The Professor, the Physicist and the Palaeontologist arrive

It was almost a month after the P Party
The Playground had been dismantled, the string of Party lights taken down, the Pogo stick brought inside and the REAL Pony hired for Pony rides had been returned despite wails of protest from Sprite.

One evening I found two elderly gentlemen and a young lady wandering in the garden.
“We were just enjoying Peripatetic Perambulations around your Pleasant Property with Pauses for Pondering Philosophical Problems. We are here in response to your kind invitation to the P Party”

One of the elderly gentlemen pulled a pile of papers from his pocket and began to unfold them and tried to smooth out the creases.
“There’s yours, Patrick!” he said and handed over an invitation addressed to

The rest of his papers fluttered to the ground and the young lady and I bent to pick them up for him. I picked up an invitation addressed to ‘Physicist’.
“I guess this is your invitation,” I said.

“No, that’s my invitation” said the young lady. “I’m Paula the Physicist. This is Pa Peter, my Paternal grandfather, he is a Professor and a Poet of Prominence”

“I do have an invitation to ‘Professor’ and I will be Presenting a Paper and hosting a Poets’ Corner at this Prestigious P Party. It must be in with those papers somewhere” he said. I could see he was becoming rather agitated.

“Here’s your invitation Pa” said Paula
She read the invitation as she handed it over. Obviously it was the first time she had seen it. “Oh dear, we seem to have come on the wrong day! I’m sorry about that!”
“Pa is a bit vague at times – a bit Push on the Pull door of the Gifted Institute if you know what I mean” she said

“Don’t worry”, I said “Come in and meet Sprite”
“I have a Pterodactyl poster for her” said the Palaeontologist.

In the P Party Garden

Here we see the Playground, Pool, Pogo stick and the REAL Pony for Pony rides. The Policemen are Patrolling the Perimeters on Push bikes and Pennyfarthings and the Parachutist, Petra Polona the Polish Pole Vaulter and Aviatrix Amelia Earhart are arriving.
PC PC PC was not going to let Amelia Earthart enter until Sprite said she wanted her to be Present and introduced her as Pamela Pearhart Plane Pilot.


I was looking at some of my photos and Sprite’s Memory Elephant produced some of the pictorial memories recorded in the role of Photographer Pachyderm at Sprite’s P Party. The giraffe (a friend of Starjump Starfish) helped to unravel the pictures from the PhotoCollage ball and passed them up to the Twitter Birds who attached them to a display banner.

Presents Proffered at the P Party

As Sprite’s guests arrived they Placed their Presents on the table near the front door. Sprite was thrilled to see some many wonderful gifts.
I told her she must write a thank you letter to each one who had given her a gift. However it was quite a challenge working out who had given each gift as not all of them had cards or tags with them.
See if you can help us work it out

Sprite Princess
Jo Portrait Painter Pictures of all the guests
PC PC PC PC PC PC Security monitoring
Topiary Tree Birds Partridge in a Pear Tree Potted parsley
Arachnid Poisonous Spider Poncho
Puppy Puppy Plush toy
Pony Pony Plush toy
Memory Elephant Photographer Photos of the party
Starjump Starfish Puffer Fish Pamphlets of Patagonia
Jen E Wren Paradise Bird Pearls & Pearls of wisdom
Onetwitterbird Peacock P.A. and P. R. for party
Twitter Birds Parrots and Pigeons Publicity
Columbus Cheetah Panther Pink Panther Game
Mrs. P. Mrs. P. Reading stories to guests
FrOG Prince Frog Pewter charms
Puddleglum Puddleglum Picture of Pocahontas
Origami Secretary Bird Papercraft Pelican Papier mache kit
Caramel Cat Pikachu ???
SAD Black Dog Parasol carrier Parasol
Guard on Duty Black Dog Pug Platypus plush toy
Thinks he’s Alien B Dog Pluto Planet Protester Planets Posters
Wistful Black Dog Pavlov’s dogs tribute Porpoise Plush toy
Little Bully B Dog Puli Pilates book and ball
Leaping Attack B Dog Poodle Pterodactyl Plush toy
Postman Pedro Perez Postman Pedro Perez Photos of Peru
Sensual Dabrowski Powder Itching Powder Powder and Perfume
Psycho Motor Dabrowski Puce bow on tail Pogo stick?
Intellectual Dabrowski Papillion Puzzles
Emotional Dabrowski Porcupine Paul Potts CDs or Pasternak Poetry?
Imaginational Dabrowski Puff the Magic Dragon Planetarium Pass
Pavlova Pavlova Pavlova
Picasso Picasso Painting kit
The Pope Did not attend Popescard
Pipe Band Pipe Band Piccolo

Pygmy possum Pygmy possum Possum poster
Meerkats Polecats Perseus and Pegasus statuette
Parachutist Parachutist Poster of Pisa
Petra Polona Polish Pole vaulter Pogo stick?
Amelia Earhart Aviatrix Pamela Pearhart Plane Pilot Panda Plush toy
Policemen on Push bikes Policemen on Push bikes Perimeter patrol
Peasants with Pheasants Peasants with Pheasants Pleasantries
Peloponnesian Did not come Parthenon model
Pandora Did not come Posted gift Pandora’s box

Participants arrive at the P Party

The guests are arriving for Sprite’s P Party and I have been kept busy as the official Portrait Painter for the event.
The Memory Elephant has also helped in the Preservation of memories by acting as Photographer Pachyderm to record Pictorial memories.
The Origami Secretary Bird had undertaken some P.D. so that he could act as P.A. and organise the P.R. for the event.
Onetwitterbird was of the opinion that HE was the one in charge of P.R. and took every opportunity to appear in the media as the spokesman. The other Twitter Birds actually did the bulk of the publicity work.
The Origami Secretary Bird was of the opinion that the event should be combined with New Year’s Eve festivities and went ahead and hired a Pyro-technics Expert to provide a fireworks display.
In spite of PC PC PC acting as security to the front door and the Policeman on Push bikes Patrolling the Perimeter, a few extra guests entered over the walls.
These included a Parachutist, Petra Polona the Polish Pole Vaulter and Aviatrix Amelia Earhart.
PC PC PC was not going to let Amelia Earthart enter until Sprite said she wanted her to be present and introduced her as Pamela Pearhart Plane Pilot.
If you would like to see the costumes the guests wore please see the Powerpoint Presentation at
You can also reach it by going to the home page of Jo’s Own Website and clicking on the link.