Thursday December 12: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

It was to be expected that when the food was brought out the 50 or so Taste Tester Dogs would arrive to check on the quality of the Christmas fare.
As they would not be able to stay for Christmas day the Memory Elephant took a photo of them which could be displayed on the pin board.
The Twitter Birds took photos of their figgy pudding while One Twitter Bird directed traffic with a lollipop.
The background music invited them all to ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’

If you would like to read more about the Taste Tester Dogs follow the link  or scan the QR code

Best Australian Blogs 2012 Part 8

Voting for The Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition  People’s Choice Award will close on Wednesday 9 May at 5.00 pm and all winners will be announced on Thursday 10 May at 10.00 am.
Sprite’s campaign has one more event –The International Food Festival to be held in her blog garden on Tuesday 8 May. So the Taste Tester Dogs   have been summoned to give their stamp of approval to the fare.

The telescope has been set up to allow viewing of the Extreme Super Moon predicted for 6May 2012.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement of it.

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Belated Blog birthday celebrations 4

 The Memory Elephant just delivered the group picture of the blog birthday party.
You can see that several more Twitter birds arrived.
Megan dog and Tiger cat, pets of Lesley Graves, came from Ireland bringing some cute knitted Twitter birds made by Lesley. 
Padgets sent a Precious Memory gift for Sprite and a new blanket for Ginger Pony.
Postman, Pedro Perez, from Peru and Mrs P arrived. Mrs P sent a birthday greeting in a comments box.

The giraffe, taste tester dogs and the lobsters all arrived in time for the festivities.
Paula the Physicist, Peter the Prominent Poet and Patrick the Palaeontologist have not arrived yet. If they run true to form I expect they will come next month.





The Taste Tester Dogs arrive

P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle insisted that all the Taste Tester Dogs should be present at the Blog Birthday and sent out Direct Messages to them. He then joined them on the Doggy Dais for a group picture.
Even SAD Seasonally Affected Black Dog came back for the event sporting a cheery pink umbrella and a  lucky snowflake pendant.

Parfait pointed out that we were still missing a few characters  and was surprised that the Memory Elephant could have overlooked the giraffe.
He suggested that the Twitter birds should contact Pedro Perez the Postman from Peru, Mrs. P, Paula the Physicist (Sprite’s mentor) and her grandfather Peter the prominent poet and his friend Patrick the Palaeontologist and see whether any of them would be able to come on such short notice.


Seafood feast for #gtstoogies

A seafood feast has been ordered for the #gtstoogies this week.
There are platters of sushi and lobster and the plank grilled salmon ordered by Jen. We do have alternatives for any stoogies who do not like seafood or are not able to eat it.
The Pro Lobster Lobby and forensic lobsters arrived hot on the trail of the wicked lemon wedges which had apparently claimed more of their fellows.
Chin Dog arrived to taste test the sushi bringing with him some more chindogu gifts . This time it was umbrellas all round – including umbrellas for the drinks, the Lobsters, the Twitter Birds, Sprite’s feet and the Bib Tree where the personalized #gtstoogies bibs hang. Thank you, Lisa, for extending the budget to cover the deluxe personalised bibs! Please click on the image to see it in more detail.
Through one window you get a glimpse of the whales and through the other you can see the screen for viewing films later and the popcorn machine. At the moment pre show advertisements for the lobby facilities are being shown.

Imaginational Dabrowski is fairly sure he can see the Tree Octopus in the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree.

Sprite is taking her fish away because she does not trust the Twitter bird on the 21C Water Cooler.

Sushi, Chin dog and Chindogu

This week the #gtstoogies will enjoy a feast of sushi after #gtchat and Japanese taste tester dogs Akita Inu, Shikoku and Japanese Chin dog have arrived to give their approval of the fare.
Akita Inu is named after the Akita Prefecture where the breed was thought to have originated.
Shikoku is also called Kochi-ken, Mikawa Inu or Japanese Wolfdog and was recognized by the Japanese Crown in 1939 as a living “natural monument” of Japan.
Japanese Chin is also known as the Japanese Spaniel and was a lapdog and companion dog of Japanese royalty.

The Japanese taste test dogs brought gifts with them. They are examples of ‘unuseless’ Chindogu (see )

For Caramel Cat they brought floor mop slippers and for Sprite pretty little white high heeled shoes with built in shoe umbrellas. Sprite says she will have to put her umbrella shoes away with the other shoes she hopes to be able to wear in the future like the  Blue Formal shoes and Purple Riding boots.

When Sprite heard that sushi would be served she took her fish away so they would not be upset and the whales seem to have vanished also. For those who do not want to eat fish there are delicious Inarizushi, a pouch of fried tofu filled with sushi rice and nori wrapped vegetarian delights.

Paws for Poise Parlour 6

The Australian taste tester dogs arrived and the three small dogs enjoyed their pamper session. But Australian Cattle Dog said he had only come to say that he and Australian Kelpie were too busy with herding work to have a pamper session at the moment.

So Intellectual Dabrowski, Native American Indian Dog and Australian Cattle Dog  ‘pawsed’ for a brief conference to organize a working dog pamper session complete with remedial massages.

Before they could set a new time for the working dog pamper session Australian Kelpie arrived complete with the flock of sheep he had been moving.

In the ensuing chaos La Souris managed to hide under the Paws for Poise bus, Australian Kelpie managed to direct one of the sheep into the Paws for Poise Parlour and Psycho Motor Dabrowski managed to direct Caramel Cat into the Paws for Poise Parlour!