Birthday letter from Jen E Wren

Dear Miss Sprite,
Well I guess it has been while since we last spoke … I have missed our
Congratulations on your birthday and I hope you receive some of the
presents on your list 🙂 .
I have been having a little trouble with my hip. I have not been able to
sit at all and I have been trying to write standing up (ironing boards
have multiple uses!). I am much improved and should be fully recovered
in a few more weeks.

I have a special present for you, two photo’s. One is of my son’s pet
cheetah whose name is Cheet. The other is of our friend Alfred, the Kiwi
bird. Alfred and his friends get up to a lot of mischief behind my back.
Recently, Alfred and his friends were nearly caught by some humans when
they mistook a trailing balloon string for a worm and couldn’t hold on
any longer so they all fell into chicken poo in someone’s backyard.
Luckily, they escaped under the fence … Creating bedtime stories for
my son is taking up some of my time.

Time is upon me again and I need to go cook dinner. I sometimes wish I
was able to extend time similar to when Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr
Daniel Jackson are caught in the time loop on Stargate SG-1.

Hope to see you at your birthday,

Note from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Miss Sprite,
I see that you are enjoying the company of a Palaeontologist who gave
you a Pterodactyl poster. My son would love to see the Poster, he’s
right into dinosaurs! I am happy to see that the Memory Elephant has
made a collage of the P Party memories for you. I came across a Photo I
thought I had lost when we were Packing to move house. The Photo is 14
years old, a Pic of me cross-country skiing at Baw Baw in blizzard
conditions, Pregnant with my first child. The things we do when we are
young and Phoolish!
Today, we saw Parachutists land at Lilydale airfield as we were driving
Past. The Physics of Phlying is interesting, Particularly the ways in
which designers try to emulate the movement of a bird’s Pheathers when
the bird is controlling its Phlight Path. Being a Wren, I know something
about ailerons and wing Phlaps.Phlying is aways Phun.
‘Til next time,

Letter from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Sprite,
I was reading about the quilting and I know exactly how you feel!
I’m no good at quilting … but I do enjoy cross-stitch and 3D embroidery … when I have the TIME! Aauughh! The PhD has taken over my life. Oh well, I guess it is short-term pain for long-term gain, a little like your Poor ankle. I love your chaos blocks. Very nice. I’m pleased that you apologised to Jo, very well done Sprite.

At the moment I feel like I cannot do anything right. Everything I touch, including washing my darling husband’s very expensive USB drive, seems to turn out wrong. I was in a hurry to do the washing and I didn’t check his shirt pocket and the drive with SD card still in place went through the washing machine with dire outcomes. The SD card is wrecked and I don’t know if the USB is salvageable. Darling husband was very forgiving: he usually empties his shirt pockets.
I asked God “What’s going on?” He directed me to 1 Samuel 30:1-ff where David and his men left their wives and children in the city of Ziklag to fight elsewhere.
When David and his army returned they found their wives and children had been kidnapped, the city plundered and burned. The text says that they wept until they had no more strength left to weep. Then, David sought the Lord, the Lord gave him direction and David with his men had a great victory freeing their families and reclaiming their possessions. This gives me hope that the Lord will provide a way through the current circumstances.
Keep up the quilting.
Love & Hugs

Letter from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Sprite,
Oh dear, you Poor thing. You sound like you have had enough of all the
Poking and Prodding of your sore ankle, Pain and the Plaster cast! Sometimes it is so hard to keep doing what we know is good for us when it involves pain.
Sprite, I’m wondering if you think that it is all too much? Do you know that Jo loves you and cares for you? If you don’t go to Physiotherapy then your ankle may not heal Properly.
If you take off the Plaster cast too soon you may accidentally hurt your
ankle again and then things would be much, much worse. Because Jo loves
you, she will not let you risk hurting yourself again. That is why Jo
wants you to keep on doing the things that are Painful now so that you
can be Pain free and have normal function in your ankle in the future. I
know it is hard for you, but you are not alone Sprite. We all go through
difficult times and I am in one of those difficult times right at this moment.
However, I know that God is with me and that He has a Plan for
me and my family, and is giving me hope for a bright future. Right now
I need to have endurance and Perseverance – do you know what that means?
Then, in the end things will all work out Positively. Don’t forget that
Jo hurt her ankle – she knows and understands.



Note to Jen-E-Wren

Hi Jen-E-Wren

Why didn’t you take part in my Protest March? Don’t you think Jo is a meanie?
I was disappointed in Caramel and Arachnid too and the Secretary Bird and
Columbus got it all wrong!
I think I know why Columbus got mixed up. Sometimes Jo makes him wear a bandage for Columbus Cheetah Myth Buster articles so he can’t run fast and I told him to protest about that! But he thought it was about speed restrictions which in a way it is- cos it’s like saying students can’t study at their own rate.

Anyway Jo has put my whinge letter up on the blog and the news about the Protest March.

Hugs from Sprite



Dear Jen E Wren
I just reread your letter and noticed this bit

‘I was reading your blog and I would like a secretary bird too, please!
Maybe the secretary bird can type my next paper for me and write my thesis. This would mean that I would no longer have a sore back and I wouldn’t have to deal with the Raynauds Syndrome in my hands (I loose the blood supply to my fingers). In winter I wear fingerless gloves and
I have a hottie to help keep me warm. Anyway, I am having a bit of a whinge because I am so very tired at the moment. However, I am celebrating because I have made it through confirmation. Praise God.’

Here is your secretary birdSecretaryBird04

I don’t know why Jo still does not have time to take me everywhere now that she has a secretary bird!

Remember how you said in your other letter about praying and God would give you extra time – well I did and I have got lots of extra time
But I think if Jo prayed for that she must have filled up the extra time she was given so she is still busy and maybe that happened to you too.
Maybe you are just busier than I am because you have families and maybe if you hadn’t prayed for more time you would not even be able to fit all the things you do in a regular day.

Oh and you are allowed to have a whinge – I am going to have a whinge in a blog entry about The Letter P soon.

Hugs from Sprite