No magic wand?!!!

I found Sprite, my cartoon character who brings the Feetspeak: 2E Shoes message to life, sitting on the floor in my office clutching Columbus Cheetah and sobbing. She was demanding that I give her the Magic Wand which would bring an instant solution to the dilemma of the education of twice exceptional students.

I told her I did not have any such wand and I doubted whether one existed and suggested that she go shoe shopping to cheer herself up.

At this suggestion she went absolutely ballistic and started throwing the De Bono Six Action Shoes Set which I used for visual aids for Feetspeak around the office.
“Have you forgotten so quickly now that you can get your grey sneakers on?” she asked “Remember when you could only get the size 10 pink slipper on your size 6 foot because of your injured ankle and we were going to find the ideal solution together? What will happen when you can get the blue formal shoes and the purple riding boots on again? Will you abandon me altogether?

I dried her eyes and gave her some chocolate and promised that I would help her continue her quest to find programs and teaching strategies that would allow her extraordinary abilities to flourish and her learning difficulties and differences to be supported and that I would continue to talk to people about it.
We just need to find the best way to present Feetspeak and at the moment it seems that might be making the Feetspeak presentation into a DVD We will keep you posted with developments.


Sprite, my little twice exceptional character has been as busy as I have this month. I find her quite delightful but concede that she must drive some of her teachers to distraction!
She exhibits all of the characteristics of GLD students observed by Dr Linda Silverman and most of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities.
She is exceptionally gifted but her learning differences and disabilities make it hard for her to demonstrate it and make her studies an exhausting experience for her.
She has a great thirst for knowledge and gathers so much by osmosis and intuition. She loves the research but hates writing the essay about it! And really hates the homework!
At the moment I am preparing another section of the Feetspeak:2E shoes material titled Good King Wenceslas and the Purple Riding Boots about the use of biographical studies and mentors in programs for twice exceptional students like my Sprite.

Sprite’s Site

Sprite, my little twice exceptional (gifted with learning disability or difference) cartoon character noticed that I have not been using my personal blog space and asked if she could have it and I thought “Why not?” So you will be seeing posts by and about Sprite here.

Some of her thoughts are profound – some are just plain silly!spriteatsignpostmaze