Nappies on Tweetlets

“How long will the Tweetlets be wearing nappies?” Sprite asked me.

My first thought was to reply “As long as they look cute wearing them!”

But then I realised it was a very good question which raised a number of issues and my quick flippant response was not a very satisfactory answer.

It begged the question “Why do the Tweetlets wear nappies anyway?”
Answer 1: “Because it looks cute and shows that they are the baby birds.”
Answer 2: “For the same reason as adult Twitter birds wear Easter bonnets and Melbourne Cup Day hats and fascinators”

And, of course, that line of questioning led us straight back to our discussion of anthropomorphism which began with Sprite’s question “Is Babar supposed to be an elephant? See Elephants in the Waiting Room

The second line of thought was ‘I could use this question as a starter for a discussion about toilet training and give some useful references to parenting blogs, such as Raising Children Network’
and also Sue Larkey’s Toilet Training Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This second line of thought also brought to mind the asynchronous development of gifted children and these excellent articles on the subject

Davidson Institute for Talent Development article
Martha Morelock Giftedness the view from within

SENG article
Asynchronous Development by Jean Goerss

Giftedness as asynchronous development by Stephanie Tolan

And the third issue that Sprite’s question raised was that of the depiction of the passage of time (or lack of it) in Sprite’s Site blog.
We have celebrated the wedding of Tweet and Retweet and now seen them lay egglets and hatch the Tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle. And presumably we will follow the progress of the Tweetlets as they learn to fly and then as they fly away on migrations.
Sprite’s appearance has changed a little during the last three years; but that is mainly due to variation in the drawing and in the tools I am using to create the images.
Sprite’s age does not change; despite the fact that the blog has celebrated two birthdays
She has always been the same undisclosed age and she is always depicted as having an injured left ankle and needing to wear different shoes on each foot to illustrate the concept that she needs different educational provisions for both her giftedness and her disability
So how do I reconcile the lack of consistency? Some characters on Sprite’s Site grow and change and some do not.
And how long will the Tweetlets be wearing nappies?

1 thought on “Nappies on Tweetlets

  1. Fortunately, Sprite’s Site is a part of the blogosphere and these concerns need not be reconciled if the author so chooses. The issues Sprite faces are timeless ~ there will always be parents of twice-exceptional children and over-excitable children who will come to her for answers. Many will find a discernible explanation that will aid them in their search for real life answers. No where else have I personally found a better explanation of Dabrowski’s theories. Live long and prosper, Sprite!

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