Tra-la it’s May 31 While the Tweets are away…

Tweet and Retweet returned, after spending a longer time than they had anticipated with the Psych Owl ogist, to find the nest full of flower petals and MacSeeds wrappers and no sign of the baby sitter.

Tweetil rushed straight up to Tweet with his wing tip extended for a high five and squawked “Yo, Knickerfeathers!”

Apparently the baby sitter’s boy friend had arrived, uttering that same greeting and bringing fast food and flower petals from the A-May-ING festivities, and insisted on taking the baby sitter out (only for a moment or two he had said two hours ago ) so that they could  go A-May-ING themselves.

“But it was alright – because we can see them through the telescope” said Tweetelle. “They are kissing each other lots and playing really funny games.”

Tweet and Retweet covered the Tweetlets eyes.
“Oh dear!” said Retweet.” We may have to have the ‘birds and the bees’ talk MUCH sooner than expected!”