Making connections 3

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

“Pincher’s real name is Prudence” Sprite said “I finally talked to her today.”
Ever since Sprite had decided that maybe she was supposed to act as a mentor for the little girl she thought of as Pincher Sprite had been rehearsing the introduction that Emotional Dabrowski had suggested to her.
“Hi! How are you today? My name is Sprite by the way; what is your name?”

“I am scared it will come out all wrong” said Sprite. “It would be so embarrassing if I ended up saying Hi Pincher. Who are you today? My name is Sprite by the way.”

She had also been taking a ball of wool so that she could ask Pincher if she wanted to play cat’s cradle.
She had become so anxious about it that she had even prayed that if she really was supposed to be a mentor that the introductory process would go smoothly.

But for several days she had not seen Pincher. One day it rained and they ate their lunch in their own classrooms. Another day Pincher’s class went on an excursion. Then Pincher was away from school for a few days with a cold and then Sprite was absent for a day for a doctor’s appointment.
Sprite had stopped taking the ball of wool to school and rehearsing her introduction.

“It turned out so much better than I could have possibly hoped” Sprite said. “Pincher’s teacher was on yard duty at lunch time and Pincher was walking around with her. I like to do that too. And they came over to where I was sitting to eat my lunch and read my book.
The teacher said “Hi Sprite! How are you feeling now? (And listened properly while I told her) And then she said “I would like you to meet Prudence. She has a present for you.”

“The day I was away our class visited her class because they have organised a buddy program.
And I have been paired with Prudence. Mostly the teachers chose who we were going to have as a buddy. But Prudence had specially asked if she could have me!”

“Prudence had drawn a picture of me and she wanted to give it to me but she felt a bit shy about doing it in case I didn’t like her picture. So the teacher helped her to introduce herself to me. I think it is a pretty good drawing for a little kid!”

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