“This is PC PC PC” said Sprite holding up a picture of a yellow stern faced emoticon with a computer monitor for a body and wearing a policeman’s hat.
It had a speech bubble beside its mouth which said “STOP YE BE PC”
”I beg your pardon?” I said.
”You know, he’s the PC Police Constable who checks that what you do on the PC personal computer is PC politically correct. “
She laughed until the tears ran down her face.

“Can you put him up on the wall in your office next to your cheetah painting?”
”I drew him!” she said proudly “Just like you drew me. Who drew you?”

Sensing a reprise of the “where did I come from?” discussion (I’ll tell you about that some other time) I tried to divert her with “So why does he have a computer monitor for a body?”
“He’s not that ‘anthropo’ thing, what you said” she replied.
”Yes, that’s it! He can’t see the elephant either!”
”What elephant?”

“The elephant in the room. I’m friends with the elephant. I call it by name. But PC PC PC won’t even talk about the elephant; let alone name it! So I don’t think he can see it; because surely he would say if he could”


Sprite had been to visit one of her school friends.
”Why did her eyes go all glazy, like that?” she asked when I picked her up.
I thought I could guess the reason. Sprite can always turn the conversation to one of her passion subjects and most of her classmates have no interest in them.
She hates to write but she can talk all day without a pause for breath.
“What were you talking about?” I asked
”Harmonic motion of the planets”
”And how long had you been talking?”
”I don’t know – it wasn’t as long as a school double period.”
”Do you think she is as interested in astronomy as you are?”
”I don’t know.”
”Well, what were you talking about before that? How did you start talking about planets?”
”She said she was going to wear stick on stars on her face for the party.”