GT Chat: Labels: Good, Bad, or Simply Wrong

This week on Global GT Chat powered by TAGT we will be discussing “Labels: Good, Bad, or Simply Wrong”
The Dabrowski Dogs know all about labels


Intellectual Dabrowski is the one most often given the Gifted label with the key to the opportunities it can provide such as being grouped with other gifted students and being taught at the required level, depth and breadth and an appropriate pace.
Psycho-Motor on the other hand is often given the label AD/HD which may or may not be correct. He may just be very active both mentally and physically.
Emotional tends to be labelled The Drama Queen and told to ‘just get over it’ which can be a real problem for her.
Imaginational is not concerned that he is often labelled a dreamer.
But Sensual has problems with any types of labels – they irritate him and make him feel very uncomfortable!

Links and a brief summary of the chat will be posted to the Global GT Chat Powered by TAGT  blog and the Transcripts of the #gtchat session created in Storify  will be shared at


Post Script

This week we were excited to discover that #gtchat was a trending topic!
Quite often the #edchat will be included in the list of trending topics but #gtchat has a much smaller following and a #gtchat session usually generates fewer tweets than #edchat. During the week there has been tweet circulating “You know #edchat but do you know #gtchat?” It gives a link to an inforgraphic about twitter chats teachers should know
I wonder whether it was instrumental in the increase in new faces attending today’s gtchat and in #gtchat becoming a trending topic?

Here are screenshots of the trending topics made in different places .The first two were in different places in the U.S.; the right hand one was in Victoria Australia.


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