Christmases present

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

After days of debate about which blog would host the Christmas celebrations the issue appears to be resolved.
The folk at Personas, profiles and portraits are sending out daily Seasons Greetings messages on their blog and on Facebook.
The Twitter Birds are going about their pre Christmas activities and staging their annual Nativity play and participating in the Facebook 52 Illustrations Bonus Advent Challenge.
Sprite will have her own celebrations and will not have to worry about fitting in with the other groups which will make the holidays less stressful.


Image Jo freitag

 Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. Jake Parker created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavour with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Read all about the rules of InkTober and the materials to use at the website

Last year I took the InkTober challenge and joined in with INKed, a group of ink artists on Facebook where I have a folder of my ink drawings. We had a list of suggested topics which we could use if we wished. I used the daily prompts but also used the month to make ink portraits of the characters on Sprite’s Site blog

This is the picture of the Sprite’s Site community which resulted from Inktober 2014

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

The topics suggested by the INKed group for this year, which I decided I would use, were:
There are no themes for INKtober but if you are stuck and can’t think of anything to draw, please feel free to use these prompts to help you with ideas.

  1. Zodiac
    7.Sea Creatures
    9.Exaggerated perspective
    10.Something from space
    14.Lions, Tigers and Bears
    17.Family Portrait
    18.Movie/Book Title
    19.Mythical Creatures

Day 17 Theme was Family Portrait.

This is the picture of the Sprite’s Site community which resulted

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Other pictures inked this year which will be useful for illustrating Sprite’s Site blog are

Day 13 Shoes

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Day 15 House

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Sprite was quite offended to see that I had used a picture from 1 June 2015  of her to illustrate Exaggerated perspective on Day 9

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

But the Twitter Birds were pleased to see Twitter Bird pictures on Days 18 22 and 30

This is the composite picture made up from all the pictures for each day of INKtober this year.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Hat Tips

I had been very busy all October participating in INKtober and had only visited Sprite’s Site a couple of times during the month. When I returned today I found everyone absorbed in trying on hats.

The Twitter Birds were dressing up for the Spring Racing Carnival with the Melbourne Cup which is held on the first Tuesday of November.

The Dabrowski Dogs realised that we would not be doing anything lavish to celebrate Halloween but insisted that they should dress up as they do each year even if only to put on a hat.

Psycho Motor brought out the pumpkin helmet and cape he wore last year.

Imaginational made a tin foil hat to be a match with his little friend Thinks He’s an Alien Black Dog who he always thinks about at this time of year

Sensual was given a green hat but did not think it would be very comfortable to wear.

Emotional was enthusiastic about the dramatic feathers on her glamorous blue bonnet.

And Intellectual felt he must undertake a Master class in Millinery in order to be fully informed about how to create a suitable hat for the occasion.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag



Monday December 23: We three kings

The anticipation is building. Sprite is looking forward to everyone gathering together for Christmas day. There are cards and photos from the ones who will not be present – the Black dogs, the Taste Tester dogs, the Lobsters and Red Herrings.
The Twitter Birds Nativity play: Scene 5 The Wise Men is being presented to the strains of the carol We three kings  

Intellectual Dabrowski and Imaginational Dabrowski are discussing
a documentary about The Star of Bethlehem.
You can view the documentary by following the link  or scanning the QR code



Sunday December 22: Love has come


It is the fourth Sunday in Advent and now all four Advent candles are alight.
The Twitter Bird Band and Carollers complete with the piano ensemble, lone piper Angus McTvitter and little drummer boy Tweetil are outside the window performing
Love has come

Inside the long table has been set up for the Christmas meal, the topiary tessellation bird leaf tree has been decorated with lights and dressed up as a Partridge in a Pear tree and the Sprite’s site folk are joining in the carol singing and avidly following developments in the Nativity story via Facebook.

If you would like to read the Facebook account of the Nativity follow the link or scan the QR code


Thursday December 19: No room/Have you any room for Jesus?


It is time to think about what to serve for the Christmas meal and who to invite to share it. It is important to consider any special dietary requirements of the guests and to think about inviting people who may be alone at Christmas time to join you.
However I don’t think Caramel Cat’s motives in inviting the mice to come for dinner are altogether honourable!
The Twitter Birds Nativity play: Scene2 – No room in the Inn presented to the carol No room/Have you any room for Jesus?


There is an invitation to read Jo’s Church School programs, which include several Christmas programs, by following the link or by scanning the QR code


Wednesday December 18: O little town of Bethlehem


Postman Pedro Perez is bringing Sprite greeting cards and packages from many different countries.
The Twitter Bird Nativity play has begun: Scene 1 Bethlehem accompanied by the carol O little town of Bethlehem


Sprite is using Google Translate to help her read her cards. You can find Google Translate by following the link or you can scan the QR code


Sunday December 15: Emmanuel


It is the third Sunday in Advent and the third Advent candle has been lit.
Sprite has been listening to Emmanuel

The Twitter Bird Carollers have come to sing outside the window, accompanied by some of the members of the Twitter Bird band, including Little Drummer Boy, Tweetil, who can be seen in action at

The Twitter Birds are also hoping to sell some of their Christmas albums ‘The time for the singing of birds is come – The Twitter birds sing traditional Christmas carols’ and ‘Twelve Tweeters Tweeting – an eclectic collection of Christmas songs’.
You can read about their Christmas albums and work on the puzzle of sorting the songs by following the link or scanning the QR code


October Creating Challenge

Each month I enjoy participating in the Creating Challenge set by the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Community

For the October challenge I splurged a whole $2 on a pack of finger paints on a sudden impulse and had a lovely back to childhood time puddling with them. I love the luminous colours and the textures!

But the Twitter birds consider that the Creating Challenge is THEIR activity and wanted to get involved!
As Lisa Lauffer commented:



The Twitter Birds liked the effects generated by my finger painting and had some ideas about how I had created them but were not quite sure how they could do it themselves.


They observed that I made the patterns by moving the paint around with my fingers and thought they could achieve similar effects by painting their feet and walking on the cardboard.


They discover a quicker method of walking through the paint in the roller tray but the Cleaning Crew became anxious that it could prove messy.


There was a suggestion from my friend Jennifer Grant that the birds could tip pots of paint onto a horizontal surface and scoot through it on their bottoms. Of course Tweetil thought that would be great fun. Retweet and the Cleaning Crew would not let him do it but I would not be surprised to find that he does try it sometime!

And there was a suggestion from brilliant quilter, Gail Blumengarten, to transfer it to fabric and have the Twitter Birds bring me yarn, string, ribbon, etc. scraps that they find and then entwine them all together.  This is being discussed by the Twitter Birds and could be tried soon.

I am not sure exactly how they did it in the end! Somehow the Twitter Birds commandeered some of my completed finger paintings and put their own (foot) marks on them. Then they invited the dignitaries to the showing and there were high fives and cheers of approval.


Spring is in the air 1

I am just now catching up with posting a series which should have been posted in September. It is the series of posts I created for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Group Creating Challenge for September.

The Twitter Birds invite you to play Guess the Spring Phrase with them

Round One


The answers for Round One are Spring cleaning and Spring onions

Round Two



The answers for Round Two are Spring weather and A Spring in your step.

Round Three



The answers for Round Three are Diving Springboard and Paris in the Spring

Round Four



The answers for Round Four are Spring flowers and Mineral Spring water.