Puddleglum bows out

“You’ve been stealing stuff!” accused Sprite.
“I certainly have not!” I replied “What do you think I have stolen?”
“Well, Giovanni Arnolfini’s mirror, for a starter. I’ll bet that wasn’t clip art “
“I copied it” I said
“Yeah, copy/pasted it – you’re not allowed to do that, you know!”
I followed the link on Twitter that Sprite showed me
‘Are you stealing stuff?’ — http://bit.ly/aa0rL8
It went to the e-Learning Stuff blog at

“OK, OK, I’ll take down Giovanni Arnolfini’s mirror and see if I can get a mirror from Clip Art” I said.
“Where did my Memory Elephant come from?” asked Sprite.
“From your thoughts and memories and emotions” I said.
“NO!” said Sprite “Where did you get the image of the Memory Elephant? I bet I will have to give him back! He wasn’t always that great anyway, but I would miss him if he went! I was just beginning to learn how to work with him.”
“Don’t worry!” I said ‘The Memory Elephant can stay. He is a Clip Art image”

But I was beginning to feel very uneasy and to question the source of all Sprite’s friends and toys. Most came from clip art or from public domain photos and for some I had been given permission to use the image.

Then a murky disembodied voice spoke “I’ll just be going then. You won’t even know that I was here. I knew it was too good to be true to go to the P Party and it was fun while it lasted visiting the blog. But I expected it would have to end.
I’m a respectable Marsh Wiggle, I am and it would not be proper for me to stay if my image is not in the Public Domain. Sprite will probably be better off without me anyway!

“Oh NO!” cried Sprite “Puddleglum has to go! I know I said he annoyed me and he was a real wet blanket sometimes but I DID like him!”

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