The punch line

Image by Lisa Conrad

This week I will be the guest and we will be discussing Humor and the Gifted on GT Chat.

By a strange coincidence Sprite is doing a study unit at school about how humor can be used to comment on political and social conditions and maybe act as a force for change. She is learning about Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, Charlie Chaplin films, Robin Williams and political cartoonists.

As an introduction to the topic they each had to pretend they were a stand-up comedian and tell a joke or do something to make the class laugh.”

Sprite told me “Most of the kids got up and told a riddle. Some just pulled a silly face or fell over and everyone laughed at them. If they were just being silly or taking too long without being funny the teacher would say they had to get to the punch line. Of course some of the boys took her literally when she said that and punched each other.”

“When it was my turn Intellectual Dabrowski and Imaginational Dabrowski helped me tell a story about a cat who got shut up in a box and lots of things happened to him while he was in there. I could just picture it! It was so funny! I could hardly tell the joke because I was laughing so much but the class didn’t seem to find it funny. So the teacher said ‘Get to the punch line, Sprite’.

And I said “How is your cat, Mr Schrödinger?”

And the kids all said “Huh?” and the teacher said “Good try, Sprite”.

I was not really surprised. Gifted people often have a very different, quirky or intellectual sense of humor. Sometimes it is appreciated and they become beloved comedians, actors and authors. But sometimes they are just misunderstood and regarded as strange.
I am looking forward to the GT Chat session.

Braced for Paradox

I found the Dabrowski Dogs preparing excitedly for the dog competitions at the Spring Agricultural Shows.

Psycho Motor Dabrowski was practising for all the agility events – scaling the high wall, taking a long jump into a swimming pool, running figure of eights through bending poles and crawling through tunnels. He was having so much fun that after he completed each exercise he bounced several times, barked loudly and chased his tail. And he knew the audience would love to see him do that.

Sensual Dabrowski was hoping to be able to compete in the trials for retriever dogs. With his highly developed sense of smell he is excellent at finding and retrieving objects.

Intellectual Dabrowski was preparing for the sheep dog trials by herding twitter birds into an empty sprite can. He was carefully triangulating and calculating the fastest route and deciding exactly when he should give a bark or hold them with the working dog stare. It was Intellectual’s opinion that the dog was the one who instigated all the moves and that the handler was just there for the sake of appearance and to collect the trophy for him.

Imaginational Dabrowski had seen people parachuting into the main arena during the agricultural shows and was happily daydreaming about how much fun it would be to swoop in as Delta Dog  on his hang glider.

Emotional Dabrowski, the Drama Queen, was getting ready for the conformation classes. She had been to the Paws for Poise mobile dog grooming salon  several times and was now parading in front of the mirror, posing in the show stance and showing off her beautifully groomed coat, well-trimmed claws and sparkling white teeth. She was also experimenting with different facial expressions; trying to gauge which would be most appealing to the judges.

Then I noticed that Sprite had the collars of P’est Pour Parfait, the black Perfectionist Poodle and The White Perfectionist Poodle attached to a single lead and she was trying to control them as they endeavoured to head in opposite directions.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“They want to go in the class for A Pair of Dogs” she said.

“That class is called the Brace Class” I said. “The dogs are supposed to look as identical as possible – the same height and colour etc. – and they are supposed to move smoothly in step with each other on the single lead.”

“Oh!” said Sprite. “Maybe I didn’t understand what they wanted. I thought they said they wanted to go in the class for a Pair of Dogs but maybe they said they wanted to go in a class for a Paradox. That would make more sense because Paula told me Perfectionism is a paradox – it can be both good and bad”

We talked about the paradox of perfectionism in the post Black poodle, white poodle

Acknowledging Diversity: Gifted is not a homogenous group

Better late than never!

New Zealand’s Gifted Awareness Blog Tour is held in June

This year I volunteered to contribute a post for the blog tour but real life got in the way of my writing. I am living with my daughter and son in law and their Stumpy Tail Australian Cattle Dogs had a litter of puppies. Caring for the puppies took up a great deal of time both during the day and overnight. The pups liked to play and be fed at between 2.00am and 4.00am. We called it the ‘stupid o’clock session’!

In the past, when I lived in Rosebud, the folk at Sprite’s Site have gone down to the beach to wave ‘across the ditch’ to New Zealand

But this year I am not living near the beach so they have to be content to hold up signs and send postcards and emails.

The theme for this year is Diversity.

It is a topic dear to the heart of the Sprite’s Site folk as they are a very diverse lot themselves.

The Psych-Owl –Ogist explained the concept to Retweet when she queried whether both her tweetlets could be gifted as they were so different from each other

Gifted students come from every racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic group.

They can have differing profiles as described by Dr. Maureen Neihart and Dr. George Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented 2010
Teachers would usually recognize gifted students with Successful profile, maybe the Creative ones and maybe the Autonomous Learners but may have more difficulty in recognizing the Underground, At Risk and 2E Twice Exceptional students as gifted.

The Persona Dolls from the Personas, Profiles and Portraits Blog  are representatives of these profiles of giftedness

Columbus Cheetah is quick to point out that there are many myths about characteristics which contribute to the lack of understanding of the diversity present in gifted students.

Myths such as:
All gifted students will do well in school

Gifted students are polite, well behaved and have neat handwriting

It is not possible to be gifted and have a disability

All of these myths cause gifted students who do not fit those particular descriptions to be overlooked.

Gifted students also vary in the areas of giftedness and talent they have and come with varying personality types and varying types of intensity and sensitivity.

Sprite’s Site discussed the various types of giftedness in the post Gifted – How?  which was a contribution to

Hoagiesgifted September 2014 Blog hop

Because of this diversity in gifted students there is no single program which fits all of them.

Sprite’s Site discussed this:

One size shoe cover system

I am very sorry that I did not manage to complete this post in time for the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour.
However the good news is that the excellent posts in the Tour can still be read at


By Heresies Distressed


When I arrived at Sprite’s Site today I found things much as they had been when I was here last.

“Where have you been all this time?” demanded Sprite.

It was a reasonable question.
The last time I posted on Sprite’s Site was 1 August last year. That post would have been written in mid-July and set to go live on 1 August for
Hoagies’ August Blog Hop: Gifted Social Issues.
In late July Rainer, my husband of 43 years was admitted to hospital suffering from pancreas and liver cancer and he passed away on Sunday 14 August 2016.

I am now living with my daughter and son-in-law which is great because they are looking after me very well and they have two Stumpy Tail Australian Cattle Dogs and an elderly ginger cat who are great company.

But it meant that at the same time as we were organizing the memorial service and working on winding up Rainer’s affairs we were also packing up and cleaning the home in Rosebud and unpacking and settling in here.

So I have neglected Gifted Resources website, the Gifted Resources Newsletter and the three blogs.

Adding to the difficulties in July my old faithful laptop’s hard drive failed due to old age and being over worked and I lost my list of contacts and some of my favourite programs. My kind brother in law Rick Freitag gave me a new laptop/tablet with Windows 10 and I set to work loading it up and learning the new system.

I am still in the process of learning and working out how best to manage the Gifted Resources website; so until I have it all sorted out I am going to post the Gifted Resources Newsletters on the Gifted Resources blog, starting with the spring 2016 Holiday Programs Newsletter.

“I thought you had gone away and left us!” Sprite said.

“I’m sorry!” I said. “I have been busy and sad and not feeling very creative. What have you been doing?”

“What could I do without you telling me what to think and say and do?” she replied. “I thought you had created us and then just left us alone. Would your creator do that to you?”

We have talked about the differences between me as Sprite’s creator and God as my creator before

The main difference is that unlike God, my Creator I am not omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

I realize that I am more like the creator described in various heresies which beset the church.

The Puppeteer God

Although my storylines describe Sprite using initiative and acting in ways that surprise me, in truth I dictate all her thoughts, words and actions.
God, my creator gives us free will to think, speak and act.

The Watchmaker God

The intricacies of the watch propose that the watch had an intelligent creator in the same way as the intricacies of the natural world speak of an Intelligent Creator. This analogy is also used to suggest the heresy that God designed the creation, set it on its course and then ignored it and now allows it to run according to the laws of nature which He had installed.
It describes a God who is transcendent but never immanent.
It fails to account for God’s continued presence in and ongoing sustaining and interaction with His creation.
I acknowledge that I have been acting in the manner of the watchmaker lately.

The Absent God

This heresy suggests that because evil things are happening in the world it indicates that God has either died or gone away.
It denies that God is infinite, eternal and omnipresent.
We have talked in the past about the fact that I will not live forever and at some point will go away.
“Will I die when you die?” Sprite had asked.
I had never contemplated having a discussion about the likelihood or otherwise of a fictional character living after the author’s death with said fictional character.
“I don’t know!” I said.
However I know I have the promise from God, my Creator that he will never leave or forsake me.


The PYHI Project

Image Jo Freitag

mage Jo Freitag

Now that Sprite’s Site has been declared a neutral sanctuary zone Sprite has realised that there needs to be a few rules to ensure that the residents and their visitors are all safe and being respectful to each other. She sees that Sprite’s Site is a microcosm of the larger world and that the problems that afflict the world at large could become problems in her world unless wise steps to prevent them are put in place

The Twitter Birds have experienced greeting alien arrivals to their world. They presented Sprite with a slide show about their encounters. There were three possibilities they said –
1. The aliens came with warlike intentions
2. The aliens came with peaceful intentions
3. The aliens came seeking a place of asylum

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

They reassured Sprite that, unlike some places in the real world, it was not very likely that the new arrivals at Sprite’s Site would have warlike intentions. So she should concentrate on how to make them feel welcome. They told her that they had shared feasts and music and art and exchanged gifts with the aliens who came in peace and that they had all been enriched by sharing their cultures.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Sprite herself does not have very good social skills. She finds relating to her age peers difficult and never knows quite how to start a conversation.  And when she manages to get a conversation started she cannot always interpret facial expressions and body language to know when she is boring or completely confusing the other person. So she discussed the matter with the Utopian thinker Imaginational Dabrowski and then announced that there would be a meeting to discuss the introduction of the PYHI project.

As they had only heard the word PYHI and not seen it in writing Intellectual Dabrowski made the assumption that the topic of conversation would be the constant number Pi. He set about gathering as much information as he could and learning the value of Pi to as many digits as he possibly could. He wanted to be well informed to provide information at the meeting.

Edward, the Autonomous Learner, who loves to teach himself computer programming languages, assumed that PYHI would be in some way related to PYTHON programming language.

Sensual and Psychomotor Dabrowski immediately jumped to the conclusion that a PYHI project would involve eating a large stack of pies! Tortoise and Beloved Snail thought that PYHI would be the acronym for Pull Your Head In because that was their chosen method of avoiding conflict and seeking safety.

They all brought their opinions to the meeting and Sprite could see merit in all the suggestions.

Sprite agreed with Intellectual and Edward that education must be a basis for building a respectful multicultural society and that seeking and then freely sharing information was important.

She agreed with Sensual and Psychomotor Dabrowski that sharing culture was very important and that eating together was a great way of getting to know each other. She recalled all the fun the International Feasts and visits of the Taste Tester Dogs  had brought. Also she remembered how Evelyn’s Grandma’s donation of cakes and gingerbread men for the cake stall at the Sprite’s Site Voting booth had created goodwill with the Persona Dolls who wished to vote at the elections.

And Sprite agreed with Tortoise and Beloved Snail that the acronym PYHI could remind everyone to Pull Your Head In rather than making a situation any worse by being physically or verbally abusive.

Imaginational Dabrowski’s version of PYHI turned out to be Put Your Heart In which he conceded was simple but at the same time challenging. It was a call to give respect, speak graciously and do to others as you would like them to do to you.

For helpful information and resources in relation to social issues for the gifted see SENG  and Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page: Social/Emotional Aspects of Giftedness

This is a post for Hoagies’ August Blog Hop: Gifted Social Issues
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Sprite’s Site goes to the Polls

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

You may remember that in 2014 Sprite and her friends played a game of Elections

This year in line with elections in Australia and the USA Sprite and co are playing Elections again despite or maybe because of the anxiety politics and the state of the world is causing her.

The same candidates are standing for election at Sprite’s Site this year but there has been an influx of extra voters as the Persona Dolls all requested the right to vote.
They had found out about the election when one of the Pork Barrelling Pigs gained 3D status and took up residence on the farm belonging to the family of country kid Evelyn

Image Jo Freitag

Oinker (the Pork Barreller) informed the folk at Sprite’s Site that almost all the 2D inhabitants of Sprite’s Site had a 3D doppelganger over at Personas, profiles and portraits blog

Since Sprite’s Site has been declared an area of sanctuary the Persona Dolls have been welcomed into the community.

But there was considerable debate about whether the Persona Dolls should be allowed to vote as it could be implied that they were being given permanent resident status for Sprite’s Site.
Some were afraid that the Persona Dolls would take the jobs which rightfully belonged to the Sprite’s Site characters and cited the recent post for the Hoagies Gifted July blog hop: All things Science where the Persona Dolls had posed for the illustrations as an example.
Others thought they would not do their share of the work and would just be doll/dole bludgers!

However, when Evelyn and her grandma produced cakes and gingerbread men for the cake stall, the Persona Dolls were welcomed warmly.
The dogs all hoped that they would also provide a Barbie Queue for the sausage sizzle!

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Miranda quickly acquainted herself with the policies of the various candidates at  and proceeded to hand out the how to vote cards.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

All things Science

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

The theme of Hoagies Gifted blog hop for July is All Things Science!

Recently the theme for the Facebook 52 Illustrations Challenge group Week 22 was SCIENCE and the Persona Dolls posed for pictures.
They all posed together for the MS Paint collage titled The volcano simulation.
I had found a free download print of a volcano model on an education site. In the picture Miranda was being a bit bossy about how the model should be made, Edward and Sprite were engaging in further reading about the topic, Vincent and Leona were crowding in for a closer look and Felicity and Sally were afraid it would go bang.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Edward the Autonomous learner loves to read and research maths and science topics.
He enjoys working at his own pace on Khan Academy subjects  and playing with the numerous maths interactive games online.
He likes The 24 Game  and SET game  and Infinifield

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Michaela the creative gifted student was drawn with watercolour pencils and glitter gel pens. She is fascinated by the dispersion of light through a prism.

Sprite was fascinated by ripple tank experiments into the properties of light which her mentor, Paula the Physicist showed her.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Sprite has always loved Science especially Astronomy
She loves to visit
The Planetarium
Mt Burnett Observatory
Bubble Zone

She likes the websites
Nine Planets – Solar System Tour
Space Weather Center
Homework Help Science

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

The Twitter Birds also love science and set up the Keep It Simply Science Expo in the Un-Olympics Bower where they give lots of links to resources for studying science and also provide a safe place for Outfora Duck to view their simulations of the Higgs Boson Particle

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

The Tweet Family investigate many scientific topics during their NEST Ed studies and particularly enjoy using Zome tools construction materials to illustrate principles and concepts of maths, especially geometry from simple Platonic solids through to very complex 3D constructions; as well as architecture and engineering, physics and chemistry, art and many other disciplines.

This is a post for Hoagies’ June Blog Hop: All things Science
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