Creator is to creation as….

I enjoy analogies and ratios.
They were my favourite questions on the multiple choice general intelligence tests.
You know, like

Dog is to Puppy as Cat is to ———-
8:2 as 27: ———–

I also like analogies that help to describe and explain something unknown in terms of something that is known and understood.
Stephanie Tolan’s article “Is it a cheetah?” is a great example which explains and describes a gifted person by analogy to a cheetah.
There is a great collection of analogies for giftedness in the Analogy Anthology at Hoagies website

The parables told by Jesus are similar to analogies – earthly stories with Heavenly meanings we were told at school. Jesus helped the people understand God and Heaven by telling stories about sowing seed and finding lost treasures.

But sometimes analogies are inaccurate or do not give a full explanation.

And an example of this which occurred to me recently was that of my relationship and consequent responsibilities to Sprite.
God is my Creator and I am Sprite’s creator.
However it would not be accurate to say
God the Creator is to Jo as Jo is to Sprite.

The main reason for this is that I do not have any of the Omnis which are attributes of God. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent and I am not!

It was clearly demonstrated that although I am Sprite’s creator I am not able to physically travel to her dimension

When Sprite said “Please promise that you won’t forget about us if you get all involved with using the other blog!”  
And I replied “Of course I won’t forget you!”
it brought to mind my Creator God’s promise that he would always be with us and would never abandon us.

This brought to mind an analogy relating to God which in my opinion has some flaws – that of God as the Watchmaker.
The intricacies of the watch propose that the watch had an intelligent creator in the same way as the intricacies of the natural world speak of an Intelligent Creator.

However this analogy is also used to suggest that God designed the creation, set it on its course and then ignored it and now allows it to run according to the laws of nature which He had installed.
It describes a God who is transcendent but never immanent.
It fails to account for God’s continued presence in and ongoing sustaining and interaction with His creation.

Between the Blogs 2

As I could have predicted the characters on Sprite’s Site had varying opinions about how me becoming ‘Two Blog Lady’ would affect their lives.

Columbus Cheetah said that he had already been acting in the capacity of Columbus Cheetah Myth Buster on Gifted Resources website and that he was happy to commute between the two blogs.

The Memory Elephant was prepared to commute but grumbled about being given twice the amount of responsibility.

The Twitter Birds said that they served all areas of the Internet and would be happy to assist at Gifted Resources as well as Sprite’s Site. They even suggested that it would be useful to install one of Dr Jeff’s 21C water coolers  over at Gifted Resources. But they felt strongly that the Twitter Bird Flower Bowers  should remain on Sprite’s Site.
The Tweet Family was not in any hurry to relocate their nest.

The Origami Secretary Bird  said it would be an easy matter to make a duplicate of himself, so that he could be in both places at the same time, and that he was already working on a roster of duties for the other characters and making a list of supplies needed for the Gifted Resources blog area. He was insistent that Origami Secretary Bird Union conditions should be adhered to in both places.

Caramel Cat wanted to know whether there were any mice in the skirting boards of the Gifted Resources blog.

Both Intellectual Dabrowski and P’est pour Parfait stated firmly that they would need to be present whenever I intended to post on either blog. They were debating about how to divide their time between supervising me and overseeing Sprite’s homework.

Psych Motor Dabrowski declared that sharing time would not be a problem – it was just a matter of juggling.
At this point Psycho Motor demonstrated by donning Intellectual’s Dogopus costume  and juggling blog posts while humming circus music very loudly at a frantic pace

Da da, diddle diddle, da da, dee da
Da da, diddle diddle, da da, dee da
Dut da da da da
Dut da da da da
Diddle diddle diddle diddle……

Emotional and Sensual Dabrowski both expressed that they needed to be given time to process their feelings and emotions.

Imaginational Dabrowski was wondering whether a bridge or a wormhole could be set up to connect the two blogs or whether characters could be transported from one to the other by a Beam-Me-Up Scotty

Between the Blogs

I found a great deal of activity happening at Sprite’s Site.
“Intellectual Dabrowski thought you should copy some of the book  reviews and some of the more serious posts over onto your revitalised Gifted Resources blog” Sprite said.
“So the Memory Elephant and the Twitter Birds are helping me find them and pack them up for you.”

“But please promise you won’t forget about us if you get all involved with using the other blog!
I can’t always make the Memory Elephant work for me.  The Dabrowski dogs are great but they tend to argue among themselves about how to do things. And now there is the Tweet family to care for as well.
And you still have not gone up to the school to talk about reviewing my education plan.”

“Of course I won’t forget any of you!” I said. “Remember when we started this blog you were concerned about the same thing then.
I promised you then I would continue to help look for solutions for you and twice exceptional students like you.”

“And I guess some of you will come and visit the other blog occasionally as well. P’est pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle is already telling me what I should be doing and how I should be doing it!”

Finding the Right Flock 3

The later and darker the evening grew the brighter and more wide awake the Psych Owl Ogist became. He was ready to continue the discussion about finding the right flock for the gifted Tweetlets
The Tweetlets, who usually resisted sleep, had nodded off and Tweet and Retweet were getting drowsy. But, being Twitter birds, they were used to being awake at varying times in order to chat with others from different time zones.

“I have a few more suggestions as regards finding a suitable flock for your gifted Tweetlets” said the Psych Owl Ogist.

“Remember I told you that you need to select a flock for the Tweetlets which will allow them to go far and give them the opportunity to soar.
Maybe you should look at a flock which uses the MONTE SOARY pedagogy.
This would offer a choice of activities from within a prescribed range of options with uninterrupted blocks of work time where they could discover and learn concepts by working with the materials provided rather than by being directly instructed by a teacher.”

“The humans have a similar pedagogy called MONTESSORI.”

“Or you could think about a flock which uses the EGRETIO EMILIA philosophy

The Tweetlets would be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing and be allowed to explore and express themselves. There would be an emphasis on their developmental stage and close relationships with others and their environment and respect for them as individuals. Their curiosity would be valued and respected. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children and are involved in every aspect of the curriculum. It is not uncommon to see parents volunteering to help with the Flock and practice the same philosophy at home in the Nest

“The humans have a similar pedagogy called REGGIO EMILIA”

“Or” continued the Psych Owl Ogist “you could continue with Nest Ed and engage mentors and tutors or take courses with specialists in specific subjects”

Migration and Navigation with Arctic Tern

Business Studies with the Secretary Bird

Collecting and curation with Bower Bird

Humour with Kookaburra

Carolling with Magpie

Theatre with Lyrebird

Elocution with Parrot

“You get the picture!”

Advocacy 2

Intellectual Dabrowski greeted me at the entrance to Sprite’s Site with the phone in his mouth and a determined expression in his eyes.
“You need to phone the school now and make an appointment to meet them and discuss Sprite’s education plan!” he said.
I realised with surprise that a month had passed since our previous discussion about the topic!

“But I have not finished reading Derrin Cramer’s new book Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side yet” I said.

And now I also want to read Jen Merrill’s book If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional which can be bought from Amazon at

“Then make the appointment for three days time and get reading!” ordered Intellectual.

(‘It’s that bossy attitude which has delayed your start as a Read to Me Dog in a classroom or library’ I thought)

“I want to co-operate with the school to get the best possible solutions for Sprite.  And I do not want the school to think I am one of THOSE parents!” I told Intellectual.
“So tomorrow I am going to participate in the Global #gtchat powered by TAGT first annual back-to-school chat, “Collaboration, Not Confrontation: Parents and Teachers Working Together.” Special guest panel includes TAGT members Dr. Lynette Breedlove, Angie French and David Sebek and later I will join the follow-up session to discuss the lessons learned. And then I can read through the transcript later at

“OK” grumbled Intellectual “but just don’t put it off for too long – the provisions that are in place at the moment are beginning to look a bit frayed and worn thin!”

Be Creative with the Dabrowski Dogs

The Brilliant Chaos Creativity Challenge for August  is to create blog posts, posters or videos relating to creating and creativity. These could also possibly be used for the International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at

The Dabrowski Dogs were happy to contribute a poster each on the topic Be Creative with the Dabrowski Dogs.

Here are the posters they contributed.
(Intellectual wanted me to point out that the three-way pun was intended!)

Delta Dog

“I think you must be very brave” Sprite told me
“Why do you think that?” I asked
“Because you still hang around with Imaginational Dabrowski even now you are a grown –up!”

“Imaginational asked me if I wanted him to go away now that my homework is all serious stuff and I have to get all the facts right and spell it all properly and cite all the references in the correct manner.

And I remembered what Sir Ken Robinson said about children being creative and imaginative but then they usually grow out if it when they get to school

But I said I didn’t want Imaginational to go because I really love him – he’s cute and funny and he makes me feel as if exciting things are possible.”

Intellectual was pacing up and down saying “I am the Alpha Dog! I am the one who is the most obviously recognized as being the gifted one. So Sprite needs to do things my way and stop hanging out with Imaginational.
Psycho-Motor could be the Alpha Dog if he put his mind to it. He is strong and quick and usually knows the right answer but he just isn’t focused enough and he doesn’t demonstrate the steps in his thinking. If Sprite follows him, he will lead her astray”

Sensual sat and scratched his head. He was feeling underestimated again and thinking that without his heightened awareness of sights and sounds and scents contributing to the data Intellectual would not be nearly as effective. He did not really want to be the Alpha Dog but he did want to be acknowledged!

Emotional sat and howled. She respected the ability of Intellectual and Psycho Motor and loved the creativity of Imaginational and she empathised with Sensual and knew that the sensations he felt always moved her to happiness or sadness and stimulated complex emotions such as anxiety, guilt, pride and patriotism. And she howled because she did not like arguments.

“Who do you think should be the Alpha Dog?” Sprite asked me.

“Well,” I said “They are all very important but I would like to point out that Lesley Sword calls Emotional Intensity the Energy that Drives the Gifted Intellect

And Dr Linda Silverman in her article Dabrowski’s Theory rates Emotional as “perhaps most important of the overexcitabilities”

“So I say long live Emotional – our gracious Drama Queen!”

“I don’t want to be the Alpha Dog” said Imaginational “I am happy to be Delta Dog, the hang gliding super hero, who swoops in to show you a humorous or creative alternative when Intellectual gets too boring or pompous”

“Why are you called Delta Dog?” asked Sprite.

“Because Delta isn’t first and top of the pile like Alpha but it is used to represent the degree of change – you know like Acceleration = delta velocity / delta time. I see how things can be changed.  Also I have a delta wing glider so you can hang out with me whenever you want”.

“I’m so glad I said Imaginational didn’t have to go away” said Sprite.

“Me too!” I said.