Columbus Cheetah, Myth Buster – Myth 3

In line with his New Year resolution, that in 2014 he will increase his efforts to bust the myths surrounding giftedness and advocate for acceleration and ability grouping opportunities for gifted students, and in preparation for a webinar and Global GT chat on Twitter for the next two weeks, Columbus Cheetah is updating his myth busting presentations.

Columbus Cheetah’s discussion of the myths surrounding giftedness are based in his own brand of cheetah logic and the wonderful analogy of the cheetah to the gifted person given in Stephanie Tolan’s wonderful article ‘Is it a Cheetah?’


This myth covers the belief that gifted students will be easy to recognise because they will be successful in school and produce work of outstanding quality.

Columbus Cheetah is keen to make it known that not ALL gifted students will succeed in school and that some will not be easy to recognise.

Some will purposely hide their abilities so that they can blend in.


Some will underachieve because they are 2E – Twice Exceptional students who are both gifted and a learning disability or difference. Their giftedness may allow them to compensate for their difficulties so that they are not seen as needing any remedial assistance. And their difficulties can mask their giftedness so that they are seen as an average student not needing any extension.


In the whole student population there are some gifted students, some students with learning difficulties and many students who are underachieving for a whole variety of reasons.



Teachers, parents, psychologists, education consultants and therapists need to support and advocate for gifted, 2E and LD students in order to build a guard rail to try to prevent them falling into the Underachieving area.
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