October Creating Challenge

Each month I enjoy participating in the Creating Challenge set by the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/brilliantchaosonline/

For the October challenge I splurged a whole $2 on a pack of finger paints on a sudden impulse and had a lovely back to childhood time puddling with them. I love the luminous colours and the textures!

But the Twitter birds consider that the Creating Challenge is THEIR activity and wanted to get involved!
As Lisa Lauffer commented:



The Twitter Birds liked the effects generated by my finger painting and had some ideas about how I had created them but were not quite sure how they could do it themselves.


They observed that I made the patterns by moving the paint around with my fingers and thought they could achieve similar effects by painting their feet and walking on the cardboard.


They discover a quicker method of walking through the paint in the roller tray but the Cleaning Crew became anxious that it could prove messy.


There was a suggestion from my friend Jennifer Grant that the birds could tip pots of paint onto a horizontal surface and scoot through it on their bottoms. Of course Tweetil thought that would be great fun. Retweet and the Cleaning Crew would not let him do it but I would not be surprised to find that he does try it sometime!

And there was a suggestion from brilliant quilter, Gail Blumengarten, to transfer it to fabric and have the Twitter Birds bring me yarn, string, ribbon, etc. scraps that they find and then entwine them all together.  This is being discussed by the Twitter Birds and could be tried soon.

I am not sure exactly how they did it in the end! Somehow the Twitter Birds commandeered some of my completed finger paintings and put their own (foot) marks on them. Then they invited the dignitaries to the showing and there were high fives and cheers of approval.


Spring is in the air 1

I am just now catching up with posting a series which should have been posted in September. It is the series of posts I created for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Group Creating Challenge for September.

The Twitter Birds invite you to play Guess the Spring Phrase with them

Round One


The answers for Round One are Spring cleaning and Spring onions

Round Two



The answers for Round Two are Spring weather and A Spring in your step.

Round Three



The answers for Round Three are Diving Springboard and Paris in the Spring

Round Four



The answers for Round Four are Spring flowers and Mineral Spring water.



CHAOS Plan Check

We are now three quarters of the way through 2013 and it is time to pause and evaluate the progress I have made in the plans for this year.
You can read about the plans and how they were made in this entry posted in January  https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/jos-chaos-plan-2/
This is the mind map of the plans



Gifted Resources has continued to engage in project work with Borderlands this year http://www.borderlands.org.au/
The main foundation of Gifted Resources is the website http://www.giftedresources.org/  The website main page has been updated. Some sections still need revision. Some of the links have been checked and made to open in new windows but there are more still to do.


So far this year I have written a newsletter each month and a second newsletter in March and also three Extension and Holiday Programs newsletters.


I compiled a new hard copy Info Pack for 2013 and we are in the process of creating a CD version of it.



At present most of my consultation work is conducted by phone, email and post.
Using Skype has enhanced the effectiveness of phone consultation and made it a more affordable method. I have continued this so far during the year.


In March I talked to a group of parents and teachers at Village School. I would still like to give other in person or online webinar presentations this year.



I have not organized any Film Discussions so far this year but I do have 3 plastic crates filled with Film Discussion kits ready for use and another option would be to add the kits to the Gifted Resources Library collection so that groups can borrow a kit to facilitate holding their own Film Discussion.



I have very nearly finished re-cataloguing the books in the Gifted Resources library.
Several tubs of information have been sorted and I now have two tubs of conference handout papers and two tubs of articles. Some of the longer articles have been bound in folders and catalogued separately.
When the re-cataloguing is complete the Library page can be restored to the Gifted Resources website.



This year I have only posted 16 entries on the Gifted Resources blog.
At the end of May Gifted Resources website suffered hacking caused by vulnerability to exploitation in WordPress, the platform for both Gifted Resources blog and Sprite’s Site blog.

Because of the problems the blog now has a new address
Gifted Resources Blog http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/
It meant that we lost the blog internal links and I had to edit all the posts on both blogs to restore broken links. Gifted Resources blog with only 50 plus posts was repaired fairly quickly.


So far this year I have posted 67 entries on Sprite’s Site.

The blog was given a new theme when some of the illustrations appeared distorted

Sprite’s Site was again a nominee in the Best Australian Blogs competition. As part of participation the blog was given its own Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/spritessite

At the end of May Gifted Resources website suffered hacking caused by vulnerability to exploitation in WordPress, the platform for both Gifted Resources blog and Sprite’s Site blog.
Because of the problems the blog now has a new address

Sprite’s Site Blog https://spritessite.wordpress.com/ 

Sprite’s Site also has a completely independent Sprite’s New Site on the Edublogs platform at http://jofrei5.edublogs.org/

It means that we lost the blog internal links and I had to edit all the posts on both blogs to restore broken links. Sprite’s Site which celebrated its fourth birthday in June had over 600 posts and took a long time to clean up


Currently I enjoy participating in groups relating to giftedness and 2E issues on Facebook and Twitter, especially the weekly #gtchat sessions on Twitter.
Sprite’s Site now has its own Facebook page


There is always so much to learn!
MOOCs, webinars, global education conferences and many others offer so many online opportunities.

And I was able to virtually visit the WCGTC Conference in Louisville Kentucky and blog about it at http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/virtually-visiting-the-wcgtc-conference-in-kentucky/

In real life I attended the VAGTC EmpowerEd conference in April and blogged about it on the Gifted Resources Blog http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/vagtc-empowered-for-giftedness-conference/


This is an area which gives me so much satisfaction and happiness.
I participate in the Brilliant Chaos Group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/  
monthly creating challenges

In January the Twitter birds visited the circus
In February the Twitter birds made and flew kites
In March the theme was luck and the Twitter bird, Retweet, incorporated it into her NEST Ed studies
In April I created a new theme for Sprite’s Site and posts for the Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition
In May I celebrated the Month of Maybe with a Padlet sticky note wall
In June I created a set of the 2013 wheels with a Winter theme for the websites

In July I finished cleaning up the blogs with the help of the Twitter bird cleaning crew
In August I had fun creating splotches with a paint roller and turning them into scenes
And this month I created a set of wheels for Spring and the Twitter birds played games of Guess the Spring Phrase from the pictures they painted.



Regarding my personal life – this year we celebrated 40 years of marriage. Our daughter organised a lovely afternoon tea for us in the All Saint’s Rosebud church hall
I am still enjoying the quiet pace of life in Rosebud, planting flowers, shrubs, cacti and herbs and photographing the birds in the area.
In the past I have been very involved with writing and teaching church Sunday school programs. I have sorted out the several plastic tubs and now have 3 tubs of programs which I have written over the years and 2 tubs of visual aids, worksheets and background reading materials. I have arranged for these to be willed to the library of MST (formerly Bible College of Victoria). I have not started to turn these programs into online programs yet.



The Month of Maybe 3


Here is an update on the status of the Month of Maybe after two weeks as recorded by the Padlet sticky note wall http://padlet.com/wall/zbanwzr95y

You can see that I have not gained any more green completion ticks since my last report. https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/the-month-of-maybe-2/

However I have made substantial progress on the task of cataloguing Gifted Resources library. I have also updated a couple of pages on Gifted Resources website.

However I have also discovered a new diversion – the Chess Titans program on the computer and I am spending quite a bit of time endeavouring to improve my chess playing strategies. I think I qualify for a star for Procrastination!

The Month of Maybe 2


Here is an update on the status of the Month of Maybe after the first week as recorded by the Padlet sticky note wall http://padlet.com/wall/zbanwzr95y

So far I have scored three green completion ticks.

The Gifted Resources newsletter was prepared and sent out. It can be read online at http://www.giftedresources.org/gr/files/newsletter2013/grnewspdfmay1301.pdf

The Blog Hop post was written and can be read at https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/gifted-homeschoolers-forum-bloggers-group-blog-hop-stealth-schooling/

I created two posters which can be used if suitable at the coming 20th Anniversary WCGTC World Conference 2013 http://worldgifted2013.org/  and learned how to provide a creative commons license for them and post them on Flickr in the Gifted Education photo quotes group http://www.flickr.com/groups/1680413@N20/



In case explanation is needed:
Average riders would sit or maybe try standing on one horse
Bright ones at the top of the group could learn to Roman ride on two horses
Gifted ones, who are way beyond the top group, express the experience of their different rate and level of learning by Roman riding on two cheetahs
2E Twice Exceptional, who are both Gifted and have a learning difference or disability are trying to manage Roman riding on a cheetah and a tortoise at the same time


Last weekend I bought three bookcases for the bungalow. Two of them were already assembled and have been set up. I have been able to put the contents of three of the old small bookcases into the two new ones and also to shelve the contents of two cardboard boxes of books that were sitting on the floor.
I have also continued with the work of cataloguing the Gifted Resources library.
So both of these tasks on the To Do list, although they do not yet have a completion tick beside them, at least have some progress to show on their progress level meters.

All the other tasks are still waiting to be done!

Creative Help Requested

In a post titled Giftedness-Creativity, Community and Collaboration- Requesting your help… Lesley Graves, author of Innreach’s Blog – Leslinks Ireland- Gifted, Talented & Creative Support/Edu Page http://innreach.wordpress.com/ requested help in creating posters and photoquotes in many languages for use at the coming 20th Anniversary WCGTC World Conference 2013. http://worldgifted2013.org/

She provides a link Mary’s Gifted Education Photo Quotes and suggestions as to how we can use the images to add messages trying to promote understanding of issues around giftedness, talent, creativity, 2Eness and how these may affect the children and individuals
It was developed in the spirit of sharing, community and collaboration with the only charge being that when a photoquote image is used for advocacy, the creator of the image is acknowledged, in terms of the Creative Commons license chosen by the person who uploaded the image.

The posters must be created using original art or an original photograph or a CC licensed item that allows modification. The poster must contain some of the creator’s own work. If there is a CC Licensed image with a suitable quotation on it and a person produced no part of it, but simply “found it online” then that person cannot upload it, according to Flickr’s rules.
There is a discussion here http://www.flickr.com/groups/1680413@N20/discuss/72157626770273899/  about how to CC license your images

I hope to be able to contribute to this project and have added it to my Creating Challenge Month of Maybe list at http://padlet.com/wall/zbanwzr95y

Here is a possible contribution. I will look into how to provide CC attribution


The Month of Maybe


During the first week of each month the Facebook
Brilliant Chaos group http://www.facebook.com/groups/brilliantchaosonline/
issues a Creating Challenge. This month I have set myself the creating challenge ‘The Month of Maybe’ in which I will endeavour to do as many as possible of the things on my To Do List. I have made myself a Padlet sticky notes page at http://padlet.com/wall/zbanwzr95y for a graphic reminder.
I have scored one tick already. I prepared and sent out the Gifted Resources May newsletter. It can be read online at http://www.giftedresources.org/gr/files/newsletter2013/grnewspdfmay1301.pdf

Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 6: Interaction with Facebook



Sprite’s Site benefits greatly from interaction with Facebook

My Facebook page is located at http://www.facebook.com/jo.freitag.9
Some of the posts on Sprite’s Site are announced here.

There are several groups, some open and some member-only, which I visit regularly to share on both a professional and a personal level.

The Brilliant Chaos group http://www.facebook.com/groups/brilliantchaosonline/  
provides inspiration and support for creation and creativity. Members of the group share pictures and links to blog posts about the novels they are writing, their art and craft and the processes involved.


This year the Brilliant Chaos group has set up a Year long challenge which helped me to formulate plans for 2013 https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/jos-chaos-plan/ and https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/jos-chaos-plan-2/

As I could have predicted all the characters at Sprite’s Site blog had opinions about what the wheels I used to illustrate my plans for 2013 meant and what they would mean for them personally. https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/wheels-within-wheels/

The Brilliant Chaos group also issues Monthly creating challenges. You can see the Sprite’s Site responses to monthly creating challenges here.
I have used the April creating challenge as an extra incentive to write a post a day this week explaining Sprite’s Site’s relation to social media for the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition

The Facebook group Gifted Homeschoolers Forum: Bloggers Group  is a great place to discuss blogging about homeschooling issues and share links to blog posts on their Weekly Share Thread. They also organize blog tours.

The Facebook group Facing IT http://www.facebook.com/groups/facingit/    is an open group managed by Australian educators for anyone facing up to the challenges of using information technologies for communicating, teaching and learning.
It is very helpful for receiving information about using IT in education and for links to online courses and webinars. Members of the Facing IT group recently gave me advice which led to changing the theme for Sprite’s Site http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/blog/?p=4193  

There are many Facebook groups specifically relating to giftedness, one of which is the New Zealand based but global in outlook Mary’s Gifted Contacts http://www.facebook.com/groups/gifted.contacts/
I sometimes announce Sprite’s Site posts on this group. Mary also uses her Facebook group to help with the organization of a blog tour as part on of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week. Sprite’s Site has enjoyed waving to New Zealand across the ditch during these blog tours https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/gifted-awareness-week-new-zealand/


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Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 5: Interaction with Twitter



Sprite’s Site has a close connection with the social media Twitter and the iconic Twitter birds.

My Twitter handle is @jofrei

Naturally I use Twitter to receive and share information, to socialise, give and receive encouragement and to announce my blog posts.
I enjoy participating in Twitter chats particularly #gtchat and many of the posts on Sprite’s Site are related to #gtchat


Posts tagged with Twitter can be found at https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/twitter/

Posts tagged with gtchat can be found at https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/gtchat/

Blog posts on Sprite’s Site have been used for #gtchat discussion starters or contributions such as the experiences of the Tweet family at http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/blog/?p=4064  for introducing the chat session Coping when extended family doesn’t get giftedness https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/when-extended-family-dont-get-giftedness/
Sprite on the topic of homework https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/sprite-on-the-subject-of-homework/ for The Homework Dilemma http://globalgtchatpoweredbytagt.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/the-homework-dilemma/

Sprite’s Site posts are quite often referenced in post chat write-ups on the Global GT Chat Powered by TAGT Blog http://globalgtchatpoweredbytagt.wordpress.com/

Sometimes Sprite’s Site posts are picked up by Paper.li creators such as

Kim McNeill Gifted kids and Parents http://paper.li/kim_mcneill/1304624896

Sonia Dabboussi   Gifted Success http://paper.li/soniadabboussi  


The Twitter Birds are also characters on Spite’s Site

The Twitter bird images were adapted from birds in a set of free Twitter Bird icons available at http://www.productivedreams.com/free-twitter-bird-icon-set/
The Twitter birds play an active part in the blog by bringing links of interesting websites and holding their own events such as weddings https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/wedding-album/
going A-MAY-ing https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/a-may-ing/
and participating in creating challenges https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/creating-challenge/

Twitter Bird Bowers have been set up on Sprite’s Site to house the 100 plus musicians, poets, scientists and pirates
And during the 2012 Olympics Un-Olympics Bowers were also added to Sprite’s Site https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/un-olympics-bower/

We witnessed the wedding of Tweet and Retweet and are now following the story of The Tweet family https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/tweet-family/ and their gifted Tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle, and their Great Aunt Hashtag.
The stories have covered subjects such as  parenting, giftedness issues, choosing schools, homeschooling and consultations with the Psych-Owl-Ogist  https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/psych-owl-ogist/

For the collection of posts relating to the Twitter Birds see https://spritessite.wordpress.com/tag/twitter-birds/


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Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 4: Interaction with other blogs and blog tours



Sprite is keen to demonstrate the interaction that Sprite’s Site has with other blogs by participating in blog tours, leaving and receiving comments and mentions and inclusion in blogrolls.

Last August I received an email telling me that I needed to either close my other blog, Gifted Resources blog http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/  or update it to the newer format. I had neglected that blog as all my blogging energy has been poured into Sprite’s Site for the last few years.

My tech guru, Jamie Tarling, put in a lot of work to update the blog and transfer old posts into it. It was exciting to see the possible formats and themes on offer for the updated version. The picture in the blog header changes randomly from a selection of Gifted Resources pictures at each page refresh. http://giftedresources.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/theres-life-in-the-old-blog-yet/

It meant that I was now ‘two-blog lady’ and had to divide my time between the two blogs. You can read about the reactions of the Sprite’s Site characters here

Here is a round up of the posts on Spite’s Site and Gifted Resources blog during 2012 https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/that-was-the-year-that-was-2012/

Sprite’s Site participated in blog tours, blog hops, blogathons etc including


Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon


What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People  – Answers to a blog post by Seth Godin organised by the Facebook group Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Bloggers Group
What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People: Goes the other way? I think not!

What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People: Goes the other way? I think not! 2


NZ Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tours

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

In 2012 I answered the call for posts and filled in TBA (To Be Advised) as the proposed topic for the post. I will be careful not to make that mistake again; as having said I would write about TBA I felt obligated to do so and ended up writing a series with a total of 7 posts for the blog tour.


Gifted Awareness Week Namibia
The post Namibia, cheetahs and gifted students https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/namibia-cheetahs-and-gifted-students/  was written at the invitation of Roya Klingner from the Global Center for Gifted Education as a part of Gifted Education Awareness Week in Namibia.

2E Dansk

Hilde Buys from Denmark picked up my post Reading to dogs https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/reading-to-dogs/ and commented on it on her 2E Dansk blog http://2e-giftedogdiagnose.blogspot.com.au/
in a post titled ‘Læsning til hunden med Sprite og 2e-footsteps’  at http://2e-giftedogdiagnose.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/lsning-med-sprite.html
I wrote about Sprite’s visit to Denmark  at https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/sprite-in-denmark/


A set of posters about Creativity was created for
International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at http://iygc.wordpress.com/
at https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/be-creative-with-the-dabrowski-dogs/

Inclusion in Blogrolls and mentions in posts on blogs and commenting on blog posts.

Sprite’s Site enjoys excellent relations with many blogs and provides commentary and links to posts on them and is quoted and linked to in their posts.
Some of the main blogs which Sprite connects with are:


Jo Hart’s E-verything blog

Lisa Conrad’s Gifted Parenting Support

Global #gtchat powered by TAGT blog




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