Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand 2014


It is that time of year again!
During 15 – 21 June 2014 New Zealand celebrates Gifted Awareness Week.
I have joined in their blog tour and the crew from Sprite’s Site have gone down to the beach to wave to New Zealand and wish them a successful and productive Gifted Awareness Week.

This year’s blog tour can be found at

The Memory Elephant produced pictures to remind us of previous years.

To read about Sprite’s Site’s participation in previous NZ Gifted Awareness Week blog tours see the posts at


This year the theme of the week is Gifted Children are Priority Learners too!


So again this year we went down to the beach to wave to New Zealand and to write greetings in the sand and photograph our messages.



“What does priority learners mean?” asked Sprite

“It means that people should think that it is just as important for gifted students to receive the special teaching and support and encouragement they need as it is for struggling students” Columbus Cheetah told her.

“In other words people should make it one of the first things they do to give gifted students the provisions that I advocate for all the time” Columbus continued.
“They need the myths surrounding giftedness to be dispelled. And they need their learning to be at an appropriate level, depth, breadth and pace. And they need time with other gifted students”

We had to work fast as the tide was coming in and washing the writing away.

“That is how our message gets sent to New Zealand” said Sprite “The tide takes it over there and then lays it out on their beach.”

Intellectual Dabrowski growled. “No, it doesn’t! Why did you tell her that, Imaginational?”

“Because the Pair O’Noids said it was a pointless waste of time to write on the sand because the tide would wash the words away and they would be forgotten. And I did not want her to be discouraged or feel that her effort was wasted.”

However The Memory Elephant was quick to point out that the words would not be forgotten as we had taken photos of the words before they were washed away. And he suggested that they could be made into a poster with CC creative commons licensing for Mary St George’s Gifted Education Photo Quotes collection  so that they could be used by anyone without cost to create inspirational posters and blog illustrations.

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