Where’s all my stuff gone?

“Where’s all my stuff gone?” asked Sprite. “I can’t find anything since the clean up! Where’s the TV?”
The little old portable TV had been in Sprite’s bedroom but now I was hoping to encourage her to come out of her room more.
“It’s in the rumpus room” I said.
“And where is all my study stuff?”
“On your homework table where it should be.”
“And where are my books?”
“Where should they be?
“Don’t tell me they are  in the bookcase! I’ll never find them now!” she wailed.
“They’ll be easy to find. The textbooks are arranged by subject and the fiction books are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s surname.”
“Do you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or something?” asked Sprite.
“I’m a LIBRARIAN” I said.

But I thought to myself that the whole incident reminded me of the cartoon which compares the filing methods of sequential and visual spatial learners

Gimme, gimme!


“Did you draw my bedroom and give me all the stuff like the books and the guitar?” asked Sprite
“So can I ask you for stuff and you can give it to me?”

“Well, yes, it depends what it is.”
“I want a puppy and a pony.”
“You already have a cat.”
“You can get toy ones that are really lifelike. Look, they are in this toy catalogue.
Would you be able to copy paste them into my room – pleeeeese!
“Okay, but we need to tidy up a bit and a few things will need to be taken out so they will fit in”


Jen E Wren

I received a lovely encouraging email from a friend who is working on her doctoral thesis and she included a note for Sprite

Dear Jo,
This is a letter to Miss Sprite, prompted in part by our conversation and the blog.

Dear Miss Sprite,
I have been reading the blog that Jo created so that we can share together. Oh, how I know the feeling of wanting a Magic Wand. I had been wanting a Magic Wand to fix the paper I have been writing, but there just isn’t one that will do. I have been persistent and I have talked to the One who made me – lots – and He gave me people to encourage me to “KEEP GOING” and “NOT GIVE UP”. I’m so very glad He provided such loving encouragement for me because I have just emailed the final draft of my paper to my supervisor. I hope I will not receive too many edits! In the past, my supervisors edits have made me feel very sad. (Two weeks ago I felt like I could not write at all. I am so grateful for all the TLC I have received that I wanted to share some with you, Sprite.
Please be encouraged Sprite. Search for Him and you will find Him, even in the little details you didn’t think were important enough for Him to care about. He cares about the little things that will cause you to flourish, even providing extra time when you need it most.
Lots of Zen hugs (hugs you have when you are in cyberspace).

Dear Jen,
Thank you for your lovely note of encouragement to Sprite. I am praying that your final draft will be well received and not require too much in the way of editing. Here is the reply to your lovely note which she dictated to me.

Dear Jen-E-Wren

Thank you for writing to me. I love birds I am already friends with the Twitter Birds and the Bird Leaf Topiary Tree birds (they are tessellations!)
And now I have a Wren friend too!
So I asked Jo to take a picture of us all.
I hope your paper does really well.
I would like to go Uni one day and Jo says there are people like NDCO www.uws.edu.au/ndco/getready (A web resource for people with disability considering university)
who could help with that.
And if I could do it other people like me would believe they could too and wouldn’t that be great!

Love and hugs from Sprite

Hey Jo,
Beautiful! What a great pic.

Psst! Sprite! Do you know, I think that Jo should go to Uni one day – she would really enjoy it
There is lots of awareness of 2E at Uni – and volumes of help if you want it. The first hurdle is asking for help.

X Jen-E-Wren


Memory champion

“I have to remember all these facts for the test” Sprite told me.
“But it will be OK because I found all these memory training methods on the Memory Sports website http://memory-sports.com/2009/03/28/how-to-become-a-memory-champion-part-1/


“So you will use use The Method of Loci and create an elephant memory path and tell yourself stories to help you remember?”
“NO!” said Sprite. “I couldn’t possibly remember all that!
I’m going to take my memory elephant into the exam with me!”

Elephants in the Waiting Room


There was not very much to interest Sprite in the reading materials on the little table in the doctor’s waiting room. She is not at all interested in the lives of celebrities or winter warmer pumpkin recipes.
So she ended up looking at the children’s picture books and that brought on a heap of questions.

“Is Babar supposed to be an elephant?”
“He doesn’t look like a proper elephant”
“That’s because he is a cartoon character”
A lengthy discussion about cartoon characters followed. We found a Little Golden Book with Walt Disney’s Dumbo the flying elephant in it.
“He’s more like a proper elephant but his ears are too big” said Sprite.

“Why does Babar wear clothes and a crown? That’s just stupid! Elephants don’t wear clothes.”
“That’s right.” I said. “And they don’t usually walk just on their hind legs either. But the author wanted to make Babar look like a human. It is called anthropomorphism”
Then followed a lengthy discussion about the varying degrees of realism in different cartoon animals and people.

“So….” said Sprite. “If a cartoon person looks more like a real person it is more realistic but if a cartoon animal looks more like a real person it is less realistic?”
“I guess so.”
“And how realistic does it have to be to be real? Am I real? How do we know what is really real?”

I remembered our youngest son at the age of four during a long car trip asking in a dreamy voice “How do we know that our whole life is not a dream? How do we know what is really real?”

Gifted thinkers ask some huge questions!