After the Global Education Conference 2012

Unfortunately I missed the final session of Global Education Conference 2012  where they sum up the conference and everyone shares their highlights and draws on the whiteboard.

I could not stay awake long enough after attending an excellent session titled ‘Digitally speaking’ presented by Erik Palmer between 4.00 – 5.00am. The fun of the Final Session began at 7.00am

When I returned to Sprite’s Site I found Sprite scolding the Memory Elephant.

“Why didn’t you bring me any cake from the conference after-party?”

“I don’t remember any cake!” said the Memory Elephant. “Jo was asleep during the final session. But I did bring a whole lot more links and quotes and pictures.”

I can see that I have plenty of material for a number of blog posts and links to share in the Interesting Websites section of the Gifted Resources newsletter.

For a start I can catch recordings of sessions I did not attend at

And read blog posts relating to the conference at

View photos and slides contributed by participants at

And join groups for post conference discussion at

Then we can look at the information which the Memory Elephant saved for me during the 25 or so sessions I did attend and I can write more blog posts.

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