in the past her passion for astronomy so she could reveal that in Section C to increase others knowledge of her

Question 3 Do you think I am an introvert or an extravert?
I intend to depict Sprite as an introvert and so was happy that 5 of the respondents chose Introvert. 2 said she was an extravert – one of them based on her interactions with other characters on the blog. When I pointed out that several of those characters are soft toys or imaginary friends, we had a very interesting discussion about what things were real to which characters.
The characteristics I had included which I hoped pointed towards Sprite being an Introvert is that she is socially awkward with same age peers and likes to spend a lot of time by herself or with animal and soft toy friends pursuing her own interests. One respondent noted that she almost never speaks directly to the audience.
It is interesting that some Introverts can put on a mask of Extraversion when engaged in interesting conversation with true intellectual peers or in order to give a performance or presentation. Maybe Sprite can manage this occasionally – enough to influence a couple of the respondents.

Question 4 What do you consider are my main personality traits?
I did not intend Sprite to be aware of her personality traits. The traits I hope to have given her are being imaginative, creative, disorganized, inquisitive, intelligent, highly sensitive and emotional. The respondents seem to have noticed these qualities and they can be added to her B section.

Question 5 What career can you imagine me following?
I intended this question to represent Section D – something which neither Sprite nor anyone else knows yet. But I loved the suggestions which the respondents offered to this question! Several picked up on her concern for animals and environmental issues and her sense of justice and suggested careers which involved these passions.

Thank you very much to all respondents for helping Sprite on her path of self discovery !