Paws for Poise Parlour 1

First to come to the Paws for Poise cyber dog grooming parlour bus were the five over excitable Dabrowski dogs.
Intellectual read the sign and appreciated the humour of the title. He speculated about the type of chemical ingredients in the shampoo and the wind strength factor of the dryers.
The mention of chemicals in the shampoo caused Sensual’s fleas to run for cover and Sensual to feel very itchy.
Imaginational imagined how happy it would make them feel to be pampered and come out sparkling clean and smelling wonderful.
And Emotional put her head back and howled for sorrow over the dogs who would never have such luxury offered to them.
Psycho Motor was off bouncing and barking at the bus hoping he could make it run so that he could see the wheels turn.

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