The Dabrowski Dogs dress up

I’m not sure whose idea it was that all the Dabrowski Dogs should wear a mask and wings of some sort as their costumes for Halloween this year. I suspect it was Emotional who scared herself last year and decided that this year she would wear pretty wings and a mask and then indulged in some emotional blackmail to get all the others to follow the theme.
Sensual co-operated but complained that the material for the wings was very prickly.
Intellectual wanted to build himself a Da Vinci Helicopter costume but ran out of time.
Psycho Motor dressed up as the Masked Superdog and bounced enthusiastically.
And little Imaginational, after considering wearing a lemniscate as a mask in order to get an infinite point of view and a pair of Emotional’s wings, opted for dressing as Snoopy imagining himself to be a kennel top flying ace. You may remember last year
Imaginational dressed up as ET dressing up as a ghost to go Trick and Treating.

2 thoughts on “The Dabrowski Dogs dress up

  1. I was just dreaming about what a ‘treat’ it would be to have the Dabrowski doggies come to my house for Halloween! Doggie biscuits for everyone! They are all so creative (and cute, too)!

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