The Dabrowski Dogs dress up

I’m not sure whose idea it was that all the Dabrowski Dogs should wear a mask and wings of some sort as their costumes for Halloween this year. I suspect it was Emotional who scared herself last year and decided that this year she would wear pretty wings and a mask and then indulged in some emotional blackmail to get all the others to follow the theme.
Sensual co-operated but complained that the material for the wings was very prickly.
Intellectual wanted to build himself a Da Vinci Helicopter costume but ran out of time.
Psycho Motor dressed up as the Masked Superdog and bounced enthusiastically.
And little Imaginational, after considering wearing a lemniscate as a mask in order to get an infinite point of view and a pair of Emotional’s wings, opted for dressing as Snoopy imagining himself to be a kennel top flying ace. You may remember last year
Imaginational dressed up as ET dressing up as a ghost to go Trick and Treating.

Texas style BBQ

This week the #gtstoogies will be holding a Texas style barbeque to celebrate  the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) signing on as a Lead Global #gtchat Sponsor for 2011-2012 You can read all about it on Deborah Mersino’s Ingeniosus website at

Imaginational Dabrowski is envisaging how beneficial the partnership between TAGT and #gtchat will be.
Intellectual Dabrowski is sharing wisdom with Native American Indian Dog.
Australian Cattle Dog has arrived because he loves a BBQ.
And Psycho Motor Dabrowski is going ballistic at the Twitter Bird who had retained his moustache from last Movember and is getting into the action with a Texas style  display of lasso prowess.
The barrels for the Barrel Racing events were donated by Sprite. She has not needed them since her rather confused attempt at Porkbarrelling last May.

Dandelion wishes answered! 2

A letter from Angela Esnouf

Sprite was thrilled. She received a note from Angela Esnouf of Creating Order from Chaos in the comments section which was the answer to her wish for help to get her room tidied.

Hello Sprite,

School holidays and weekends are a great time to get your room organised.
Here are some ideas to help you.

Try to keep your goal small. Instead of “tidy my room”, which has so many
steps, so many possibilities, it’s better to think of one thing in your room
that needs organising. Like “collect all the books”. Then you gather up all the
books. It’s quicker and you know exactly what to do. Once they are collected,
you can decide the next step. Have you finished with some? Could they be donated
to some other children? Are some books really special? Where will you keep them
so that you can read them again and again?

What’s next? Are there clothes on the floor or in other places they don’t
belong? Dirty clothes can go straight to the laundry or clothes hamper. Do you
have a hamper in your room to catch dirty clothes? If the clothes are clean, do
they still fit? And where will they go? So many decisions to make! Perhaps you
could ask for some help if you get stuck making decisions.

I think you have enough jobs to get on with for now. But can I give you one
last suggestion? You are so clever at figuring things out. Once you’ve decided
where the books and clothes (and other things) will go, would a list of “rules”
help you to remember next time?

Let me know how it works out for you, Sprite. Which bits worked and which