In MY day…

You may remember Great Aunt Hashtag, the funny old bird who attended Tweet and Retweet’s wedding. Well, she used her frequent flyer points to pay a visit to Tweet and Retweet to meet the new Tweetlets.

Having emphasised the magnanimous nature of her visit by describing in detail how difficult it was for her to make such a journey these days and complained about the toughness of the worms these days (with thinly veiled suggestion that Retweet’s preparation of the worms left a lot to be desired), she proceeded to offer Retweet advice about nest cleaning.

Great Aunt Hashtag was not impressed when Tweetelle had a meltdown because the feathers and pebbles she had swept out of the nest were not really rubbish but were part of Tweetelle’s diorama.

“In MY day…” said Great Aunt Hashtag “Tweetlets were seen and not heard”
“In MY day Tweetlets tweeted when they were twoken to!”

“In MY day we stayed at home and kept a clean nest – none of this gadding about going to the library!”

In MY day we didn’t have all these new fandangle things and we survived, didn’t we?

And then Tweetil quite innocently put his foot in his beak by asking (genuinely wanting to know) whether ‘in her day’ Great Aunt Hashtag had been friends with Archaeopteryx!

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