The Dome Ain

There was no need to dismantle the geodesic dome after the #gtstoogies gathering. I found that Sprite (accompanied by Pugnacious Loyola) had claimed it for herself. She had set up her lap top and helped herself to an extra large fruit smoothie drink and was happily reading the transcripts of the #gtchat sessions ‘Can creativity be taught?’ and ‘Blogging 4 Gifted: Best Sites/Practices’ at

Arachnid was busy with web design for a new domain and Caramel Cat had regained dignity and decorum and was sleeping off the effects of the Paws for Poise cyber dog grooming parlour experience.

“You will have to update your list of blogs on Gifted Resources website! “ Sprite told me “There are lots of great blogs mentioned here in the transcript!”

“Already done!” I said. “You can read my updated collection of blogs at

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