SerendipEd visit

I have been enjoying participating in SerendipEd and Fine Focus conferences on the Elluminate platform onThursday at 23:00 GMT/UTC (6pm USA EST, Midnight CET) or Friday  at 7am West Aus, 10am NSW. For me, in Melbourne,  the  session is at 10.00am on Friday morning. The Fine Focus sessions are held every second week and feature a guest expert giving a presentation on a specific aspect of education. The SerendipEd sessions are held on the alternate weeks and the topic for discussion is decided by a poll at the start of the session. For all the details about these sessions see Jo Hart’s Edublog  E- Everything! at

Last week many of the regular participants were busy with Thanksgiving celebrations and we had a few technical hitches due to storms. I had mentioned Sprite’s Site in general conversation before the recording started and Jo Hart decided to discuss Sprite’s Site blog and Gifted Resources website during the session. You can listen to the recording and follow the text and whiteboard by following the link at

In her blog Jo Hart said

“This session was fascinating as Jo told us about (and gave us links to) Sprite’s Site where  you can read about Sprite and her learning journey. We also heard about the Gifted Resources website that Jo coordinates. This is an information service for parents, teachers and service providers involved with gifted students. Jo also mentioned #gtchat on Twitter, a weekly forum for discussion around gifted issues.


This session was very exciting for me with lots of “take-aways” about the issues 2E students encounter that will help me with my own students. It has also made me think about how I might better organise the resources I use regularly for literacy and numeracy and make them more accessible for others.”

I enjoyed sharing information about Sprite’s Site on SerendipEd and it paves the way for possible panel discussions or presentations from the expert members of #gtchat in the future.

I asked Sprite if she had ‘a take-away’ from the session and she said “Yes I want fish- like Mrs. Jo Hart!”
Jo had said that she has cartoon fish Kipper and Flipper which she created in Toon-Doo and uses to illustrate tutorials for using Elluminate.

New card shelf

Here is the new card shelf system which Sprite requested. You can see that it has been redesigned and I can be seen in the plain clipart mirror which replaces the Giovanni Arnolfini mirror. There are still plenty of spaces available for more cards from Sprite’s friends.

The group picture grows

Sprite is really excited as she has received more cards for her shelf and heard that the taste tester dogs are on their way and that the Paws for Poise Mobile Cyber Dog Grooming Palour will be open for extended hours to cope with the influx.

So she has requested that an extra card shelf be installed and also better perching branches for the Twitter birds.

Now we just need to get all the canines (and Caramel Cat) to behave better and we will be ready for The Group Picture Take 2

Group picture

Taking a photo of a large group is always a challenge!
” Everybody move in close! Tall ones at the back, little ones in front. OK everybody smile! Say CHEESE!”

But getting a picture of the group at Sprite’s Site is proving to be five times as difficult – no maybe 5! times as difficult!
You know the famous caution about working with animals and children!
It is really great to see that MrsP and Postman Pedro Perez  are able to be present

Psycho Motor Dabrowski and Little Bully Black Dog will not stand still. Sensual Dabrowski is always scratching when the flash goes off. Every time someone says “Say CHEESE” another one of Les Souris comes running to get some and Caramel Cat  scoops it up. And the poodle, P’est pour Parfait, keeps on going out to the Paws for Poise Mobile Cyber Dog Grooming Parlour because  he is sure that he no longer has every hair in place.

Apart from Parfait, none of the taste tester dogs have arrived yet and Sprite is not sure where to fit them in the picture when they do arrive.  In fact it is already proving almost impossible to get everyone in the picture!

#gtstoogies 22 Thanksgiving Theatre Dinner

This week the #gtstoogies will be enjoying turkey sandwiches and a light bubbly drink and watching Mary Poppins.
Thanksgiving is such a great opportunity to gather with family or friends and express gratitute for the things you appreciate.
Next year Australia will be having a National Day of Thanksgiving on 28 July 2011 according to

  I have listed some of the people and things for which I am grateful on a post it note. Please feel free to list some of yours in the comments box. Or maybe I will set up a wallwisher page at

Thanksgiving is also a good opportunity to gather people for group photos and Sprite would like to gather her friends from the blog in a picture. If you would like to be in the pic or send her a card for the shelf please let me know by the comment box or by an @jofrei message to me on Twitter

Checking up on the Twittermos

We are now three quarters of the way through the month of November and it is time to check on the progress of some of the events of the month.
How are the folk who are tackling NANoWriMo faring?
Are the ones who intended to write a blog post a day managing to do it?  I have a few gaps in the dates of my Sprite’site posts but there were some days when I was working on a series and posted more than one entry for the day.

And what about the gentlemen who are growing a moustache for Movember – how does your moustache grow?

Here is a recent picture of the Twitter birds who are sporting November mos.

Imaginational Dabrowski – Counsel for the Defence 2

With great trepidation Imaginational Dabrowski presented the results of the brainstorming session to Intellectual Dabrowski.

Intellectual demanded to inspect the brainstorming mindmap. If you click on the map you can enlarge it for easier reading.

To Imaginational’s amazement Intellectual became quite excited and declared it to be interesting and worthy of further study and actually volunteered to work on the research and the correct form of giving citations himself!