Note from Jen-E-Wren

Dear Miss Sprite,
I see that you are enjoying the company of a Palaeontologist who gave
you a Pterodactyl poster. My son would love to see the Poster, he’s
right into dinosaurs! I am happy to see that the Memory Elephant has
made a collage of the P Party memories for you. I came across a Photo I
thought I had lost when we were Packing to move house. The Photo is 14
years old, a Pic of me cross-country skiing at Baw Baw in blizzard
conditions, Pregnant with my first child. The things we do when we are
young and Phoolish!
Today, we saw Parachutists land at Lilydale airfield as we were driving
Past. The Physics of Phlying is interesting, Particularly the ways in
which designers try to emulate the movement of a bird’s Pheathers when
the bird is controlling its Phlight Path. Being a Wren, I know something
about ailerons and wing Phlaps.Phlying is aways Phun.
‘Til next time,

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