The return of #GT Chat  is very timely for Tweet and Retweet.
It appears very likely that their tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle, could be gifted.
They sleep very little and are always asking “Why?” They love to have stories read to them and demand more all the time.
Tweet and Retweet spend almost as much time bringing home books from the library as they do bringing home worms.
They love stories by Jonathan Swift and learning about Florence Nightingale and the architecture of Christopher Wren.
(“They are like Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child – they have insatiable curiosity” says the Memory Elephant.)

Tweet and Retweet are being accused of being pushy parents but really they are just doing all they can to keep up with their Tweetlets!

They intend to use NEST ED – Nest Education System of Training at the start as they need to be able to continue the education during migrations  but Retweet is dreaming of a time when they will advance to FLOCK ED – Future Logistics on Conservation of Knowledge.

A Cruise on the good ship Asynchronicity

The regular #gtchat sessions will not be held this week but the #gtstoogies will be holding a Happy Hour during the timeslot of the second session (7.00pm EST Friday or 11.00 am Saturday for Victorian and NSW Australians)

We will use the Happy Hour to discuss plans for a virtual cruise on the good ship Asynchronicity. When we first talked about this in a bit of fun during #gtchat we were thinking how good it would be to sail away as a group of people with a common interest in the health, welfare and education of gifted students to a beautiful location such as the Caribbean. Somehow Pirates of the Caribbean was mentioned and the exercise took on a pirate theme.

But when you get a group of imaginative, creative, gifted people together there are bound to be many interpretations of what would constitute the ideal cruise, what its destination should be and what places to visit en route. Even the design of the ship could be debated.

The name of the ship is Asynchronicity to honour the gifts and delights as well as the challenges that Asynchronous Development brings to gifted people especially children.

As an example of asynchrony the picture of the galleon on the wall beside the map of the Caribbean is a copy of a picture drawn by our youngest son when he was six which was published in Vision, the journal of the VAGTC.

As it is to be a virtual cruise we can travel to literal, fictional, mythical or allegorical places. The journey is only limited by the thoughts and imaginations of the travellers.

The table in the #gtstoogies lobby still displays the poster for the film Pirates of the Caribbean and the Shelfari bookshelf has a display of books about sea journeys and pirates.

A Wallwisher page has been set at  where people can add their thoughts about what our ship should look like and where the cruise should go.

Drawing on literature and mythology we could adventure with Jason and the Argonauts or travel to the glassy sea at the end of the world with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Allegorical maps could show us a journey along Gagne’s DMGT road from innate giftedness to fully developed talent or take us on the Feetspeak Quest to attempt to find an ideal education.

Imagination could add wings, a hot air balloon, a time MELD or even a rocket propulsion system to our ship.

The whales and the stars are calling to us – where will the journey take us?

Mary had a Little Lamb

Sprite and the Dabrowski dogs were still discussing the unfortunate incident of the expulsion of Mary’s dog from the school grounds

Emotional: It wasn’t fair! He was a really cute dog! He looked just like Imaginational

Intellectual He wasn’t a dog. He was a lamb.

Emotional: No, he wasn’t!

Intellectual: Yes, he was. They even wrote a nursery rhyme about it.

Mary had a little lamb
Whose fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go
It followed her to school one day
It was against the rule
It made the children laugh and play
To see a lamb at school

The rhyme does not say Mary had a Bedlington!

See, there is even an article about it in Wikipedia. It says

The nursery rhyme was first published (as opposed to written) by the Boston publishing firm Marsh, Capen & Lyon, as an original poem by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 24, 1830, and was inspired by an actual incident.[1]

As a girl, Mary Sawyer (later Mrs. Mary Tyler) kept a pet lamb, which she took to school one day at the suggestion of her brother. A commotion naturally ensued. Mary recalled::”Visiting school that morning was a young man by the name of John Roulstone, a nephew of the Reverend Lemuel Capen, who was then settled in Sterling. It was the custom then for students to prepare for college with ministers, and for this purpose Mr. Roulstone was studying with his uncle. The young man was very much pleased with the incident of the lamb; and the next day he rode across the fields on horseback to the little old schoolhouse and handed me a slip of paper which had written upon it the three original stanzas of the poem…”[2]

There are two competing theories on the origin of this poem. One holds that Roulstone wrote the first four lines and that the final twelve lines, more moralistic and much less childlike than the first, were composed by Sarah Josepha Hale; the other is that Hale was responsible for the entire poem. Another person who claims to have written the poem and well known nursery rhyme is Mary Hughs, but it has been confirmed that Sarah Hale wrote it.

Mary Sawyer’s house, located in Sterling, Massachusetts, was destroyed by arson on August 12, 2007.[3] A statue representing Mary’s Little Lamb stands in the town center. The Redstone School, which was built in 1798, was purchased by Henry Ford and relocated to a churchyard on the property of Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Sensual: That’s not how the rhyme goes. It goes

Mary had a little lamb,
A little beef,  a little ham.
Mary had a little lamb
With vegies and mint sauce
“Oh little lamb,” she said “I am
As hungry as a horse”

Emotional: Shush! You’ll upset Sprite! She wants to become a vegetarian.

Psycho Motor: No, that’s not right! It goes

Mary had a little lamb
She also had a bear
I’ve often seen her little lamb
I’ve never seen her bare

Imaginational:  Now you are just being rude and crude!
It is obvious that the poem about Mary is a parable about the separation of church and state and not being allowed to pray or teach Christian religious education in schools run by the state.

Intellectual: What makes you think that and what are your references?

Imaginational: Well, we know that Jesus was Mary’s Little Lamb. The references are all from the Bible – Matthew 1:18 He was the perfect Lamb of God without spot or blemish (white as snow). John 1:29 Isaiah 1:18, 2 Corinthians 5:21 Revelation 7:10

#gtstoogies open house

The #gtchat sessions are on holiday until the new year but the #gtstoogies will have an open house where folks can drop in for some festive food and chat.

In the Deborah Mersino virtual theatre ‘Where the wild things are’ and ‘Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer’ (which includes The Island of Misfit Toys) will be screening.


Here are the Australian bush animals who were gathering outside the GT Stoogies annex. The possums came out earlier than usual but platypus was too shy to put in an appearance.

In the background Yellow Dog Dingo can be seen still chasing Old Man Kangaroo through the spinifex and mulga as he was in the tale The Sing song of Old Man Kangaroo from Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. You can read this story in ebook form thanks to Project Gutenberg at

International Dot Day 15 September 2010

“That was the best Introducing Yourself exercise ever!” Sprite told me.
“We had to make a picture describing ourselves with dots for International Dot Day

It is all based on a book The Dot about a girl called Vashti who didn’t think she was creative until she drew one dot. The message is just make a mark and see where it takes you.
You can read about it here
You can see some of the work done last year at

“So, tell me about your dot picture” I said.

“Well, I asked Imaginational Dabrowski to help me think of all the things I do which are dot shaped. So I put in the Shape Collages of pictures of me and pictures of my holiday. I put in the life balance wheel and that made me think about time and infinity. Infinity reminded of space and Mandelbrot sets and Mobius strips and that reminded me of Mobius bagels.”

“I can see that you have also put in a tessellation dot, a water drop dot and balloons and one of your protest march banners” I said “But why is there a kangaroo in the picture?”

“That is the kangaroo from the Australian children’s book Dot and the Kangaroo. She came looking for Dot”

Perchance to dream

“I had a really weird dream last night!” Sprite told me.
“I can see where most of it came from – it was all about things I had been reading or doing or watching on TV. But some of it was just really weird!”
“Tell me about it” I said.
“Well, we are studying the book Chinese Cinderella and I watched a documentary about foot binding in China. Then I watched a documentary about the carbon cycle and measuring your carbon footprint. Then there was a promo for the evening news about ‘sightings of Bigfoot ‘and ‘how you can still see the footprints on the moon’.
Then I went out into the garden and I was reading the fairy stories about Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and also Around the World in 80 Days.
In the evening I looked at the moon to see if I could see the footprints and then I read the poem The Land of Counterpane before I went to sleep.”
“So what did you dream?” I asked
“I dreamed that I was in the garden daydreaming about riding in a hot air balloon. Then I was flying over fields and towns and seas in the balloon till I came to The Land of Counterpane. First it was all light and pretty like the picture in the book but then it turned all grey and menacing and turned into a blurry hospital room.
Then I was reading the Fractured Fairy Tales version of Cinderella. When the clock struck midnight and she started to run down the stairs (silly girl!) and her glass slipper came off she fell down the stairs and ended up in the blurry hospital room. And when the Prince’s people came round with the glass slipper she couldn’t try it on because she had a plaster cast on her leg. So they took her to the palace to see if she could sit on the throne. (It broke when the Three Bears tried to sit on it.) And because she could sit on the throne it proved she was in the same dimension as the Prince and because she could sit on it without breaking it she was allowed to marry him.
And they should have all lived happily ever after.
But then on the TV in my dream there was a very disturbing promo for an item in the evening news –