Keeping her New Year’s resolution and spurred into action by the imminent visit of Great Aunt Hashtag, Retweet was working on decluttering her nest. Tweet had taken the Tweetlets out human watching to make the task easier.

Retweet had designated places to stack items which should be discarded or could be passed on to friends or given to charity shops.
But as she considered each item she found a reason she should keep it.

  • The tweetlets cloth nappies – maybe she would have another clutch sometime or maybe she should keep them for future grand-tweets.
  • The pile of feathers and pebbles (the one which Great Aunt Hashtag had tried to throw out) – that was Tweetelle’s first diorama and showed how artist she was even as a tiny tweetlet.
  • The books and materials for their Nest Ed – she could pass some of that to another Nest Ed family but again, what happened if they needed to refer back to something or needed something amongst it to prove a competency?
  • The projects and paintings the tweetlets had created – they were so well done and showed so much ability! And some of Tweetil’s work showed his wacky sense of humour. What if he became a Leader of the Great Migrations and someone wanted to write his biography?
  • Tweetil’s designs for an acorn launcher – would he want to return to those to develop a new machine and need those as part of the patent application?
  • And all those little cards and notes with pictures of hearts and messages of Thank you and I love you. They were just much too precious to discard!

I know just how Retweet feels! Coincidentally, I am also trying to declutter and facing very similar dilemmas.
I am finding it very hard to discard pictures, stories and poetry the children created when they were young.
And I am loving the unexpected gifts I am finding among the humorous greeting cards and thank you notes. They are much too precious to discard!

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5 thoughts on “Keepsakes

  1. I’ve finding exactly the same thing here: “And all those little cards and notes with pictures of hearts and messages of Thank you and I love you. They were just much too precious to discard!” All of the homeschool “work” and everyday projects are just too precious to discard.

  2. ❤ They are so full of memories, it is so hard to let go. And I don't think Retweet should have to – they are very precious gifts, because of the memories and stories around them.

  3. I know exactly how Retweet feels. We are right now in the middle of packing and purging for our upcoming move, and I have run across all those “gifts”, too. Does Retweet have any suggestions for how to decide which gifts to keep and which gifts–well, need to be purged?

    No matter, it is definitely a sweet walk down memory lane! Thanks, Jo, for another lovely and entertaining story about Retweet!

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