Review of the March for the Tree Octopus 2: Evidence from the Memory Elephant

“Intellectual Dabrowski has blown up this whole March for the Tree Octopus review into a huge issue.” Sprite told me. “It is almost as if he is putting me on trial and he is the legal counsel for the prosecution!”

“Don’t worry about it!” I said “He is just being gifted and behaving like a Little Lawyer

Sprite looked as if she would start to cry. “But he is making me feel as if there is a huge weight of official knowledge and academia that is accusing me of being stupid and that’s just not fair!”

“Don’t let him make you feel like that,” I said “you know what you saw!”

“That’s the problem!” said Sprite “Intellectual put on a really pompous voice and said I call on the Memory Elephant to testify. And when the Memory Elephant drew the memories of the march on the whiteboard he left out lots of important things. I went back to the picture of the march on the blog and compared it to the whiteboard picture.

He had only remembered a small part of the march and there were details missing even from the bit he remembered. He didn’t remember that Jen E Wren and Fr.O.G. were there and Puppy and Pony and a meerkat. He remembered Beloved Snail because he was going the opposite way and he was afraid he would squash him. And he remembered the Twitter bird on his sign and monkey on his back but did not know what the monkey was carrying

The Memory Elephant remembered the sign he was carrying and the sign Columbus Cheetah carried and (very conveniently for Intellectual) the sign that Intellectual was carrying but he was really vague about what was on my sign.

And, most importantly he did not remember seeing the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree with the Tree Octopus in it!

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