Dandelion wishes


Sprite was sitting on the grass with Columbus cheetah and the Dabrowski Dogs, blowing dandelion seeds into the air and making wishes.

This is the conversation I heard.

Sprite: I wish that Dr Laurie Marker won’t be too sad without Chewbaaka and that the Chewbaaka Memorial fund will bring in lots of money for cheetah conservation.
(You may remember that Sprite chose Dr Laurie Marker for her notable person to study for Night of the Notables http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/blog/?p=545   and she and Columbus Cheetah dressed up as Dr Laurie Marker and Chewbaaka)

Intellectual Dabrowski: There’s a link here for the Chewbaaka Memorial Fund http://www.cheetah.org/?nd=donate_chewbaaka

Sprite: I wish that someone would help me to clean up my room and get organized!

Intellectual Dabrowski: I think Jo was talking to Angela Esnouf from Creating Order from Chaos about that a little while ago. Her website is at http://www.creatingorder.com.au/

Sprite: I wish that Ginger Pony had a friend because it is really lonely if you don’t have a friend.
(I was not sure whether she was displaying genuine empathy and concern for a real problem Ginger Pony was suffering, expressing her own loneliness by projecting it on Ginger Pony, or whether this was a ploy to get a second real pony!)

Sprite: And I wish that I could work out why Bea doesn’t like me.

Psycho Motor Dabrowski: Don’t worry about it! There are dandelion will- o- the -wisps to chase!

Emotional Dabrowski:  It makes people feel sad and confused if they think people don’t like them and they don’t know the reason. It makes me sad too!

Intellectual Dabrowski: Let’s look at this logically. Do you have any real evidence that Bea doesn’t like you, Sprite? Has she said or done anything mean?

Sprite: No, not really… but…

Imaginational Dabrowski: Maybe it is the way she looks at Sprite. Sprite isn’t very good at understanding what people mean by their facial expressions. Maybe she thinks Bea is sneering at her but she isn’t really! Maybe Sprite is just imagining that Bea is sneering.

Sensual Dabrowski: I don’t know. I think Sprite picks up a lot of things, sort of by osmosis, from subtle cues like body language; so she can’t quite work out why she thinks Bea doesn’t like her; but she just has an overwhelming feeling that it is true.

Sprite: I wish someone could help me work it out!

2 thoughts on “Dandelion wishes

  1. Hi Sprite, you and Ginger pony and all your friends can come and join buddy and his team at Horse Instincts during the school holidays if you like ?

    Buddy, Maestro and the herd help train people of all ages in the subtle cues of body language and communication. They are great at it. It is fun and easy to learn.

    It can really help reduce your stress levels when making friends and being around lots of people or new ones.

    We hope you can come and visit.

  2. Hello Sprite,

    School holidays and weekends are a great time to get your room organised. Here are some ideas to help you.

    Try to keep your goal small. Instead of “tidy my room”, which has so many steps, so many possibilities, it’s better to think of one thing in your room that needs organising. Like “collect all the books”. Then you gather up all the books. It’s quicker and you know exactly what to do. Once they are collected, you can decide the next step. Have you finished with some? Could they be donated to some other children? Are some books really special? Where will you keep them so that you can read them again and again?

    What’s next? Are there clothes on the floor or in other places they don’t belong? Dirty clothes can go straight to the laundry or clothes hamper. Do you have a hamper in your room to catch dirty clothes? If the clothes are clean, do they still fit? And where will they go? So many decisions to make! Perhaps you could ask for some help if you get stuck making decisions.

    I think you have enough jobs to get on with for now. But can I give you one last suggestion? You are so clever at figuring things out. Once you’ve decided where the books and clothes (and other things) will go, would a list of “rules” help you to remember next time?

    Let me know how it works out for you, Sprite. Which bits worked and which didn’t?

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