Sharing the news with the Dabrowski dogs

Gifted children are often capable of reading material which they are not able to cope with emotionally.
When Sprite reads the newspaper the Overexcitable Dabrowski dogs gather round.
Intellectual reads over her shoulder and keeps up a running commentary on the reliability of the sources, the gaps in logic or veracity of the articles and what future implications there will be.
Emotional finds most of the news disturbing and feels injustice and the pain of victims very keenly.
Imaginational imagines solutions for an ideal world where all would be treated with respect and equity.
Sensual usually sits and scratches. He claims that he has an allergy to the printing ink but it could be that the content of the news is causing the distress and that scratching has become a habit and a coping mechanism for him.
I am not really sure how much Psychomotor hears and understands as he is usually off bouncing and barking but Sprite assures me that although he does not appear to be paying attention he in fact understands and can relate all the main points of the article.

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