#gtstoogies 13

The gtstoogies are celebrating the changing of the seasons this week with a BBQ.
The Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree for all seasons has been brought out and Jen E Wren is discussing the Australian Rules Football Grand Final game with Magpie who is hoping that Collingwood (the Magpies) will win. (Jo and Sprite prefer Geelong -the Cats but they were eliminated by Collingwood)
Intellectual Dabrowski is discussing climate change with Native American Indian Dog. Australian Cattle Dog was drawn by the wonderful aromas wafting from the BBQ and Imaginational Dabrowski was thinking about how the Americans are having Autumn leaves at the same time as the Australians are having Spring blossoms and new leaves and how BBQ food tastes good in either season.

#gtstoogies 12

Preparations are under way for the gtstoogies’ luau on the beach.
The Twitter birds are practicing their hula dancing.

Sensual Dabrowski is sheltering from the sun while Psycho Motor, Emotional and Intellectual play with a giant shape collage beach ball and Imaginational ponders the pictures in the flames of the camp fire.
Arachnid is surfing the web and performing the duties of an E.B. White Charlotte Foundation Pig Protection Assoc. member.

The Dome Ain

There was no need to dismantle the geodesic dome after the #gtstoogies gathering. I found that Sprite (accompanied by Pugnacious Loyola) had claimed it for herself. She had set up her lap top and helped herself to an extra large fruit smoothie drink and was happily reading the transcripts of the #gtchat sessions ‘Can creativity be taught?’ and ‘Blogging 4 Gifted: Best Sites/Practices’ at http://wthashtag.com/transcript.php?page_id=8668&start_date=2010-09-10&end_date=2010-09-10&export_type=HTML

Arachnid was busy with web design for a new domain and Caramel Cat had regained dignity and decorum and was sleeping off the effects of the Paws for Poise cyber dog grooming parlour experience.

“You will have to update your list of blogs on Gifted Resources website! “ Sprite told me “There are lots of great blogs mentioned here in the transcript!”

“Already done!” I said. “You can read my updated collection of blogs at http://www.giftedresources.org/gr/webgifblogs.htm

#gtstoogies 11 Week 2

Due to difficulties with Twitter last week, the second #gtchat discussion “Can creativity be taught?” was postponed until this week.
The #gtstoogies who hold a creative virtual feast with general chatter and much laughter before and after #gtchat will continue the spa and vegetarian feast theme of last week.
A few extras have been added for this week. The pizza oven and icy desserts fridge have been brought out again. A bird bath has been installed for the Twitter birds and a geodesic dome has been constructed to house the spa bath.
For details about #gtchat see Deborah Mersino’s Ingeniosus website http://www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat
Transcripts of past #gtchat sessions can be read at http://www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat-transcripts

Paws for Poise Parlour 6

The Australian taste tester dogs arrived and the three small dogs enjoyed their pamper session. But Australian Cattle Dog said he had only come to say that he and Australian Kelpie were too busy with herding work to have a pamper session at the moment.

So Intellectual Dabrowski, Native American Indian Dog and Australian Cattle Dog  ‘pawsed’ for a brief conference to organize a working dog pamper session complete with remedial massages.

Before they could set a new time for the working dog pamper session Australian Kelpie arrived complete with the flock of sheep he had been moving.

In the ensuing chaos La Souris managed to hide under the Paws for Poise bus, Australian Kelpie managed to direct one of the sheep into the Paws for Poise Parlour and Psycho Motor Dabrowski managed to direct Caramel Cat into the Paws for Poise Parlour!

Paws for Poise Parlour 3

After such a glowing revue from Monsieur Parfait the other French taste tester dogs Papillon and French Bulldog called their friends Bichon Frise and Briard and they all enjoyed a pamper session.
Caramel Cat staged a reprise appearance as Caramel le chat- the chat cat saying
“J’aime manger les souris avec le chocolat.
J’ai l’intention de plonger les souris dans la fontaine de chocolat.”

Paws for Poise Parlour 2

First to experience the treatment of the Paws for Poise Parlour was the poodle P’ est pour Parfait from the French taste tester team. He arrived looking immaculate, with not a hair out of place, as he had already spent the morning in a grooming parlour; so that he would be in a respectable  condition to be groomed!

He emerged looking absolutely immaculate, with not a hair out of place and wearing a diamante collar and top knot clip. He rated the experience “Magnifique!”

Paws for Poise Parlour 1

First to come to the Paws for Poise cyber dog grooming parlour bus were the five over excitable Dabrowski dogs.
Intellectual read the sign and appreciated the humour of the title. He speculated about the type of chemical ingredients in the shampoo and the wind strength factor of the dryers.
The mention of chemicals in the shampoo caused Sensual’s fleas to run for cover and Sensual to feel very itchy.
Imaginational imagined how happy it would make them feel to be pampered and come out sparkling clean and smelling wonderful.
And Emotional put her head back and howled for sorrow over the dogs who would never have such luxury offered to them.
Psycho Motor was off bouncing and barking at the bus hoping he could make it run so that he could see the wheels turn.