Gathered from the Global Education Conference 2012

Even before I finished searching through all the information I had collected at the Global Education Conference  the Twitter Birds dived into the goodie bag which the Memory Elephant had brought back.
They had let the Scratch Cat out of the bag
Barrow Bird was carting away links for Scratch tutorials and advice about Scratch at  and
Tweetelle was running around with pink paint; making pink dots on everyone’s feet, wings and paws so that they could participate in the World Museum World Friends Project

The Twitter Birds were particularly inspired by the Dream Flags Project  and Arts for Peace Big Project

A group of Twitter Birds sporting fine Movember moustaches went to set up a line of material flags bearing their dream poems and images in a public forum.

And the massed Twitter Bird Big Band started to practice for a Big Project performance on 20 December 2012.


After the Global Education Conference 2012

Unfortunately I missed the final session of Global Education Conference 2012  where they sum up the conference and everyone shares their highlights and draws on the whiteboard.

I could not stay awake long enough after attending an excellent session titled ‘Digitally speaking’ presented by Erik Palmer between 4.00 – 5.00am. The fun of the Final Session began at 7.00am

When I returned to Sprite’s Site I found Sprite scolding the Memory Elephant.

“Why didn’t you bring me any cake from the conference after-party?”

“I don’t remember any cake!” said the Memory Elephant. “Jo was asleep during the final session. But I did bring a whole lot more links and quotes and pictures.”

I can see that I have plenty of material for a number of blog posts and links to share in the Interesting Websites section of the Gifted Resources newsletter.

For a start I can catch recordings of sessions I did not attend at

And read blog posts relating to the conference at

View photos and slides contributed by participants at

And join groups for post conference discussion at

Then we can look at the information which the Memory Elephant saved for me during the 25 or so sessions I did attend and I can write more blog posts.

Fine Focus Webinar Part 2

Jo Hart has posted on her E-verything! Blog  an overview of the second part of my Fine Focus session ‘Which de Bono Action Shoes are best for a 2E student on Gagne’s DMGT Road?’

The session was recorded and can still be accessed using the link

I began with a brief recap of the first session – see Jo Hart’s post at

Topics covered in the recap were

  • Edward de Bono’s Six Action Shoes
  • Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent;
  • the Six Action Shoes in the context of the Feetspeak Quest Map;
  • a reminder of the six shoes and their relationship to the Gagne DMGT model.

The main focus of the second session was a consideration of combinations and variations in the shoes. We explored the possible combinations of two shoe types to produce modified action plans. I also shared some extra shoe types which I have added  that broaden the program possibilities including Sprite’s plaster cast that symbolizes the support that may be available through eligibility for funding!

We looked at the needs of 2E students and the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. methods of varying the program to make provisions for them

Checking in from The Global Education Conference 2012

During a break between sessions at the Global Education Conference 2012  I called in to Sprite’s Site for a cup of coffee and found a hive of activity there.

As I have already attended about 20 sessions the Memory Elephant had called in with a trunk full of souvenirs and a memory stick loaded with information, contact details, links and pictures and the Twitter birds were busy announcing website links and Twitter group hashtags and personal Twitter handles.

Here are some of the links they brought which will provide material for future blog posts and newsletter entries for me and activities and opportunities for Sprite and the Tweet family to connect globally.

Blogs about the conference

The links below are not live – I will organise that later when I write further blog posts and articles for the newsletter.

Getting ready for The Global Education Conference 2012

At Sprite’s Site we are getting ready for The Global Education Conference 2012.
There are so many great webinars to attend!

The free, online Global Education Conference starts Monday, November 12 (that is 1.30 am Tuesday 13 for me) and runs around the clock for five days. No registration is required you are encouraged to join the network for email updates and to connect with presenters and participants.

The conference schedule can be found here

This is the conference schedule for Victoria Australia

To get you started there is a ‘How to do it’ prezi by Shamblesguru Chris Smith at

He has also posted a video about Finding a session and connecting on You Tube at 

The conference presentations will be given in Blackboard Collaborate webinar rooms and you can keep up to date with news of the conference by using the #globaled12 hashtag on Twitter.

And they’re racing!

They are racing in that crazy month of November with so many events that it takes a race caller of the calibre of Psycho Motor Dabrowski to keep up with all of them

The male Twitter Birds are ready to grow a moustache to participate in Movember  
We will be following their progress.

The female Twitter Birds are getting new hats and fascinators or dusting off last year’s hat for the running of the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday of November.

NaNoWriMo gets under way at  where people can write a whole novel during November and NaBloPoMo where people write a blog post a day during November at

Global Education Conference will be held online from 12 -17 November 2012. For details see

On the home front I have written the Gifted Resources Activity Report for 2012 which will be posted on the website and in the Gifted Resources newsletter soon.

Work of updating the catalogue of the Gifted Resources library and updating the Gifted Resources website is in progress

Tomorrow the November Sketchbook challenge will be announced
and next week the November Brilliant Chaos Group on Facebook creating challenge will begin!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/

I am preparing a Twitter Bird Advent Calender for December and I have started my Christmas gift shopping and crafting.

And wishing on a star for energy to complete the November activities.