I love Christmas BUT…


When I suggested going on the GHF December Blog Hop Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between Sprite said she could not come with me because she was too tired and she had too much to do.
She seemed a bit grumpy and out of sorts.
“What is the matter?” I asked

“I love Christmas BUT….” she said “there is so much stuff to do first!”

“You gave me the Christmas Planner and The Origami Secretary Bird handed me a great long list of things I have to do in the next  week and P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle said they all had to be done perfectly.”

“Intellectual Dabrowski said I had to write all the Christmas cards in my best handwriting and make sure the spelling was all correct. He reminded me about the time I called Rob Head Rod Heab and made me feel bad about it”


“The Memory Elephant said if he had to remember all that he was going on strike unless he got paid overtime rates.


“So I forgot to get some of the materials I need for making presents and had to go all the way back again.”

“The weather was really bad and the shops were really crowded” she said “and Sensual Dabrowski kept on getting in my way and complained the whole time about the noise and the artificial lighting and the smells. He felt uncomfortable and itchy and that made me feel uncomfortable and itchy too.”


“Going all that way four times made me tired and sore and Wistful Black Dog said I would not have had any problems if I had remembered everything the first time.
And I couldn’t remember where I put the Christmas stockings I always wear as slippers at Christmas time and I could only find this one.”

“Emotional Dabrowski said that I was making a big fuss about what was really not a big problem. She said I should be grateful that I had saved enough pocket money to buy the materials I needed to make presents. She said some children don’t  have any slippers or presents or even enough to eat and we both cried about that.”

“Then I started to write the cards and Psycho Motor Dabrowski was distracting me by calling me to come outside and bounce with him and write the cards later. But I did not have enough energy left and I did not even want to do that.”


I suppose I should have predicted this happening in the build up to the holiday season; as it is a situation we have met before during last year’s November GHF Blog Hop https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/surviving-the-christmas-season/


“When I saw the shadow of Black Dog jumping out of the Origami Secretary Bird’s To Do List” Sprite continued “I realised I needed to take your advice about controlling the Black Dogs.”
“I did the H.A.L.T. check and found that I was Hungry – so I had afternoon tea.
And I was Angry with myself for not getting everything the first time; but most of all I was just very, very tired.”

“So Imaginational Dabrowski said to have a nap and imagine that I was floating on a cloud or wrapped in cotton wool and that everything should seem brighter after that. So that is what I am going to do now.”

“You and Retweet go on the Blog Hop and bring back me a sample bag or a balloon!”


This is a post for the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum December Blog Hop: Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between.
To read all the posts please visit http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/blog-hops/parenting-oes-2es/


9 thoughts on “I love Christmas BUT…

  1. Oh, Sprite, I think your cloud nap sounds lovely. I am going to try that instead of letting that Perfectionist Poodle bother me about wrapping my presents poorly. 🙂

    Love your post, humorous and so true.

  2. I know exactly how Sprite feels. I feel so busy and yet getting little accomplished. The OEs seem to wreak havoc this time of year. Perhaps the doggies should stay home the next time or at least choose only one to accompany her on errands. Merry Christmas to you, Sprite, the Twitter Birds, the Dabrowski doggies and the entire gang. Thank you all for making me smile and lifting my spirits throughout the entire year!

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