Myth busting with Columbus Cheetah

When Psycho Motor Dabrowski learned that the theme for this year’s New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week was to be Myth Busting he became even more super-over-excited than usual.

“Cool! I love myth busting!” he yelped. “Lots of bouncing and barking and blowing stuff up and then lots of high fives all round!”

“I think it would be wise to leave myth busting about giftedness to me” said Columbus Cheetah. “It is what I do! And I use Cheetah Logic rather than explosions to make my case.”

Columbus Cheetah has been working on busting myths about gifted and twice exceptional students for many years now.

He has tackled the myth that there are NO gifted students
and the myth that ALL students are gifted
and the myth that it is possible to create giftedness by training and attitude

He has battled myths such as
All gifted students will do well in school

Gifted students are polite, well behaved and have neat handwriting

Special education provisions for gifted students are elitist

Gifted students have pushy parents

And he has fought valiantly against

All students level out by Year 3

Acceleration is harmful for gifted students

It is not possible to be gifted and have a disability

Sometimes Columbus Cheetah becomes disheartened when he sees that the myths he has been battling against for such a long time continue to be believed and hinder gifted and twice exceptional students from receiving the educational opportunities and the social emotional support they need.

So Columbus Cheetah is delighted that the theme of New Zealand’s Gifted Awareness Week 2019 is Mythbusting!
All the folk at Sprite’s Site and Personas, Profiles and Portraits blog send their best wishes to New Zealand for a great week and much success with busting the myths surrounding giftedness.

Sprite’s Site characters visit Poatina

The characters from Sprite’s Site have visited Poatina with me recently while I was an Artist in Residence there to share their stories and contribute to understanding of gifted and twice exceptional people.

Sprite has been talking about Dr Linda Silverman’s  Characteristics of 2E Twice Exceptional students and demonstrating her De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes

Columbus Cheetah has been dispelling myths about gifted and twice exceptional people

The Dabrowski Dogs have been demonstrating over-excitabilities and sensitivities


P’est Pour Parfait, the Black Perfectionist Poodle and the White Perfectionist Poodle have been talking about the positive and negative aspects of perfectionism



And, of course the Tweet Family have been sharing their experiences of teaching their Twitter Bird tweetlets using NEST Ed – Nest Education System of Training

The Memory Elephant has been taking lots of photos and recording lots of memories for us all.
I have created a new blog about my Poatina adventures, G’day from Poatina,  at